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  • A Great show,Never forget.

    This should have continued ..

    It really shows the lives of teenagers specially boys what do they think or the most worst thing the show left us in suspense at the end of episode it could have been continued..
  • Great show! A shame that it was cut by ABC.

    It was nice to finally see a show from the guy's perspective. I was just rewatching the show, which kind of caused me to write this review. I miss the show and wish it would've been carried through. It was an excellent show and a very real one at that. Finally there was a show that really depicted normal teenagers' lives and what kids think, not to mention that it was one finally from the guy's mind unlike all of the other shows that follow girls 24/7. I am still mad that ABC let this show good; it definitely could've been much greater than the first 13 episodes.
  • What an awesome show, really miss it. Wish we knew what Deb decided to do, the end of ep. 13 left us all wondering.

    This really was/is one of my favorite shows. I re-watch the series often, and still can't understand why ABC would axe it. The characters really make you feel apart of the story, the time-lapse where either Dino, Ben or Johnathan speak their thoughts directly to the viewer is great. Each episode was interesting, revealing different realistic problems that so many teenagers face today. Deb (Kelly Osborne) is one of my personal favorites. I really like her character, because she's the odd one out as such. Kelly does a great job at playing her also. Why this show was ever axed i don't know, nor do i understand how certain shows continue to run when something like this is cancelled. I guess we'll never know what happened in the lives of Dino, Ben, Johnathan, Jackie, Sue or Deb, after that final 13th episode. So long, LAWKI.
  • One of the best shows!

    Life as we know it, is about life of teenagers. Discovering and Learning.

    I actually like this show, i think its one of the best, and one of the trendsetters (if it was continued). It maybe underrated but this is one of the short lived tv shows that should be remembered. It was cancelled very early, but i believe that the story lines and plots in the series is very realistic to teenagers. It have different problems, conflicts and happy endings. I like every characters and their attitude and how they react on the story and how they fix their mistakes. I wish this show was not cancelled.

    Life as we know it.
  • Considering the popularity of the American Pie movies, it's a mystery why this show didn't fare better.

    A really sweet show with characters that are easy to relate to. The acting wasn't always on par with top quality shows, but as most of the actors were just beginning, it's one of those things you can get past quite quickly. The obsession with sex and virginity, which was how this show was heavily promoted, was only a slim part of the series. Regardless, I would have thought that would have brought in far more viewers. At the very least, the actors appealing to the audience for help, advice or just understanding during critical moments made the viewer feel more involved.

    Though I think there was much potential for this show and its interesting break in the fourth wall, the plots were far too cliché and had been done over in tons of other teen shows.
  • i miss this show!

    "life as we know it" was very exciting and more realistic than the other teenage high-school shows out there. It had a great cast and great plots as well. It was always fun to watch, and it managed, in the short season that it was on, to interest its viewers each time. Every character was interesting and understandable because it was as believable as a teen soap-like drama could be. The show was only getting better when ABC decided to cancel it. It is a shame that the reason it was canceled was not because it was a poorly received show, it's because of bad scheduling.
  • I love the characters and their persona in the show

    it was a really good show, I actually can't believe it was shown in late 2004. I was younger but yet i still loved it. I know if it was on to this moment in time It would be absolutely the best show ever! I loved the story and how the guys explained their lives with the girls. They made a mistake in not bringing the show back. When i saw the last episode it left me wondering what would happen next, But then i realized it was the last time it was ever going to show on tv. I Am so Sad that it's no longer on tv.
  • One of my all time favourite shows - cancelled before its time.

    I love this show. I mean I love the oc season 1 but this is so much more realistic and honest. I love that it's from a guys perspective (the book too is awesome) and the music too kicks ass. The charachters and storylines developed really well and though the whole cast shines, my personal favourite is Chris Lowell's Jonathan. It's funny, sad, refreshingly honest and stands out from all the other teen show melodrama (like the oc season 2 & 3 or seventh heaven.) I really wish this hadn't been cancelled although it is better to burn out than fade away right? The best episode is the first of the unaired episodes (it also would have made for a better finale)Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Junk. Check ou this awesome show.
  • why did it get takin off???

    i thought this show was a hit i want to know why it was takin off air??? and are they gonna bring it back up?? its better then the OC and as good as one tree hill so i dno why it was takin look high school drama, sex, girls, great story line deffenetely needs to come back i mean look at the reveiws on it. charactors a great and the actors and actresses are phanominal why take off a great show. oh and i want someone to tell me if they actually know why it was takin off not an answer like cause they wanted to piss us off like a ligget reason why it was takin off.......BRING IT BACK!!!
  • i really like this show

    i do not actually remember the last time i saw thins but i can tell you i thort it was one of the best shows i had seen in ages. they guys are hot and it really is life as we know it. if anyone thinks differently then there lives must be pretty damn close to perfect. but i do not believe any ones lives are perfect. i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this show. sorry about all of the loves but i did not no what else to write sorry.
  • i love the characters... they are mostly all really hot the story line is pretty good but dino is just sooo hot this show should never have been taken off the air and it should be picked up again

    its a really good show its being reshown in australia on fox 8 at the moment and lots of people are really liking it
    im really getting into it expect it sucks that i know there are only a few episodes left until ive seen it all
    this show should never have been taken off the air and it should be picked up again
    dino and jackie have really good chemistry and its like real life issues and stuff... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . bring this show back nowwww
  • A group of young students who live in the same town.

    The best show I ever watched, the story the cast ( I love Jackie ļ )the writers the way they making the show is great, I told all my friends to watched and they loved it as I am. Its about six main characters who have some social problems and every one trying to fix it by his way. Its cannot be described by word u all have to watch it, its great show.
    This show should come back because we still waiting for more episodes.
    I recommend all to watch this show.
    Its covers all the relationships in the community by a great way that¡¦s makes you live with the show.
    Anyway we still hoping that this show will comeback.
  • 3 dudes in high school who are 17. Nuff said!!!

    Its weird how I only started watching it a few weeks ago and I never actually realised that it had been cancelled. Life as we know it is really good so I am quite annoyed to find they have cancelled it. It was so funny tho...

    At least whatever happens we still have repeats. Thank goodness 4 them. Can\'t wait to see if a new series comes onto our screens after the people who cancelled bring it back. I always laugh so hard when I watch (except 4 the sad partz). Itz a depressin thought that they have cancelled it...

  • why would the cancell a good show. to piss us off apparently...

    it was funny, witty and veeeery good. there were super hot guys and cute girls. there was sex, parties and relationships. and why did it end???? who knows??? pliz answer me coz i can't understand it. the shows like stargate or 24 go on and on and when something good for teenagers come the cut it in the middle with no good reason. i was surprised that kelly was such a good actress. and this jon something guy oh he is so cuuute ;)) even stupid o.c. had more episodes althoung there was nothing in it.that's just senseless. bring it back !!!
  • another teen drama but an excellent one at that. its another day at high school, hot guys, beautiful girls and cute couples. the storylines are brillient and fantastic. about four boys, thinking about sex, sex and sex.

    this show was a really great show. it only lasted a couple episodes in america but it was excellent. a high rating show in australia. they storylines where great and very planned out. cant believe that this show didnt even last one season. not as good as your teen dramas now but its worth the watch. its four years old but hello just becoz its old doesnt mean its not good. its funny, sad, shocking moments and some mouth opening moments. you get dragged in with the people as they talk to you with the slow motion back grounds and tell you what there thinking.
  • Not bad, but also not cool.

    Coming from a 14-year-old male, I was genuinely interested in seeing this. I knew it was going to be blunt, but I had no idea. The guys willing tell you that they're horny, and one even gets up and runs off to the bathroom, presumably to masturbate At least wait until you get home.

    ANYWAY, this is one of the best teen dramas I've seen in a while. The idea of characters narrating the story does make it seem a bit like My So-Called Life, but "life as we know it" found a different way of narrating. The background freezes, and the character looks directly at the camera and comments. It felt a little forced at the beginning, but it soon meshed in and felt natural. Each of the main characters (Dino, Jonathan, and Ben) have their own problems, aspirations and failures, and plenty of flaws. And they talk like any normal person would. I'm sick of hearing people on TV flaunting words I've never even heard of. The characters were well thought-out, they appear to be contrived for a moment,(Stud, Skittish Nerd, A Student) but almost immediately reveal different facets to their personalities, making them seem multi-dimensional. By the time I finished the pilot I felt like they were my best friends, that I'd known them my whole life. The acting is very good, especially coming from kids, and Kelly Osbourne held up remarkably well.

    Their reactions and emotions ring true, and thank God, Jonathan (the nerd) actually acts (although doesn't look) like a nerd. He stated, "I've only really been with one other girl, and she...well, we tried and I like, couldn't find anything. I mean, it's not like diagrams or even in the magazines, it's really complicated!! So...she just laughed and, um, left."

    Ouch. But finally a "nerd" who has "nerdy" problems.

    Anyway, this is one of the best, and most realistic teen dramas I've seen in a while. It's actually quite funny at points, so it's thankfully not a soap-fest. And it's also a relief to see a teen drama that isn't built around an outlandish premise...(cough, The OC, One Tree Hill, cough cough). It takes place in thankfully unremarkable Seattle. I just hope that this show doesn't fall into the same ratings no-mans-land that My So-Called Life did. So, watch this show, it'll be worth your while.
  • This is my favorite series ever, i've watched it more then 5 times and still i'm not over it!

    This series has touched me in a way which i cannot explain, but it just makes me most angry knowing that it got cancelled, why would they d that to a show like no other.
    I mean there are shows nowadays like "Prisone Break", "Lost", "House", "the O.C." that get more then 3 seasons and a show like "Life As We Know It" that can really reach to people in a way like no other gets cancelled in the first season for no reason i see true.
    I would just like to say that even tho it has passed 2 years since the last episode was shoted, "Life As We Know It" must come back on air. I love it and i would do anything possible to BRING IT BACK! ANYTHING!!!!

    Thank You!
  • I always wondered why this show got cancelled, now I know why! Tell me what you think!

    At first I thought that life as we know it was one unique show, making it a must see for me. As it turns out it wasn't that original at all. A couple months after watching this show I started to watch Dawsons Creek. That was when it struck me, most of the things I considered unique about Life as we know it was actually ripped off from Dawsons Creek. Like Ben getting involved with Ms. Young, sounds a lot like the Pacey-Ms. 'Tamara' Jacobs affair, right? They did change things here and there, but the gist still screamed Dawsons Creek. Okay so I think that Life As We Know It would've been great and still on, if Dawsons Creek didn't exist.

    Okay all in all, I still love show, maybe because I got to watch this first, I just don't know there's just something about it that draws me in, give it a shot(especially if you haven't watched Dawsons yet), no harm in trying.
  • A High School Drama Like None Other

    On the surface Life As We Know It appears to be just another high school drama in the vain of shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and more recently The OC. But where as those shows rely on cheep thrills like sex, violence and drug content Life As We Know It digs deeper examing the complex relationships between not only high school students but their teachers and their parents. Life As We Know It is mainly about sex but as any high school student the male mind thinks of hardly anything more. Life As We Know It takes a fresh approach to sex however. The show looks at sex through the eyes and minds of three boys who experience a range of emotions from excitment to guilt to sadness and how they are connected to their sexual experiences. The actors that play the boys are amazing, as are the rest of the cast. Particularly suprisine is the potrayl of Miss Young by Marguite Moreau. The show was well written and beautifuly produced. In my opinion people were simply just not ready to look at high school students on that level. I wish that this show would have lasted longer because I think that it was something truely original on tv something that is rare in today's world.
  • Refreshingly not false

    This show hooked you in within the first few minutes of the first episode. The creative way of hearing what the characters are thinking was amazing and very funny to experience. It took chances and showed a true depiction of what its like to be a high school student in the present age. This show only lasted one season but it is a DVD set that I was very eager t buy. The show doesn’t sugar coat issues that actually effect teens. It dives right into sex, virginity, drugs, girls, guys, balancing school social lives and friendships. The best show to not get a second season.
  • It may have been a show that only lasted 13 episodes, but it will go down as one of the best shows i'll ever watch. If you like shows that draw you in and make you feel a part of the journey that the characters go through, this is a must have.

    I caught the first 10 minitues of this show on late at night here in australia, and since we never get anything running at the same time as the US, I turned it of straight away knowing that it would be out on dvd. Well that decision to buy the series from the first 10 mins of the pilot was not a wrong decision. This show is ranked as equal best that I’ve ever seen. The fact that when one episode finishes you are desperate to watch the next even though it’s getting pretty late. The freezing of time was a different idea that gave great insight that went along with the theme of the show. Not only was it the writing that made this show the actors that were chosen hit the mark by drawing you in, and making you feel that you were a part of their journey. The last episode was one that I was not looking forward to, knowing that there is and will be no more. I had a feeling that because it ended so suddenly that the series would finish open ended, but had hoped they had a chance to correct this. Unfortunately it did end and with what seemed a new story arc starting up giving no conclusion to this wonderful series. Even though this show will get you hooked then just stop will be hard for anyone to cope with, but I would strongly encourage you to take the journey of Life As We Know It, all be it for 13 episodes, cos it will be one of the best shows you’ll watch
  • For those who loved the first season of the OC, and are bitterly disappointed with the boring fourth season, this is the show for you!

    In fact, had fox stopped the OC after season 3, and replaced it with this show, i believe this show would not have been axed at all. Instead the abc channel aired it at the same time as the OC (when it was in its prime) and csi, which resulted in not many people watching this show.

    In South Africa it was a smash hit, however, here in Australia, it is not even advertised at all and is aired at 10:30pm Tuesday nights!

    Everyone who loved season 1 of the OC must watch this series and help try to bring it back!!!!!!!
  • For those who loved the first season of the OC, and are bitterly disappointed with the boring fourth season, this is the show for you!

    For those who loved the first season of the OC, and are bitterly disappointed with the boring fourth season, this is the show for you!

    In fact, had fox stopped the OC after season 3, and replaced it with this show, i believe this show would not have been axed at all. Instead the abc channel aired it at the same time as the OC (when it was in its prime) and csi, which resulted in not many people watching this show.

    In South Africa it was a smash hit, however, here in Australia, it is not even advertised at all and is aired at 10:30pm Tuesday nights!

    Everyone who loved season 1 of the OC must watch this series and help try to bring it back!!!!!!!
  • Definately underappreciated!

    When this show first aired in South Africa i got hooked, and i mean totally hooked! I watched all the episodes and downloaded them off the net.

    I really liked the whole original plot about the teenagers dealing with the biggest teenage issues: Sex and sexuality!

    The Characters like Dino etc were really cool, really good actors and definately looked like they knew what they were doing! I couldn't wait for a season 2 until i found out that ABC cancelled it a whil ago, i was soo upset and thought to myself "What has this world come to??" cancelling all the best shows out there!

    First LAWKI and now The O.C. This is like illegal!!
  • Dino, Ben & Jonathon three friends in highschool just trying to get some action. Dino soon finds out a secret about his mom, Ben struggles to be in a relationship with an older woman, and Jonathon well like Jonathon struggles with his girlfriend

    People always ask me what is this show like and truthfully there isn't one!!! At least not that i can think of. Overall i enjoyed the show i was sad to see it go but once again if i were in charge i would have kept it around for at least another season to see what happens. Something about having a relationship with a teacher just really interested me, unlike other shows this show would actually cover topics that hapen but are not covered in other TV shows. The complete box set is out know and i definatly recommand geting it and watching it I think most people would enjoy it whether it be humor, drama or sex!!!
  • Shouldn't have ended

    Life As We Know It is an awesome teen drama comedy. It has it's funny moments and it's dramatic ones aswell... it gives the show more choices in situations... Life As We Know it is about three high school students and their love interests. They discover things like sex and alike. The characters of this story are Dino, a hockey player. His girlfriend Jackie. There's also Ben who has an affair with a teacher named Ms. Young. There is also Jonathan, a photographer for their yearbook and his girlfriend Debra, a girl who knows who she is and wont change for anyone. Over all this show shows a lot of different personalities and is an awesome show.
  • Hott boyz watch this show if you a teenage girl seeking drama with a twist of comedy

    i dont know if if i have watched this show, but im pretty sure i have before. by reading what it is about i thought i know this show it was one of my favourites. the should bring back this show. ps chris lowell and sean faris are so hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bring this show back

    Bring this show back it\'s awsome lots of people watch it\'s got a real high over all score so that must mean people like it right and the way it ended was totaly rude need to finshes it right so please bring the show back i\'m pretty sure that lots a people have asked you this so please do and if not i\'m just talkin out my you knw wat so please bring the show back cause all the other teenage shows are not as good as this i have cuzzin in auzzie and new zealand say they love the programe so wen got fans on the other side of the world so yes please once again bring life as we know it back thanks :)
  • A must watch for teens. Portrays school life at its finest and one can surely attach to the characters.

    This is a one of a kind show. There are very few shows which portray teen life accurately, and this show takes the credit. Dino and his 2 friends are shown exactly what teenagers are, having one thing in common - the desire for sex. But all of them do have different personalities. The show has also portrayed relationships both from the teenage point of view and the adult point of view, so it is a teen life drama with a hint of relationships in it. This is a must watch for all you guys wanting to know more about teen life, and those who are interested in watching a teen comedy too.
  • This tv show was good, but the book its based on is better!

    This was an awesome t.v. show. But Its based on a book written by a british author Melvin Burgees. Its called, "doing it". I picked it up at a book store the other day and started reading it when it sounded oddly familiar. (especially the part about the teacher/student affair.) I got more into depth with it when I thought back the this tv show... which seemed that it was only on for one season. (being that of the book). Anyways I havnt finished the book yet, but it is slightly different from the show (it is set in england I believe.. so the language and point of view is different.) I HIGHLY suggest the book if you liked the tv show.
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