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Entire series was a Work of Genius

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    I really enjoyed 'Life on Mars', mainly because of it'sunpredictability. After a TV watching history which goes back before the oroginal 'Flipper' , I have pretty much seen it all. Though I have yet to view the original BBC version of LoM, I was heartened by this US version's originality, and especially the concept of going back to 1973. The show's set andcostumepeople did a stellar job, and it must have been quite a tack to also round up all those seventies era cars ( though I would have like to have seen a 1973 Mustang and/or an Opel GT ). The music was also Fantastic, and brought back the days when I was listening to it in my 1969 Mustang.

    In addition, Jason O'Mara's strong resemblance to a young Patrick MacGoohan, plus theKafkaesque nature of the story, made me wonder if I was watching a ( finally ) decentsequel to the 'The Prisoner' and not sometrulymediocre version based in the middle of a desert. I also like the ending, which answered everything, unlike that of the original 'Prisoner'.

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    I strongly recommend you get hold of the original British version.
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