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MTV - Music Television (ended 2008)


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  • Lovee it. && Ryan Sheckler! :D

    Oki first of all Ryan Sheckler = Fitt!!
    This is a great show.
    Ryan is a great skatboarder and has tremendous talent. Plus he's good looking hehe.
    His little brother Kane is the cutest thing everrr!! He's like a mini Ryan and soo grown up for his age.
    Gretchen, their mum is like the coolest mum ever haha! :lol: Its a shame their parents got a devirce cos its hard on the kids, especially Ryan as he thinks its some how his fault. But its clearly nott.
    This show is amazing and gets better every season, lets hope theres another one!!
  • The third Mtv Show based on a Skateboarder.....does it get old?

    Ok before I give the first bad review of this show I wanna clear something, just because you think Ryan Sheckler is hot is not a reason to watch this show! Basically it's the less comedic life of Ryan Sheckler, unlike Viva la Bam, and Rob and Big that make you laugh. Well it's just about how Ryan suffers with girls and his family. I understand about his parents, no matter how rich and famous you are, your parents divorcing is never a happy moment, But when it comes to girls, cmon Ryan? He complains that no girls will date him because of his busy skate career when all of the girls who watch the show would die just to have a date with him. I don't hate Ryan, he's pretty good at skateboarding, it does suck that he's a pro, when I know some people who are clearly better than him, and their not even sponsored. So all in all the show is mediocre, Bam came first, and was great. Then Rob and Big which was as good. But please Mtv, find better skaters for your reality shows
  • Life of Ryan is a fresh, hip young show about the life of pro-skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. All I've got to say to MTV execs is that they are pure geniuses. Can't wait for the new season next year!! Ryan rocks!! His life is hectic but way cool, I love it!!!

    I really love this show!!! I had no idea who Ryan Sheckler was before this show aired. The only skateboarder I'd ever heard about was Tony Hawk. Ryan is really talented and at first, you think, oh he's so adorable and cute but after watching the series you realize he's way more than just a pretty face. He's funny and cool and really cares about his fans, his family and friends. Hunting for the girl of his dreams is sad to watch since you think it's easy for him but he's shattered many stereotypes. I have new respect for him. And admire him a lot. He's very mature for his age. Best of luck for the new season!!!
  • this is about a pro skateborder Ryan Sheckler's life!

    this is about a pro skateborder Ryan Sheckler's life! Ryan is 17 and lives at home with his mother Gretchen and his two brothers Shane and Kane. His mom and dad are not together and ryan doesn't like his fathers girlfriend Kristie. Ryan has to be a father figure to Shane and Kane because they don't see their father that often so ryan thinks he has to be. Ryan has 3 friends, Tony, Casey and Taylor.Taylor is Casey's girlfriend. Ryan wanted to go back out with his ex Cambria but she is going back out with her ex Mitch. so ryan started dating this girl jula and that didnt work. so ladies ryan sheckler is single!
  • amazing show

    This show, The Life of Ryan follows who else than Ryan Sheckler pro skateboarder and his family and friends. It shows us what the life of Ryan is like while he is working (touring the world skateboarding) and not working, that he is like any other boy really with all the drama. Ryan's parents Gretchen and Randy just got a divorce before the show so Ryan and his brothers Shane (younger brother) and Kane (youngest brother) have extra stress about the divorce and parents dating new people. Ryan also has girl problems like every teenage boy.
    Ryan's show also focus' on his close friends, Tony, Taylor, and Casey.
  • This show is about Ryan Sheckler and his life.

    Honestly, whenever I saw the preview for this show, I wrote it off as a Laguna Beach type show. However, I was happily mistaken when it turned out to be a Rob & Big type show. This show has everything: Drama, Humor, and Skateboarding. As a fan of competition reality shows, Life of Ryan is truly one of the best reality shows ever. It gives you a sense that as a teen, the only thing different between yours and Ryan's life is that he has a lot more money. Overall, this show should be on everyone's watchlist because there truly is something for everyone.
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