Life is Wild

Season 1 Episode 5

Bad to the Bone

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on The CW

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  • The best episode so far!

    Katie wants to prove to Jesse that she can be bad after he says that Oliver likes bad girls and she is definately not bad. They ditch chores. Jesse and Oliver are out shooting bottles and Oliver accidentally shoots one of Colin's wildlife animal, a cheetah. Jesse takes the blame for it and rushes over to Danny. Danny and Tumelo take care of it. Katie and Oliver end up in jail when she tries to show that she is bad and they run out on a resturant bill. Jesse also goes to jail. Jesse's dad calls and Jo doesn't want to deal with it. Chase and Mia wonder what sex is after they hear two guests having sex. Tumelo takes care of the cheetah by himself. Oliver fesses up to his dad.

    This was a great episode! The sex talks were funny! I can't believe that Oliver, Jesse and Katie all went to jail! This episode gets a 10!
  • Jesse, Katie and Oliver all end up in jail.

    This was a great, fun-filled episode.

    The guests, of whom we did not see much, fuelled the interest of the younger kids in S-E-X and after both mum and dad avoided answering the questions, their grandfather gave them a guided tour in the wild pointing out related animal behaviour. Much to the dismay of their mum.

    Jesse takes the blame when Oliver accidentally shoots a cheetah, believing that's he's already considered a bad boy, especially in the belief that his mum thinks he'll end up like his dad, who's in jail. This storyline was a bit sad, Jesse having such a low opinion of himself was sad and I was glad to see the episode ended on a high note.

    Katie acting the bad girl was silly and not convincing, but fun to watch...
  • Katie and Jesse are left to do the chores around the lodge. Jesse accuses Katie of always being the good girl, which later makes her decide to "dine-and-dash". Chase and Mia want to learn about sex, and Oliver and Jesse have troulbe with a cheetah.

    I think this has been one of the show's best episodes. Not only was it funny because of the taboo question about S-E-X, but the overall interaction between the characters and the storyline was engaging.

    Jesse faces a lot of turmoil when he learns that his father wants to start a relationship with him, causing him to take the blame for a serious offense he did not commit because he believes it is what everyone expects of him.

    Katie, after being accused of always being the good girl, decides to break the law, only to be caught and put in jail. You then learn more about Oliver's feelings for Katie as he tells her that he likes her more than any other girl he has ever been with. This was a cute advancement in their relationship, even though I am still torn over who she should be with...Oliver, or Tumelo???

    Chase and Mia were hilarious with their search for the truth about sex..."You will go blind..." Overall, this show did not disappoint and makes me look forward to next week's episode!