Life is Wild

Season 1 Episode 7

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2007 on The CW

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  • greatt episode!

    I thought this was a fantastic episode. I really can't get enough of this show! Everyone rethinks about their relationships. The Blue Antelope is getting ready to hold it's first wedding. The man and woman that are about to get married face problems when the woman's old boyfriend turns up. He says that he wants to marry her, and they can go explore Africa. The woman is faced with a difficult decison, either to marry the man she planned to or runaway with her ex-boyfriend. The man she was about to marry found her mother's wedding dress, and she decides that he is the write one. Unfortunately an elephant becomes loose, and it tears down the tent. Instead, Jo & everyone at the Blue Antelope get everything ready again, and they hold a wedding reception with all the village people. Katie sees Oliver's dad kissing another woman, while he has a wife. Katie decides to tell Oliver and he gets mad at Katie. Katie learns that Tumelo actually likes her. Katie & Oliver work everything out again at the reception. I love them together! Chase gets his first girlfriend. They were just friends at first. Chase's girlfriend is very bossy and Chase doesn't want to stay with her. She tries to break up with him, but she is violent and I hate her. haha Emily goes on a mother/daughter vacation. 2 people come in and steal from the restaurant and that leads Jesse and Mbali to become closer. They kiss. I don't like it at all because I like Emily & Jesse together way better. And I definitely don't want Jesse to cheat on Emily. great episode!
    can't wait for next weekk!! (:
  • Great episode!

    Two guests, Steve and Julia, are getting married. Russ, an ex-boyfriend of Julia's, comes to see if they have feelings for each other. Jesse and Mbali get robbed. They also kiss. Katie sees Colin kissing another woman. She tells Oliver, but he is in denial. Tumelo's feelings for Katie finally come out. Emily may be suspicious about Jesse and Mbali. Chase gets a girlfriend who is pushy and mean.

    This was a great episode! I knew that Julia was going to marry Steve! I don't like Chase's girlfriend at all. They are too young anyway. I can't believe she punched him. This episode gets a 10!
  • A wedding is to take place at the Blue Antelope.

    A well-written episode with several minor storylines all converging around the main storyline but they all deal with love.

    The major storyline is the big wedding about to take place at the Blue Antelope. When a former boyfriend of the bride shows up, she needs to clear her head, a sign that her groom takes to mean that she doesn't love him, so he calls off the wedding.

    Oliver is reluctant to go to the wedding with Katie and when Katie discovers his dad has an affair, she understands that Oliver has serious reservations about the institute of marriage.

    Jesse and Mbali are subject to a robbery at the bar and this brings them closer together, they even kiss, but later on decide they don't want things to become awkward, especially when Emily returns...
  • As the Blue Antelope prepares for its first wedding, everyone decides to re-evaluate their relationships and the complexities woven into each one. Jesse and Mbali face a tramatic situation, Chase gets played by a girl, and Oliver lashes out on katie...

    This was another very interesting episode. If you are willing to get past the cheesiness connected to each one, you can see that there are really interesting stories underneath each one. Jesse's and Mbali's relationship becomes even more complex as they go through a hold-up situation at the restuarant. This leads to them becoming closer, and even kissing...hmmmm...and where is Emily??? On a weekend trip with her mother...but I really want to Jesse and Mbali to get together, I just don't want them cheating on their signifcant others.

    As for Katie and Oliver, they face another round of relationship problems when Katie tells Oliver about something she saw, and he ends up lashing out on her. They later patch up the problem, but not before Katie FiNaLlY learns the Tumelo has feelings for her. I see more complications for the future...

    Chase gets his first girlfriend. Too bad ofr him that it had to be a bossy girl who demands everything from him and refuses to reciprocate back to him. Chase tries to break it up, but it sees she won't take no for an answer. I thought this was really cute because it added some funny comedy to the story, and I just had to grin when they were on-screen.

    The wedding actually being held at the Blue Antelope is a complete nightmare, with many problems cropping up and the wedding being called off for a bit. In the end, everything works out, and a semi-traditional South African wedding is held, which was quite enjoyable. Overall, this episode had its cute moments, and even more dramatic moments, but it was enjoyable. I can't wait to see where everything is going to go from here.