Life on a Stick

Season 1 Episode 4

The Defiant Ones

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Apr 20, 2005 on FOX
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The Defiant Ones
When Laz learns that his former German teacher and rival, Mr. Schmidt, is now tormenting Molly, he inspires her to standup to the authority figure. Molly's act of defiance soon earns her the respect of her peers and allows her to get closer to an impressed Jasper. Meanwhile, Fred's advise to Mr. Hut that he stand up to his wife backfires when she kicks him out and Fred is forced to befriend the man.moreless

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      • Herr Schmidt: Good morning class. My name is Herr Schmidt. I hope we will all have fun learning German together.
        Molly: He seems nice.
        Herr Schmidt: Quiet, you in the back.

      • Laz: Herr Schmidt still uses that Wobbly Chair? That thing's the worst. Legend has it, there was this kid in Schmidt's class who was sentenced to the electric chair. They say his last words were, "At least this one doesn't wobble."

      • Herr Schmidt: You must sit in the Wobbly Chair.
        Jasper: What's that?
        Herr Schmidt: This is the Wobbly Chair. Sometimes it leans to the right. Sometimes it leans to the left. It is oddly unsettling. Come.

      • Herr Schmidt: There are no hats allowed in class!
        Jasper: Oh. That's right I'm sorry.
        Herr Schmidt: Being sorry doesn't suddenly make you a person who didn't wear a hat to class, now does it?

      • Fred: Mr. Hut's here! Get rid of the Rascals! Get rid of the Rascals! I gotta go eat curry!

      • Lily: I'm a little nervous. I'm playing Muriel from the Candy Kitchen and she's an animal on offense.
        Laz: Isn't she like 80?
        Lily: Yeah. She's used to riding on one of these. She can't walk. That gives her a huge advantage.

      • Laz: You can't allow Schmidt to get away with his arbitrary rules. You allow that kind of power to go unchecked, next thing you know, this country's China. And I don't know about you, but I'm not giving up my fork.

      • Fred: Laz was famous for defying Schmidt's stupid rules. I was famous for following orders. He called me a good soldier. Next semester in history class, I felt so ashamed.

      • Laz: You got Herr Schmidt? He's the worst. I used to answer his questions in Klingon, the only language angrier than German.

      • Fred: Hey, it's Molly. How did she get in here?
        Laz: I got her a swipe card under a phony name. Hey there Senator Ted Kennedy!
        Molly: What did you do to Herr Schmidt? Because of you he hates me. And I want a new name on my swipe card!

      • Fred: I love the mall after hours. The peace. The serenity. One day when they finish cutting down all the trees, shopping malls will be our national parks.

      • Fred: (to Mr Hut) Yeah, go have sex with your free maid!

      • Herr Schmidt: You, whisperer. What is your name?
        Molly: Molly Callahan.
        Herr Schmidt: Callahan. Then Laz Lackerson is your stepbrother, yes?
        Molly: Yeah.
        Herr Schmidt: So then I can assume you are troublemaker just like him?
        Molly: No not at all.
        Herr Schmidt: That is unfortunate for you because I am going to assume it anyway!

      • Herr Schmidt: Good morning class. My name is Herr Schmidt. I hope we will all have fun learning German together.
        Molly: He seems nice.
        Herr Schmidt: Quiet you in the back.

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