Life As We Know It - Season 1

ABC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide


  • Papa Wheelie
    Papa Wheelie
    Episode 13
    When Jonathan crashes the car, the boys have to resort to desperate measures to pay back the 'mean lady' they crashed into. Dino and Ben also worry about earning enough money to fix the car in time for their double date with Jackie and Sue. Mr. Miller grows frustrated by the swarm of teenage girls living in his house. Deborah meets her father for the first time in six years as a result of her internship. Annie and Michael individually accept that their relationship is over.moreless
  • Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Junk
    Jackie and Dino attempt to resist their attraction to each other as they get on better than ever, Jonathan tries to buy back Deborah with an expensive birthday present and Sue becomes furious with Ben when wherever they go together, Ben has already 'claimed it' during his time with Ms. Young.
    Also, Annie takes steps back into the dating world, Michael realizes his relationship with Mia is coming to an end and the boys fall in love with a cheap and shoddy car.moreless
  • You Must be Trippin'
    The Sophomore Ski Trip is on everyone's minds this week. Ben and Sue scheme to spend time with each other without Mr. Miller finding out, but they get a taste of their own medicine when Mr. Miller makes a guest appearance. Dino tries to focus on Jackie while being bombarded with the temptation of other girls. Jonathan and Deb finally break apart, realizing that each should move on. However, Jonathan has trouble moving on.moreless
  • Breaking Away
    Breaking Away
    Episode 10
    Tensions increase as Jonathan decides to make a move on Sabrina, but that turns out to be a BIG mistake. Jackie and Dino try to patch up their relationship by being friends first. Ben and Sue are confronted by their parents, who finally find out the truth about Ben and Ms. Young. Dr. Belber does his best to relieve the stress of half of the Whitman family.moreless
  • A Little Problem
    A Little Problem
    Episode 9
    Jackie decides to run for student body president, but struggles to find her inner "school spirit". Dino continues to deal with the many problems in his life; from friends to girls, to his parents separation. Mia and Michael have to make decisions when secrets are told. And yet more problems arise for Ben with his complicated relationship with Sue and the breakup with Ms. Young.moreless
  • Family Hard-ships
    Family Hard-ships
    Episode 8
    Dino gets a job when he realizes he can't rely on mom and dad to pay for everything, but a coworker he meets may have an agenda towards him. Ben's fast-living older brother Sam comes to town for a visit, but it becomes apparent that the brothers have little in common. Michael and Mia find themselves in a new kind of relationship. Also Deb, Jackie, and Sue decide to have a girls night and help Jackie get over Dino.moreless
  • With a Kiss, I Die
    With a Kiss, I Die
    Episode 7
    Ben's feelings for Ms. Young begin to change after he sees an old friend in a new light. Dino struggles with his desire to have sex and his lack of attraction to Zoë. Jackie is on the rebound. Sue pretends her feelings toward Ben aren't big deal but is upset to learn that he supposedly has a girlfriend. Jonathan helps a classmate look better in an online photo even though Deb thinks it's a bad idea. And Michael and Annie continue to move apart.moreless
  • Natural Disasters
    Natural Disasters
    Episode 6
    After Jonathan and Dino find out about Ben's relationship with Ms. Young, Ben grows tired of living in secrecy and begins to develop feelings for someone his own age, to which Ms. Young reacts badly. Jackie makes a new friend from an unlikely place. Dino decides to take things to the next level with Zoe at the dance. Also Jonathan and Deb try to hook up Ben and Sue by claiming they should all go to the dance together as a "group thing".moreless
  • Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies
    Episode 5
    Dino wants to move to his father's new apartment as his relationship with his mother hits a new low. When things at home get to be too much for Jackie to handle, she turns to a support group for help. Sue throws all her effort into practicing for the play as Ben and Sue realize they work well together. Ms. Young gets possessive with Ben, and Jonathan witnesses something shocking. Also Jonathan and Deb struggle in their relationship with what they can tell each other while still being loyal to their friends.moreless
  • Partly Cloudy, Chance of Sex
    Dino quits the hockey team in protest of his coach's relationship with his mother Annie, which sparks trouble at home. After Ms. Young convinces Ben to be in the school play, he is devastated when he finds out he's been cast as the male lead. Jonathan is insecure about his relationship with Deb, and Dino meets a new girl.moreless
  • The Best Laid Plans
    Dino is on a mission to get back together with Jackie, but does she want get back together with him? Ben and Ms. Young try to find a way to get some alone time. Deborah admits to Jonathan that she's not a virgin, and he needs to take some time out to deal with the fact that she might be a "sexpert" while he himself has no experience.moreless
  • Pilot Junior
    Pilot Junior
    Episode 2
    Dino's secret about his parents' marital problems weakens his relationship with Jackie. Jonathan makes a scary discovery, and suspects he may have penis cancer. Ms. Young makes a surprising move on Ben.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    All Dino wants to do is have sex with his girlfriend Jackie, but she isn't ready. Jonathan wants to have a secret relationship with Deborah; he fears his friends will make fun of him because she's overweight. Ben is hopelessly infatuated with his teacher, and longs to have a relationship with her.moreless