Life As We Know It

Season 1 Episode 3

The Best Laid Plans

Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Oct 21, 2004 on ABC

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  • Very great!

    Dino sees his mom talking to the coach and is angered so he destroys the coaches car. Dino also trys to fix things with Jackie so he told her he would be in the game for her. But he comes after the game and Jackie finds out Dino has been drinking. Dino goes to Jackie's at ight and theyget into a huge arguement about not understanding each other. Ben and Ms. Young manage to sneak around for a while without getting caught, but those wre a lot of close calls. Jonathan and Dino question Ben's sexuality when Ben ignores two hot girls. And they finally find out that Ben has a crush on Ms. Young, but they don't know there is more to it than just a crush. Jonathan and Debroahplan on doing it... they go to the drug store and buy condomns... it turns out the guy in the cashier was the guy that Debroah lost her virginity to. Jonathan is upset so he calls off the sex. The next they Jonathan said he wants to take it slow and Debroah agrees. Dino's dad decides to get a new job. This episode was great... very dramatic on DIno's part, hilarious on Jonathan's and a little bit of both on Ben's.
  • In this episod 2 coupels have their frist time Jonathan & Deborah.and Ben and Miss young. But it isn't just abaut good things because this is too the episod when Jakie and Dino broken ups.

    This is the episod were Ben and Miss young have their frist time, Ben is realy nervouse....
    But its to the firt time of Jonathan and Deborah.
    when Dino because he discover about his mum and his couch is realy angrey whith every thing especial of course whith his mum, In this episod Dino contiunes to can't tell to jakie what's wrong and because of that he don't go to talk whith Jakie abaut what hapend in the party and when he finaly does in the end of the episode they figth and broke up.... and Dino finds Zoey in a bus and starts talking her.