Life is Wild

Season 1 Episode 4

Heritage Day

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2007 on The CW

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  • Pretty good!

    It's Heritage Day! It's a South African holiday. Katie is invited to go to a traditional party with Tumelo. She says yes. Then Oliver invites her to go to a party on the same night. She says yes to that one too. Two guests staying have been going out for a long time. He was too afraid to commit to marriage, but on this trip, he plans to ask her to marry him. She looks for the ring, but can't find it and says that she's done waiting. Jo keeps the ring safe, but then a mischievious monkey steals it. Everything works out in the end. Jesse tries getting his job back. He finds out that the boss is engaged to Mbali. Katie goes to Oliver's party instead, but then realizes that she should go to the other party. Oliver follows her and they share a kiss, with Tumelo watching. Katie deals with her mother's death. Chase tries to help all the Africans.

    This was a pretty good episode! It was a little boring, but the end was good! I would rather have Katie with Tumelo. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • It's Heritage Day

    Fun episode with shirtless Jess shots and Chase has obviously had a haircut.

    I think Katie's love triangle is becoming increasingly complicated. She'll probably end up with Oliver though but I like Tumelo too.

    The Chase storyline was completely over the top. He seems a right idiot at his age to want to make up for years and years of history.

    I thought it was fun to see how the two guests needed and got the help to finally make him propose. Jesse's discovered the girl he likes is actually engaged, but will OLiver's sister, Emily help him get over her. I wonder as he doesn't really seem to like her...
  • As the family prepares for Heritage Day, the kids each face their own problems, while the parents help bring together a couple in trouble...

    I thought that this episode was cute, even if it was a bit cheesey. And I'm actually finally getting used to the cheesiness. I figure I have to if I want to continue watching the show...

    Anyway, Katie faces a dilemma when she is invited to 2 different gathering for Heritage Day. She is definitely crushing on Oliver, but what about Tumelo??? I really don't know who I want her to choose, because I like them both for different reasons. Jesse also learns some new information about Bali(sp?), the girl he likes...and let me tell you, it's a shocker!!!

    Overall, this show was cute and there sere definitely some intense momnets, so I would definitely give it a thumbs up!
  • Great Episode but Will this show Last?

    Life IS Wild is one of those medicore Dramas that are just enjoyable to watch when nothing is on.

    Jessie wow hes built! and mid I ask why does he wear the same style of shirts everytime especially in South Africa. He wants the girl and finds out shes engaged.

    What to expect from each episode they have to deal with thier guests and most likeley theres a problem with an animal. So perdictable with the Ring yet still enjoyable the parents are great to watch. Katie's love triangle gets complicated though another perdictable storyline. Chase stuff was boring. Now I know south africain history and Im glad they incorporate those past stuff into the show.
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