Life On Mars

Season 1 Episode 1

Out Here in the Fields

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2008 on ABC

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  • Does not hold a candle to the British series.

    Being not either British or American (I'm Australian) I guess I have the advantage of being unbias towards both.

    Although the pilot episode for the US version is almost exactly the same as far as plot and characters go, it lacks the magic that the UK version a brilliant and memorable show.

    I was hoping that the American version would go in with its own style and make its own distinct mark - like the remake of Battlestar Galactica - but the show seems desperate to keep to the original as much as possible. So why remake it at all? You may aswell as watch the original British version, because Jason O'Mara and Harvey Keitel are simply no match for John Simm and Philip Glenister.

    I still hold out some hope for the show, and hopefully it can come up with its own original storylines. However, this seems doubtful with the 'red dress' flash seen in this episode.
  • Off to a great start!

    I was hoping to like this show and this episode didn't disappoint me. I couldn't believe how fast that hour went. First about the casting excellent job! Jason O'Mara is an excellent actor and did a fantastic job of showing all the different emotions that Sam Tyler must be going through. You could tell while talking to young Colin at the end how torn he was by what he was thinking about doing but not sure what else he could do. I like the chemistry between him and Gretchen Mol as Annie. You can tell they will become good friends, and she will possibly be the only one he can turn to. Despite the friction between Tyler and Hunt you can see that these two can develop if not a friendship a mutual respect for one another. Despite his age it looks like Keitel can definitely pull this off. Michael Imperioli as Ray is great, he brings a great sense of humor. The music was great. Some songs I haven't heard in a long time brought back some memories. The location: New York is great. I love how they used the Twin Towers to help Sam realize something isn't right. I'm definitely looking forward to future episodes. Great job by cast, writers and crew.
  • Time to see if I only watched the UK version because I understood the cultural humour!

    I was going to rate this episode an 8 because although it was a good ep. as it's the pilot I thought I'd give myself some leeway for later episodes potentially being better. Then I saw Harvey Keitel waving a fan about. I laughed so much that I figured it was worth an 8 just for that! So I put up the score. The opening and closing scenes were excellent, I got goosebumps even though I'm English. It was fascinating to see that the US had an overnight equivalent for the Open University Physics and Maths broadcasts, as well as the style of Test Card they had back then. It's quite possible that I'll enjoy this show for a whole new set of reasons. I figured myself to be fairly US culturally savvy, so I'm really interested in the details of the show. It felt as if this show didn't have as many allusions as the first UK "Life on Mars", and I know it was partly due to these cultural "in jokes" that I kept watching it, so I'm hoping the US version will furnish me with some new cultural knowledge as it progresses and, maybe, gives me a few new laughs as well .
    Excellent acting, as usual, from Harvey Keitel. It's hard to believe he's nearly 70.
    Does anyone else think that Jason O'Mara sounds like a young George Clooney?? Just me then LOL?
  • Not a bad start, but can it top the original?

    There were two shows on tonight, Kath & Kim and Life on Mars, the former being originally an Australian comedy series, the latter being an intense British drama. I wanted to like both of them, but by the time I had finished Kath & Kim I was horrified at what kind of monstrosity Life on Mars might be. America's fascination with "making shows better" by making them in the US is sadly off base, but in some cases there have to be some good translations. The Office is a great example of making a show proving itself to be as good and unique as the BBC original.

    Thankfully, Life on Mars was very good, a solid start. I found that I liked all the new actors, and the story was close enough to the original that I felt I was watching a set of near-identical twins performing the same roles I had already loved once before. It was a little different, but not entirely unfamiliar. Harvey Keitel as Gene Hunt is brilliant casting, I waited patiently for a real GH line and he delivered with "the year of the Fist"...classic!

    Not bad at all, I will be giving it a chance!
  • You were driving a military vehicle?

    First, let me say that I have never seen the original British series. That being said, I really dug "Life on Mars," and I think it has some legs if ABC sticks with it.

    After a stark, cold present-day opening, the show immediately set up a contrast between the past and the present, with the 1973 scenes bathed in a weird hazy yellow. I really like that - it adds to the dream-like state of the past for Sam and adds elements of doubt as to how and why he is back in time.

    Jason O'Mara was really terrific...especially in the final scene. SPOILER WARNING: Of course, he's not going to shoot the kid...but there's a moment where as an audience, you're unsure. That's entirely due to O'Mara's acting. After seeing him here, I wish I could see his aborted Philip Marlowe pilot. He could have done a nice job with the character.

    And Harvey Keitel...thank God he didn't take the "Criminal Minds" job. He's perfect as Hunt, a ball-breaking thug of a cop. He and O'Mara have good chemistry and I can't wait to see their relationship develop.

    My only complaint is that the supporting players (particularly Gretchen Mol's Annie) respond too indifferently to Sam's rantings. Although their response could be based, as Michael Imperioli's character suggests, on the fact that everyone in the 125th Precinct is a little nuts.

    Major points to the soundtrack, especially the use of the Stones' "Out of Time." Who knows how long the trip will last, but I'll keep travelling back with Sam Tyler for as long as ABC keeps him going.