Life On Mars

Season 1 Episode 1

Out Here in the Fields

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2008 on ABC

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  • Time to see if I only watched the UK version because I understood the cultural humour!

    I was going to rate this episode an 8 because although it was a good ep. as it's the pilot I thought I'd give myself some leeway for later episodes potentially being better. Then I saw Harvey Keitel waving a fan about. I laughed so much that I figured it was worth an 8 just for that! So I put up the score. The opening and closing scenes were excellent, I got goosebumps even though I'm English. It was fascinating to see that the US had an overnight equivalent for the Open University Physics and Maths broadcasts, as well as the style of Test Card they had back then. It's quite possible that I'll enjoy this show for a whole new set of reasons. I figured myself to be fairly US culturally savvy, so I'm really interested in the details of the show. It felt as if this show didn't have as many allusions as the first UK "Life on Mars", and I know it was partly due to these cultural "in jokes" that I kept watching it, so I'm hoping the US version will furnish me with some new cultural knowledge as it progresses and, maybe, gives me a few new laughs as well .
    Excellent acting, as usual, from Harvey Keitel. It's hard to believe he's nearly 70.
    Does anyone else think that Jason O'Mara sounds like a young George Clooney?? Just me then LOL?