Life of Ryan

MTV - Music Television (ended 2008)


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  • The third Mtv Show based on a Skateboarder.....does it get old?

    Ok before I give the first bad review of this show I wanna clear something, just because you think Ryan Sheckler is hot is not a reason to watch this show! Basically it's the less comedic life of Ryan Sheckler, unlike Viva la Bam, and Rob and Big that make you laugh. Well it's just about how Ryan suffers with girls and his family. I understand about his parents, no matter how rich and famous you are, your parents divorcing is never a happy moment, But when it comes to girls, cmon Ryan? He complains that no girls will date him because of his busy skate career when all of the girls who watch the show would die just to have a date with him. I don't hate Ryan, he's pretty good at skateboarding, it does suck that he's a pro, when I know some people who are clearly better than him, and their not even sponsored. So all in all the show is mediocre, Bam came first, and was great. Then Rob and Big which was as good. But please Mtv, find better skaters for your reality shows