Life Begins

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • love this show!!!!!!!!!!

    fantastic is all i can say... its like someone took a maginfy glass and pointed it straight in to my life bare-ing all to see all the good, the bad, the ugly, the embarressing and shamefulness of having to be the \"Mum & Dad\" maybe if this show was a pre kids, pre wedding pre family MUST on how it can all go horrible wrong we might just make the uno parent a thing of the past.. in saying that . i\'m a huge fan and love this show to bits.. will definately buy when out on dvd! Yay
  • Just a good show

    What I like about "Life Begins" is that it gives a perfect mix between comedy and drama. And that the comedy doesn't overrule the drama. The show deals with problems (drama) and within those problems remarks are made which are very funny at times. The characters play out very well, and the show has a realistic feeling. For everyone who has the chance to watch this show, I recommend it.
  • best comedy/drama

    this is the best comedy/drama. when its coming from a guy who watch almost everything on tv its mean alot ! i watch the show over and over again and i cant wait till the new season, i cant even tell you how much i enjoyed the show!!!!

    if you are not watching it you are so losing a great show !!!!!!!