Life Goes On - Season 3

ABC (ended 1993)


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  • Consenting Adults
    Consenting Adults
    Episode 22
    Paige has a great heart-to-heart with Drew about her upcoming marriage with Kenny. Drew takes matters into his own hands and convinces Michael to get Paige. Then behind both their backs, he hires Michael's band to play at the wedding. Paige and Kenny break up at the altar; Paige runs off with Michael instead. Corky proposes to Amanda. Jesse leaves for Arizona with his mom, but later comes back, saying that Becca is his family now.moreless
  • Confessions
    Episode 21
    Corky, somehow rendered mute by the accident, does not speak up until Becca bears her soul to him. Then Corky says that Tyler tried to swerve around a boy on a bike. Becca still feels guilty over Tyler's death as she and Jesse place flowers at Tyler's grave. Also, Paige and Michael get locked in a refrigerated room for wedding cake storage (she was looking for a cake for her and Kenny's wedding).moreless
  • More Than Friends
    More Than Friends
    Episode 20
    Drew and Libby leave the kids to watch over the house. Becca and Jesse decide to have a party there. Then Tyler and some college frat buttheads crash it and take over the house. Meanwhile Michael Romanov, a suitor of Paige's (they met at that Steelworks where Paige learned to weld) crashes a stuffy gathering at the country club where she, Kenny and Kenny's parents are. Becca kicks a drunk Tyler out, saying she cannot be friends with him anymore, and he goes to drive off. Corky tries to stop him from driving drunk, but cannot get him to hand over those car keys, so they drive off together. They crash into a tree, leaving Tyler near death and Corky mute with a broken arm. Paige returns with Kenny from the country club disaster, to one at home. Kenny proposes to her, but when she hears the awful noise from the house, she goes in and helps break up the chaos. Drew and Libby return, find one last drunk who tells them where their children are, then go off to the hospital. At the hospital, Page tells Kenny that she will marry him; Michael who is spying on them is dejected. Becca, bearing her guilt over Tyler's plight, sees Tyler for the last time on life support.moreless
  • Corky's Romance
    Corky's Romance
    Episode 19
    Romance blossoms between Corky and a girl with Albinism related Down Syndrome (played by Andrea Friedman who has Down's), but it's nipped in the bud by her parents. Corky and Amanda first meet when Drew runs his truck into the back of Amanda's car. Meanwhile, Jerry sponsors Becca in a need-based scholarship contest, and Becca doesn't now it's need-based until the day before a banquet she's supposed to speak at.moreless
  • Hearts and Flowers
    Hearts and Flowers
    Episode 18
    Inspired by her grandparents' upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, Becca proposes to Jesse, and he agrees, but then they think twice. Part of the problem with Jesse and Becca is that one of the guys at the hospice is about to die from AIDS. This guy doesn't want to have any thing to do with his wife - doesn't want her to see him in the pain he's in, etc. Jesse does the same thing to Becca and breaks things off completely, saying she doesn't know what she's in for, and she should live a normal life. The man dies and Jesse talks to his wife, who makes him realize that maybe Becca can handle this. Becca is also worried about handling it, but Libby tells her about finding the strength to raise Corky. They get back together, but marriage is put off. Subplot: Kenny wants Paige to marry him, but Paige isn't so sure. What's more, a remark he makes about Corky ticks her off. Michael acts as psychiatric help.moreless
  • The Fairy Tale
    The Fairy Tale
    Episode 17
    Libby writes a fairy tale about Corky, and Corky enters it in a contest. Libby then gets an offer to get it printed as a children's book, but in a rewritten form. Libby turns down the offer, staying true to the story which has so much to do with Corky. (Becca doesn't like this because she would have wanted the money for college) At the beginning of each act in this episode there is fancy narration and illustration which fades into the scene in " real life". There was also a subplot with Paige, Michael and Kenny.moreless
  • The Blues
    The Blues
    Episode 16
    Jesse gets hired to work as a waiter at Drew's place, but declining patronage forces Drew to let him go. They become real close because they share a love of the blues, so Jesse is upset when Drew tells him of his decision. In the end, Drew offers the job again, but Jesse declines.moreless
  • The Wall
    The Wall
    Episode 15
    It's just a graffiti-covered wall that the students are ordered to repaint, but it becomes a symbol of the future for Jesse, who's awaiting his medical test results. Meanwhile Corky feels that finders should be keepers when he finds an abandoned baby in the theatre.
  • The Room
    The Room
    Episode 14
    Becca, Libby, and Paige have entered the "man zone". They tear down a wall in the Thatcher house to reveal another room, which is then redone (mainly by Paige) to be baby Nick's new room. Momentos from the old room lead to flashback-type scenes that reveal the changing roles of women in American society: Jesse and Becca as 60's hippies, Libby becoming a 50's Avon lady (with the Thatchers as a 50's family). Libby decides to leave Jerry's advertising firm to deal full-time with Nick. Paige discovers her true calling after finishing Nick's room -- she wants to be a builder.moreless
  • Jerry's Deli
    Jerry's Deli
    Episode 13
    Jerry's dad shows up at the ad agency, and starts pushing Jerry around, so Jerry quits and starts to help "run" the grill, much to Drew's annoyance. Drew has decided that Corky and he should be closer and that Corky should inherit the grill, so he asks him to work with him at the grill. Corky quits his job at the theatre and helps his dad out. During a conversation with Jerry, Jerry tells him to lead his own life and stop letting his dad make his decisions, a reflection on Jerry's own situation. Corky quits the grill, but finds that his job at the theatre has been given to another guy (a real jerk). Drew persuades the theatre owner to let Corky be the apprentice projectionist. Meanwhile, Jerry's dad dies and Jerry and Corky go to the funeral. Jerry loses his keys in the snow and breaks down in tears. Corky comforts him.moreless
  • Struck by Lightning
    Struck by Lightning
    Episode 12
    The Thatcher house is struck by lightening. As a result, Corky predicts the future, Arnold the semi-wonder dog runs away, Becca gets a major static problem in her hair, Drew becomes attracted to another woman, and Paige enchants the boss' son, Kenny Stollmark Jr. Nothing returns to normal until lightening strikes the house again.moreless
  • The Smell of Fear
    The Smell of Fear
    Episode 11
    Christmas brings anxieties to all, but most of all to Becca, who fears the worst when Jesse is hospitalized with pneumocystis pneumonia.
  • Triangles
    Episode 10
    Corky takes a tumble for the new assistant manager; Becca is torn between Tyler and Jesse: Tyler says that he isn't over her; Becca can't break the news to him because deep inside, she wants to commit to Jesse. Becca helps Jesse search for the girl who infected him with HIV; when they come to the house where she lived, Becca learns that the girl has already died. Becca reveals how she feels about Jesse to him during a very low point in the cemetery.moreless
  • Loaded Question
    Loaded Question
    Episode 9
    The Thatcher household is burglarized. Suspicions center on an Africa-American welder named Marquis (another acquaintance of Paige's, he taught her how to weld). Drew and Libby debate over whether having a gun is the best thing to do. Corky and Arnold are alone watching (what else, a cop show) when Corky hears sounds from outside. He gets the gun, goes outside in that sneaky cop fashion (emulating the show) and fires. Turns out Marquis was returning something, and the family realizes how much they overreacted.moreless
  • Invasion of the Thacher Snatchers
    Corky imagines that his family is turning into Venusians after seeing a B-movie called "Body Snatchers From Venus". At this time, Paige is learning to be a welder (in Corky's nightmare, she builds a spaceship) Paige and Becca have a falling out over a malfunctioning answering machine (in his nightmare, this machine is a long - distance communicator). Drew is trying to go on a new diet-and-exercise regimen (when he says to a friend that some new exercise machine "will make you a new man", Corky freaks). Becca is appling for college (the Illinois State University representative calls and says he wants to make Becca "one of us", which Corky overhears). After noting that Venusians don't like dairy products or other abnt-acidic material, Corky attacks the family with baking soda and milk.moreless
  • Dueling Divas
    Dueling Divas
    Episode 7
    Libby's vivacious cousin Gaby (also played by Patti Lupone) breezes in from Sicily like a whirlwind, touching everyone's lives and turning Libby green with envy.
  • Life After Death
    Life After Death
    Episode 6
    Becca is devastated to learn that Jesse has tested HIV-positive, and during a scuffle between him and Tyler, she blurts out in front of everyone that he has AIDS.
  • Sweet 16
    Sweet 16
    Episode 5
    At 16, Becca retains her innocence-but maybe not for long. Throughout this episode Becca records herself and her birthday party on camcorder for Maxi, who is in Paris. When Corky buys Becca a great looking jacket for her birthday, it is with the new-found power of a checking account. Unfortunately, some bad kids at school find out that Corky has checks and fool him into giving them a $100 check to join the fictitional "Plebian Club". At the end, Becca is in front of the camcorder again with a robe on, then opens it to reveal her negligee (which Maxi sent her as a birthday gift), asking, "is this hot or what?"moreless
  • Armageddon
    Episode 4
    New roles with Libby as the primary bread-winner and Drew as the homemaker, creates new friction in their marriage.
  • Out of the Mainstream
    Corky is nearly swamped when he tries to help Tyler's younger brother, who also has Down Syndrome, mainstream at Marshall High.
  • Hello, Goodbye
    Hello, Goodbye
    Episode 2
    The Thatchers rise from the ashes of the restaurant: exchange student Becca prepares to take wings for Paris; Paige and Corky go hunting for jobs.
  • Toast
    Episode 1
    The Thatchers toast a third season by reopening their renovated grill, but their dreams go up in smoke. Corky is given more responsibility at the grill, specifically, cooking french fries. When they close one evening, he turns the fryers off, or so he thought, but in actuality, he turned the fryers up as high as they go, which was the cause of the fire. He finally tells Drew that he was the cause of the fire at the end of the episode.moreless