Life Goes On - Season 4

ABC (ended 1993)


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  • Life Goes On (and On and On)
    The series finale, it leaps 4 years into the future to see Becca and Jesse marry, and then 10 years when Becca, now about 27 (still played by Kellie Martin) tells her son a story about what happened after graduating from high school. Corky doesn't graduate, but says, "I'll be back". Ray was the valedictorian of Becca's class. Jesse leaves for Europe, breaking Becca's heart, but returns four years later. It is not determined whether Becca's son was fathered by Jesse or not, but Becca expresses a desire to have Jesse's baby, saying that new treatments could make it possible. The question of who fathered this child is hard to answer as Becca says the final words of the series: "I love you, Jesse".moreless
  • Last Wish
    Last Wish
    Episode 16
    Becca and Jesse go to see the ocean, after Jesse says that it's something that he wants to do. Jesse is not exactly on top of the world, however, as he is jealous of Ray, who has been seeing Becca lately. During an argument, they flash back a few Glen Brook weeks (not from old episodes, but stuff that would have occurred during the course of other episodes). Ray bought them the plane tickets that they needed to get there. This episode shows the development of the relationship between Ray and Becca.moreless
  • Bedfellows
    Episode 15
    A fellow AIDS patient named Chester (Richard Frank) encourages Jesse to learn to live rather than give up and die. He hosts game shows with the other patients, makes fun of the sugar-coated remarks doctors make every time a new patient comes in, and sings, too. Jesse objects to Becca's inclination not to go to Brown University, saying that he would be too much of a burden to her. Chester dies when he races Jesse on the hospital roof.moreless
  • Five to Midnight
    Five to Midnight
    Episode 14
    Jesse's insurance runs out, and he gets transferred to County Hospital (which is like being transferred to the Receiving Hospital in Detroit)Becca goes with him. Jesse nearly dies of AIDS-related cardiac arrest, and doctors apply the "ol' shock therapy at-you guessed it-five to midnight". Becca discovers a haunting self-portrait of Jesse's that he doesn't remember painting. Jesse has a dream where he and Becca plan on going to Paris, but the taxicab stops at the hospital with a tab of $11.55 - another interpretation of 11:55.moreless
  • Visions
    Episode 13
    Shortly after his 18th birthday, a feverish Jesse collapses in extreme pain at school and is rushed, unconscious, to the hospital. Jesse's AIDS Related Complex has progressed to AIDS. He has dreams which highlight the show: Ray French-kissing Becca at Jesse's funeral, and one where a healthy Jesse and Becca have a toast in an idyllic setting and have really nice clothes on-While Jesse is sick, Ray takes Becca out. Jesse is unable to speak about AIDS to a class, so Becca reads what he wrote for this speech, and it breaks her heart, and Goodman comes over to finish for her.moreless
  • Lost Weekend
    Lost Weekend
    Episode 12
    In her quest to get Becca out of her shell, Goodman takes her and Jesse on a double date. Jesse and Becca get mad as Goodman and her date, Norman Bates, get kinky at the table. Jesse and Becca decide to test the limits of their passions and try to have "safe sex" but their sleepover at his apartment is more like a slumber party, as Jesse keeps balking at going farther. Becca tells Drew and Libby about that night, that she slept in Jesse's arms, and they get upset. Drew tells Jesse that he's concerned the starcrossed couple will go too far. Subplots: Paige, not realizing how much of a need she has for Artie, becomes jealous of an acquaintance of his; Grandma Teresa stays over a night at the Thatchers due to her husband breaking the furnace, then goes back because someone's gotta keep Grandpa Sal's feet warm.moreless
  • Incident on Main
    Incident on Main
    Episode 11
    Gay-bashing skinheads beat up Jesse outside the AIDS hospice. Becca gets his blood on her hands after the beating. She gets tested and comes up negative, but has to get tested again in six months. (this loose end was left untied, but it is generally assumed that she stayed negative) Jesse draws a sketch of one of the skinheads, which is displayed at Drew's restaurant. It is trashed by the skinheads after one of them sees it at the cash. Jesse sees one of them in a lineup as well but cannot, perhaps out of fear, pick him out.moreless
  • Choices
    Episode 10
    Paige finds that she is carrying Michael's baby, and is at first delighted to know this and so is the whole family. Then Michael comes back, and decides he does not want the baby. Paige is undecided on whether or not to abort, and Corky and Amanda want to adopt the baby. This all conveniently ends with a miscarriage.moreless
  • Happy Holidays
    Happy Holidays
    Episode 9
    The holidays take on a whole new meaning for Corky, who's celebrating his first Christmas as a married man and now has the wishes of a wife and in-laws to consider.
  • Udder Madness
    Udder Madness
    Episode 8
    Ray nominates Becca (against her wishes) for Homecoming Queen; Goodman nominates a cow in protest of beauty pageants in general. The third contestant is a stuck-up cheerleader. Also, Artie (Paige's supervisor from the steelworks in season 3) and Paige redo the restaurant with a bovine motif. (they formed a partnership called Darlin' Construction, so called because Artie always calls Paige darlin')moreless
  • Babes in the Woods
    Babes in the Woods
    Episode 7
    Becca, Goodman, Ray Nelson Jr., Jesse and two other students from their English class go on a weekend camping trip, chaperones by Harris. Things get bad when Becca gets sprayed by a skunk, knocks over a kerosene lantern, starting a fire at the barn where they are staying, and worse when they find a note from Harris saying they must fend for themselves and then it rains! Becca also learns that she tends to want to be in control to much: With Jesse and with Goodman (she went behind her back to try and get Goodman into high school). Goodman does return to school at the end.moreless
  • Windows
    Episode 6
    Amanda's angry parents vow to annul her marriage to Corky and try to regain custody of Amanda. They then run off to a motel, further angering the Swansons, not to mention their attorney. Amanda's father also falsely tells Corky that Amanda wanted the annulment. Meanwhile, Becca and Jesse are mad at each other. Becca can't come to Jesse's first show at the gallery because of Corky and Amanda, and his recent growing involvement with Jill. Jesse is mad in part because the art show did not go well. Becca and Jill face off; Jill says Becca is too much in control, and acts like the only one who can take care of Jesse, but she'll back out anyway. Jesse talks with Corky about their "honeymoon" and Corky makes Jesse happier by interpreting one of his paintings as a window. In the end, the Thatchers and Swansons go to court, but the judge lets Amanda make the final decision: She will live with Corky. They get Paige's old loft above the garage, when Paige decides to move out, again.moreless
  • Love Letters
    Love Letters
    Episode 5
    Becca and Co. find old World War II letters at the bookstore. (Martin, Smitrovich, and Burke read selected letters while they played, respectively, a soldier's girlfriend working at a factory, a soldier working a machine gun in a trench, and another soldier reading a letter in a tent) Eric gets cozy with Becca, and Jesse does the same with a woman from an art gallery named Jill. Becca returns the letters to the woman who wrote them.moreless
  • The Whole Truth
    The Whole Truth
    Episode 4
    Paige fends off an attempted rape by Becca's poetry teacher (Leigh J. McCloskey). Their accounts differ and Becca, at first, believes the teacher. Corky imagines that a calendar swimsuit model (Shari Shattuck) has come to life, and this imaginary woman explains how men tend to see only the bodies of women, not what's inside. Libby confronts her memories of a rape during her high school days. Becca confronts the teacher when his story gets a few holes in it.moreless
  • Premarital Syndrome
    Corky and Amanda's "trial marriage" gets off to a rocky start. (or crunchy, as in the crunchy macaroni and cheese: they didn't boil the elbows long enough) Interviews with couples who have Down Syndrome are interwoven throughout the episode.
  • Exposed
    Episode 2
    Jesse paints a nude painting of Becca. (it is never determined if she posed nude or if the nudity was solely the product of Jesse's imagination) Becca decides to let it be shown in the Nevermore Bookstore, and this leads to a nice scandal. Endless date proposals on her answering machine are just the tip of the iceberg. Drew buys his paper there, and when he sees his daughter's voluptuous body immortalized in paint, he goes nuts, even lecturing Becca at school loudly enough for Becca's French class to hear. Drew tries to buy the painting from Harris, but Harris refuses. Drew, Corky, and Jesse conspire to steal the painting back, but get arrested. (Corky was the mastermind, inspired by the Pink Panther Film Festival at the theatre) In a subplot, poor Paige (still hurting over her breakup with the Crown Prince of Irresponsibility Romanov) shows Becca and Libby a cubist tatoo of Michael on her shoulder. Now, back at the police station, Harris bails out the three art bandits after selling the painting to the proprieter of a biker bar. Drew comes to terms with the fact that Becca is, in fact, sexy, and Paige agrees to have the tattoo removed. Ray Nelson Jr. returns and he had a list of guys who wanted to pay Jesse to have their girlfriends painted nude. He makes the mistake of saying, "Jesse, you've got HIV. What could happen (in terms of sex)?".moreless
  • Bec to the Future
    Bec to the Future
    Episode 1
    A 40-something Becca (Pamela Bellwood) looks back on the summer of '92. (in the future, Becca is now married and is a doctor) Jesse returns, but the reunion is bittersweet. Through most of this episode, Becca is avoiding Jesse to be with her new friends who don't know Jesse is HIV positive. They find out when Jesse comes over to their pool party (which he wasn't invited to). They invite him to join them, but he says he has to go to the hospice. Someone asks if he isn't afraid that he might get AIDS. Jesse then tells them that he is HIV positvie, then lectures Becca about the fact that she didn't tell them about him: there is no break form AIDS. This episode introduces new characters to complement the series star Kellie Martin: Kathy Goodman, an extreme extrovert who wants Becca to get a bigger slice of life; Harris Cassidy, the storytelling boss at the Nevermore Bookstore where Becca and Goodman work; and Eric, the bookstore manager.moreless