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  • loved it!

    Wow, this is where it goes to show how different people and opinions can be. I really loved this show. I agree with the acting criticism, but I believe it was done intentionally and partially responsible for the charm of the show and the sketches. The jokes are fresh and made me laugh out loud numerous of times. The same can't be said about today’s "big" shows. I thought there was a good balance, considering the characters. I agree the show still needed a few touch ups, but I can recommend it to anyone. It certainly made me enthousiastic enough to search for the unaired episodes, which made me feel EVEN MORE sad the series got canceled.
    Ps : Thank god they went with “ Life on a stick” instead of “ Related By Family” .
  • What happened!?!?!

    I never understood why this show was canceled. It brought a form of dumb homor back, they kind that could be dumb and funny at the same time without becoming rediculous and nonbelievable. I really enjoyed it, the short time it was on the air and was so sad to see it go. Bring it back!
  • Laz is a guy trying to find purpose in his life, in be independent. He has a step-sister named Lily who has an anger issue but is only misunderstood. They both live with their loving and almost sane parents and a younger brother named Gus.

    hmmmmmmm..... what do I have to say about Life on a Stick? well, I will start by saying that it is a unique blend of Characters, Laz, Lily, Molly, Jasper, Fred... they\'re all great. I dare say that it is a unique blend of teen jokes, some issues of relative importance, the way the jokes are delivered, especailly with scenes with Fred in them, are not only funny, but hilarious, witty, unique and sometimes thought provoking. i could go on and on and on about the situations in which these characters continue mto find themselves, but Ill just summarise the show in one word: Hilarious.
  • cool show


    There is 18-year-old, optimistic-but-not-ambitious Laz his 16-year-old angst-ridden and angry stepsister, Molly Laz's best friend Fred and Laz's new girlfriend Lily

    Rick and Molly love all of their children, but they are particularly obsessed with the only product of their union together: the sweet, perfect and wise 8-year-old Gus

    Laz and Fred both 18, have been friends forever. Just out of high school, and unsure what they want to do with their lives, they take jobs at a mall food court, at the lame "Yippee, Hot Dogs" run by the always yelling Mr.Hut
    There, Laz meets the girl of his dreams, the lovely and strong-willed Lily. Optimistic but not ambitious, Laz cuts a deal with his well-meaning but superficial dad Rick and equally superficial stepmom Michelle which allows Laz to continue living rent-free at home. All Laz has to do is keep an eye on his stepsister (Michelle's daughter), the angry, angst-ridden, 16-year-old Molly. Michelle and Rick hope that Laz will help socialize Molly and get her on the right track with the boy she likes - the sweet and very honest Jasper.

  • Not nearly as bad as some make it out to be, and not half as good as Fox hoped for, \\\"Life On A Stick\\\" was pure guilty pleasure. Despite a few laughs here and there, the show never had time to develop.

    \\\"Life On a Stick\\\" had its good points, and its bad points. The show had a lot of potential, unfortunately, the plots often focused on the least amusing aspects (the kid\\\'s mall jobs) instead of the really interesting dynamics (the home lives of the kids). There were certainly laughs here and there; some lines were actually quite clever. However, the show also often resorted to gimmicks and cliches, not too mention the problem of the overused laugh track. The acting on the show was also hit or miss. Typically, Amy Yasbeck and Matthew Glave were the anchors of the shows, the vets, and the younger cast members floundered. The show is worth watching, but it is by no means anything spectacular.
  • Can't Believe It's Over

    Just that.
    As I'm not an American Resident I watch the shows some time after they showed them in the states, so when I came here to find some info on this one I totally freaked out after finding out the terrible true, this show with its unique (it's true that sometimes it was kind of cheap, but it was fun after all) sense of humour was cancelled.
    I'll have to live with it.
  • This show is about teenagers trying to get along with their life. They are not very popular with others, but they are good friends.

    Everyday this show was on I would tune in. My sister and my dad also enjoyed watching it. I can\'t understand why it was taken off tv. I don\'t know if FOX is crazy, or if they had to remove it. It doesn\'t matter, whatever the reason, Life on a Stick needs to come back! It was very funny and the characters were very lovable. Life on a Stick always made me laugh, and at school I heard people talking about it and commenting on how funny it was. I felt the same way. Only 3 words matter in this review right now: Bring It Back!
  • Life on a Stick is very funny and highly entertaining... Seriously!

    Life on a Stick was one of the funniest, freshest shows on tv at its time. This is in no way comparable to That 70's Show. For anyone wishing to watch this again I highly recommend downloading the shows. I would also recommend anyone who liked the show to go to and vote it as a pick to see on dvd.
  • It was Greaaaat, What's the problem with FOX?

    I really enjoyed this show, it made me laugh from the beginning to the end.
    It was really funny and i'm pretty sure that a lot of people likes that kind of absurd comedy, similar to screw ball movies. Come on FOX Bring it BACK!!!!!

    We all know FOX has not any other good show.
  • Ignore the other reviews. It\'s funny.

    Every episode of this series made me laugh hard enough to desperately gasp for air after the credits. Set design IS very reminiscent of early sitcoms, with no windows and no exterior shots, but oftentimes done with deliberate intent; eg; there are no windows in most malls. The writing is fabulously absurd, making each statement from the characters unpredictably funny. The leads are all very well chosen, the two male characters wonderfuly deadpanning sentences that could make Douglas Adams cry. The female lead is a little weaker, but only slightly, and was no doubt given extra credit in the audition process due to her devastating personal attractiveness.
  • Is not a funny show, is the classical adolescent television comedy but not funny.

    Simply terrible, I think this show have a great potential but it needs to tune. I found the main young characters interesting but they can be much better and also the writers can explore more about the contemporary adolescent reality that is so rich of stories without going into the clichés.
  • Not funny at all

    I watched this show the fist episode and thought okay its a new show maybe it will take a few shows to tweek and get better. So I watched the next 4 or 5 episodes and it just never got better. There were some humorous parts but not enough to give a half hour of my time to keep watching it. To me this was just a no nonsence show which never got itself off the ground.
  • Horrid. This show makes McDonald’s commercials look Oscar-worthy.

    Life on a Stick seemed good at the beginning – in the summaries. Yet after watching the pilot episode on FOX, I felt about ready to puke. The show seemed like it was suppose to be a slapstick comedy or something of that sort, but none of it even worked, and I feel sorry for myself having to waste 30 minutes out of my life watching the first episode.

    It’s not surprising how early this show got delayed continuously, and then abruptly cancelled. When I heard the news it was cancelled I almost jumped out of my seat and cheered for FOX.

    To sum my feelings up a bit, I felt that Life on a Stick was a revolting excuse for a half-hour teen sitcom, with terrible acting, and jokes that didn’t even work…I sometimes found myself laughing at how pathetic the show was, but then I stopped myself, and almost felt sorry for the actors for having to put Life on a Stick as an occupation on their resume when going to get another role.

    I would never recommend this show, unless my life depended on it. I beg FOX: Please never create a show like, or related to this ever again.