Life on a Stick

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • The Gods of TV
      The Gods of TV
      Episode 13
      Lily takes self defense classes. She invites Laz & Fred to go too, but they blow her off and decide to go to a Beastie Boys concert instead.
    • Wouldn't It Be Nice
      Molly makes a fatal error when meeting Jasper's family; and Laz and Lily find each other's nighttime habits annoying.
    • Soupless in Seattle
      Laz gets happy that his girlfriend brings him soup everyday when he is sick. When the soup deliveries don't stop after he recovers, it becomes a bit too intense for Laz, but he's afraid to tell Lily and upset her. Michelle and Rick decide to renew their wedding vows on their 10th wedding anniversary. But the photographer becomes more important to Rick than the ceremony, Michelle wants to cancel it altogether. Meanwhile Molly starts to spend more time with Jasper but cannot figure out if he is interested in her.moreless
    • Some Drinkin' and Some Foolin' Around
      Michelle and Rick decide to teach Molly a lesson about alcohol but the plan backfires when they end up getting drunk and begin to spill secrets during supper. Laz is asked out by a girl he liked in high school before she leaves to go work on a cruise ship but he still has feelings for Lily. Fred and Jasper dicover some great tasting edible underwear.moreless
    • The Things We Do for Love
      Laz tries to recover from an embarrassing incident and prove his manhood by sitting in a tank of crabs.
    • Things People Stand For
      Laz, Lily and Fred enter a contest to win a car in the mall. In order to win it they must stand next to the car without taking their hands off of it. The last one standing wins. Meanwhile, Molly finds out that her parents are trying to throw her a surprise party for her 16th birthday even though she doesn't want one. She decides to get even with them by inviting all their friends over when they least expect it.moreless
    • Breaking Away
      Breaking Away
      Episode 7
      After asking another woman out to make Lily jealous, Laz discovers his date has a big flaw; and Molly looks for a payoff after catching her parents in a lie.
    • We'll Always Have Bowling
      Lily's rejection drives Laz into the arms of an older woman; and Molly bribes young Gus with caffeine to take the blame for an accident.
    • Gangs of the Mall
      Fred falls for a girl who works in the mall but is told that he can't go out with her because she works in a store where the employees only date the jocks from the athletic shoe store. Meanwhile, Lily feels insecure after being ridiculed by a clique of catty mall employees.moreless
    • The Defiant Ones
      The Defiant Ones
      Episode 4
      When Laz learns that his former German teacher and rival, Mr. Schmidt, is now tormenting Molly, he inspires her to standup to the authority figure. Molly's act of defiance soon earns her the respect of her peers and allows her to get closer to an impressed Jasper. Meanwhile, Fred's advise to Mr. Hut that he stand up to his wife backfires when she kicks him out and Fred is forced to befriend the man.moreless
    • Fish Song
      Fish Song
      Episode 3
      Laz and Lily are annoyed by the nearby seafood restaurant in the mall when the employees begin to perform musical numbers for the customers. Laz and Lily decide to try and shut them down, and shut them up, for good but soon find that Fred has joined the competition after feeling shunned by best friend Laz, who has been spending all of his time with Lily. Meanwhile, Molly finds it hard being friends with Jasper after meeting his girlfriend.moreless
    • Liking Things the Way They Aren't
      Mr. Hut allows Laz and Fred to have their old jobs back at "Yippee, Hot Dogs" but only so that they can work off the damage they caused after deep-frying everything in his office. Soon, Laz and Fred, along with Lily, discover that working in the mall has its benefits after they trade corndogs and other foods for free services such as pedicures and tanning sessions. Meanwhile, Molly thinks she's going on a date with Jasper but is disappointed when she realizes that he has brought along his girlfriend.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Best friends Laz and Fred are recent high school graduates who have taken jobs at "Yippee, Hot Dogs" run by the oppressive Mr. Hut in the local mall. Soon, Laz can no longer tolerate Mr. Hut's nasty attitude and decides to stand up to him after he catches Mr. Hut yelling at Lily, the new employee and the girl of Laz's dreams. Meanwhile, at home, Laz's dad, Rick, and stepmom Michelle, decide that they'll let Laz live at home rent-free as long as he remains a positive influence on his stepsister Molly, an anti-social teen. Rounding out the family is perfect, 9-year-old Gus, Michelle and Rick's son, who is a constant source of advice.moreless