Life is Wild

Season 1 Episode 3

Open for Business

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2007 on The CW

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  • Katie is chosen to sing in the Music performance that the school is putting on opposite Oliver, her romantic interest. While trying to prepare for this, the hotel faces many obstacles with its first guests since it reopened.

    I thought that this episode was okay. Not the worst one I had seen, but also not the best. I thought it was funny that the song the school chose to sing was "In the Jungle", like the song from the Lion King. While this was funny, you also got to learn more about the orgin of things that you normally may never had known.

    I felt that this episode was really cheesy at some parts, especially when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, decided to pitch in and help fix the pipe system at the hotel. I mean, I'm all for helping out your neighbor, but it just seems cheesey that the Katie's family, Oliver's family, and the guests all decided to grab a shovel and get to work. Maybe this is just me being cynical but, come on!

    Anyway, it had its cutes moments, and also some intense ones, especially when Jesse gets in a fight and when he is fired.

    Overall, okay episode, worth tuning into on a Sunday evening.
  • I liked this episode!

    The first guests come to stay at the lodge. Jo has a rough time, but pulls through with the help of others. Katie auditions for the Spring Sing Fling. She gets a main duet with Oliver. Tumelo seems jealous that Katie is spending a lot of time with Oliver. Martin, one of the guests, and Jesse go over to the bar. Martin lies about his age so he can drink. He comes on to Mbali and hustles people by playing pool. When Jesse tells him to leave, the drunk Martin starts a fight between them. Mbali tells Jesse that he can't work there anymore. Danny buys two ostriches and gets an injured elephant for free.

    This was a great episode! I liked the sense of helping each other out in this episode. I'm glad the first guests liked it there. I wish that Jesse didn't get fired, but he did lie about his age as well. I don't really think Katie is a good singer, but Oliver is! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • The first guests arrive

    Not a bad show, but slightly predictable.

    I was surprised to hear Calvin sing in this episode.

    I hate to say but this was not the best episode. Katie getting to sing the duet with Oliver was to be expected. The guest kid getting Jesse in trouble was too.
    I liked that the parents find out that the guest's kid started the fight and that Jesse still apologizes, that was very good. Katie really seems to like both guys, I'm sure she'll end up with Oliver though.

    It was all a bit lovvy-dovey, the female guest wanting to help dig, the male guest suddenly being all nice and interested because he got to feed the elephant.
    The actors do a good job, but the story writers let them down.