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  • A New York vet moves his second wife and their two sets of children to a South African game reserve run by his father-in-law. This new drama is based on the eponymous British series named Wild at Heart.

    I was sad when I heard that this series wasn't returning with a new season on television. It was good even with its flaws but I just people didn't find it interesting after awhile. But I am glad I was able to see this series when I could. To anyone who might be interested in looking for this series I wish you all the luck at finding it. The CW made a good show out of this series but sadly it didn't last. Maybe, they create a new series that will last longer. Good luck to the network at making new and longer series.
  • My thoughts on Life is Wild...

    This show had it's moments, but sometimes it was more than a bit of a bore, but with a high-qualify eyecandy factor and better than average acting. It was not as good as Everwood (actually it was thousands of miles behind the quality of Everwood), but it was a way better than Summerland, for example. And I think it was still a lot better than most of the shows on The CW in the 2007/2008 TV season. Deffinitly better than the unfunny CW-comedies, the poorly scripted One Tree Hill, or the light reality tries: PCDs: The Searc for the Next Doll, Crowned, Farmer Wants a Wife, so it deffinietly should have survived it's first season!!!
  • The good episode are great, and the bad episodes are bad.

    I really like the concept of the show, and the pilot was very well done. But it is so up and down... The shows that are good, man are they great, just what a family drama should be, but when they are bad, they really make me think about why I watch this show. The best part of the show is, by far, Leah Pipes.

    She plays Katie and she is amazing. This will not be it, but she will find a role that makes her a star. Mark my words. I really hope she can find a vehicle that will let the world know how great she really is.
  • The show rocks hard!

    It`s one of the best shows I`ve ever seen!This is a show that can get step families to come together. It will also help your family come together.It can possibly be one of the best shows of our generation.It is absolutely stunning. Once watching the show you will connect with the characters.Katie`s and Oliver`s romance is going to be a good one and can`t wait to see their love get stronger.After only watching the pilot I fell in love with this stunning show. My whole family has came together again after watching the show which has made our bond stronger.This show will be a long lasting show.
  • I loved it, it's an excellent drama!

    Katie Clarke is the main character. Her dad marries this woman named Jo. Katie has a younger brother, Chase and a younger sister, Mia. The woman that her father married has a son around Katie's age, named Jesse. This is her dad's second wife because Katie's mom died 3 years ago. After Jesse got kicked out of his school in New York, Katie's dad, Danny thinks that they should move to South Africa for a year, to get to know each other and really become a family. They move in with Katie's grandpa, her mom's dad.

    This is a fabulous show and I love it already! (:
  • A great family drama!

    Life is Wild is about a family that moves to South Africa. It consists of Danny (the father and a vet), Jo (a loving wife and helper at The Blue Antelope), Katie (the "good girl" daughter), Jesse (the rebel son), Chase (the curious little brother), and Mia (the adorable youngest one). There is also Art, who is Danny's ex-wife's father. Danny's wife or Katie's mom, died. Other characters in the show are Oliver (Katie's love interest), Tumelo (Katie's African friend and his love interest is Katie), Emily (Oliver's sister and Jesse's love interest) and Oliver and Emily's father (I don't remember his name). This is a good family show that gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • this show is really good! its nice to have some diversity on tv! this is a good family show and i think its great to have shows like these

    this show is really good! its nice to have some diversity on tv! this is a good family show and i think its great to have shows like these on tv amongst all the voilence and cop and medical shows. its nice to have good old family values back on tv. It will be a shame if the CW can it, as with most shows, needs a good season to get into it. They should also bring back Hidden Palms! that was an awesome show, anyway i need 100 words so im crapping on now hehe
    but seriously this show should stay
  • It's not as good as Wild at Heart

    I caught the series Wild at Heart this past summer on BBC America. I was very impressed with that show. When I heard that the CW network had decided to create a show based on it, I was a bit skeptical. Now, Life is Wild, is still a new show. So I am not ready to right it off yet, but I think that some aspects of the show just do not appeal to me as much as the show it is modeled after. The one thing that bugs me the most is the youngest boy character and his whole "survivors guilt" issues. I guess that is just an example of some American television writers attempt at trying to make a series overtly politically correct.
  • Summerland meets The Brady Bunch

    Honestly, when I first read about this show, I quickly became interested. After missing the first two episodes, however, I tried to catch up. Now, I feel caught up and highly intrigued by the episodes. Some of the storylines are redundant, like Katie's constant relationship problems, but since it seems there is a new guest to the lodge every episode, it stays fresh. We have yet to see much from the younger siblings, but I expect that to change over the course of the season. Overall, the acting by Andrew St. John and Leah Pipes is the main reason to watch this show, as they both are great up and coming actors to watch for the future.
  • After a vet moves his second wife and family to South Africa for a year, the new family will have to learn to like each other and their new surroundings, which are much different than their former home in New York.

    When I first heard of this show, I thought it was going to be this lame, feel-good show/sloppier and much more dysfunctional family version of the Brady Bunch hanging out in South Africa for some fun and games. Well, I was right. But surprisingly, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. As I was flipping through the channels, I saw a one-second flash of a lion on-screen. I turned back to that channel, and low and behold: Life is Wild is on. I decided to tune and and see what the show was about, and was not as let down as I thought I was going to be.

    If anyone has seen Seventh Heaven, then you'll know what I mean when this show reminded me of it, but without the Christian Morals being screamed into your face every five minutes...(not that this is a bad thing...). While I can see how the show can be seen as lame, I like it because it has its cute moments, and it's a show that the family can watch together. It seems that more and more shows are geared towards teenagers and adults, leaving kids to watch shows that they really should not be watching. I was glad to see that there was a show out there that was suitable for all ages.

    To wrap it up, I feel that this show has room to grow, but it was not a waste of time either. Tune in and give it a chance!
  • Average-Mediocre best describe this show, the episodes follow to the letter the old formula, start with trouble and end with a happy ending, it's a pretty lame show that probally could even be in the disney channel.

    Average-Mediocre best describe this show, the episodes follow to the letter the old formula, start with trouble and end with a happy ending, it's a pretty lame show that probally could even be in the disney channel.

    After watching three episodes I have to say that this show is a waste of time filled with all the clichés, the angry kid, the good daughter, the nice guy at school, the bad girl, the competition, all straight out of a 90's series.

    The only piece of originality in this show is the fact that the setting is Africa, but that wears out in the very first episode.

  • This show surprised me!

    I wasn't expecting much from this show, I actually thought that it would turn out to be an utter disappointment. I was really wrong because the show delivered! Upon hearing about the plot of the show I found it weird; the reason I tried it out was because the promo, which was a bit interesting. As it turns out, it is better than half the shows out this fall. The show has substance and the animals are amazing! This drama has so much potential! I can't wait for the next episode! Give it a shot! This show is worthy of your time, as compared to the other shows out there.
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