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ABC (ended 1993)


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  • Marilyn Manson on Life??

    Am I crazy or did I watch an episode of "Life Goes On" that had Brian Hugh Warner (before he was "Marilyn Manson") play Becca's date for her prom?? Anybody?? I know I didn't imagine it!
  • Original!

    Great idea for a family show. A kind of Modern Family of its day.
  • One of the best family shows.

    Life Goes On was one of the best family shows that aired. It was sad and funny. It was realistic and adictive. This show could have gone on so much longer. There were many different story lines that could have been covered by the show. It is not often you find a show that deals with real life situations like an autistic child. The family was not rich but just everyday hard working people like most of America. It dealt with the trouble teens get in. The problems they face and the parents who face it with them. Not just buying off whatever trouble comes their way. I feel this show was cut before it was time to end it.
  • WB needs to get off it's ass and release season 2.

    This has been a source of frustration for me. They teased us by releasing season one on dvd and now they are sketchy about releasing the rest of them. To me that is not right. This is a great show that I loved as child and I still love it now. Watching it as an adult brought me back to a great time period in television. They need to make another show like this. They certainly don't make them like this anymore. The actors are well trained and most of the guest stars have theatre backgrounds so the performances are intense. You can tell all the adult actors attend classes and study acting. That is something you definitely don't see anymore. Most tv shows nowadays feature actors who have no training or no acting skill whatsoever. Most of them are models posing in front of the camera, delivering the lines as lifeless drones. Another major difference in this show from the garbage on tv now is that it has a strong family unit and teach values. What makes it so great is that they teach the values in a way that truly uses storytelling. It shows you the moral of the story rather than cramming it down you throat because some overpaid writer was too lazy to actually do his job. It had a nice film look to it too. It was lit with a sense of shadow as opposed to this overly bright and sometimes washed out look they go for now. Everything looks like digital even though it is shot on film. What's the point of using film if your trying to make it look like digital. This show actually makes you feel good at the end of it. Again not something that you see anymore. Maybe they don't want to release it because if people start watching shows like this on dvd, they might realize how poor the crap on tv nowadays truly is.
  • A very great drama to watch! It's a family drama about the Thatchers. There were a lot of issues the family deals with everyday like drinking, sex, and HIV. It involves with Corky, who suffers from Down Syndrome.

    I was a fan of the family drama, since I was in elementary school and middle school. I was eight and a third grader in grade school, when the show started. I was twelve and a sixth grader in junior high school, when the show ended. As I mentioned, it deals with HIV. One of the characters named Becca started to date a boy named Jesse, who is HIV positive. Corky goes to the same school as his younger sister. Before the show ended its four year run in 1993. It paved the way for other family dramas such as "Picket Fences", "Party of Five", "7th Heaven", "Once & Again", and "Everwood".
  • I need to see this show on syndication...

    I loved the grade of film used for the show. The lighting was fantastic. The writing was great. The acting was pretty good. The overall show, as a whole, was superior. I long for the day until the complete DVD set comes out...Until then, I'll just watch re-runs of Mr. Merlin...Wait a minute, that's not syndicated either...What's going on? Okay, almost at 100 words now...You'd think with computer technology today they'd remake movies like 'The Wizard of Oz', 'Labyrinth',etc. Camus was great, Rand was great, Hesse was great, Kerouac was great, Cummings was great...Bucky Fuller was great, Cobham is great.
  • A show about a teenage boy who happens to have Down Syndrome and the struggles he goes through.

    This was a great show. I have the first season on DVD and looking forward to the future seasons. I would like to point out that although Corky has Down Syndrome, he most certainly does not suffer from it as it say in the shows description on this website. In the seasons, Becky was a helping hand to Corky, whether at the restruant or at home, and I think she was under appreciated Overall, the first couple of seasons were best and then it started getting pretty poor. Overall a great show and one of my favorites. I love you Corky!!!!:-)
  • The show involved the Thatcher family and dealt with many issues, including drinking, sex, and HIV in the third season when Becca started dating a man that was HIV positive. Drew also had a daughter from a previous marriage, Paige.

    This show was one of the best shows ever written. I wish I could see it in reruns. I think today's generation could benefit greatly from seeing episodes of Life Goes On. Kelli Martin, Chris Burke and Chad Lowe were great! There are so many "life lessons" for teens and preteens to learn from this show. I really enjoyed watching the Thatcher family grow up and all of the issues they dealt with, from Corky and his downs syndrome to Becca and her friend Jesse with his AIDS. Of course, Patti Lupone (Mom) and Bill Smitrovich (Dad) also do a great job. This is definitely a GREAT show!