Life On Mars

Season 1 Episode 2

The Real Adventures of the Unreal Sam Tyler

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2008 on ABC

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  • Crawling out of the shadows of the previous Life on Mars

    I know I have been hard on this show because it's a remake of the UK version and John Simms was amazing as Sam Tyler. The American version is slowly getting better. They are still taking the UK stories and converting them over to our side of the globe. It's nice to see that in this version Sam has more of a social life and isn't as obsessed with work and figuring out how to get home.

    I'm super curious about episode 4 and if they do the whole "bent copper" thing. I mean the UK Gene Hunt has a lot of colloquialisms that are just lost in translation.

    Besides that, it is getting better and I'm please that they aren't just doing a carbon copy with old scripts. That little bit of Americana they throw in there really changes things up.
  • Much, MUCH improved. I found myself entertained throughout it all!

    I was critical of the first episode. I thought it was a cheesy knockoff of a quality drama. But this episode improved, it has it's on spark, and own unique style now.

    Jason O'Mara and Harvey Keitel seem more comfortable in their roles, and I was actually very impressed with O'Mara's take on Sam Tyler's character. Gretchen Mol is ok, but I find her not the right for the role - i.e. she's too sexy and confident!! Though I'll quickly get over that.

    The story, although similar to the UK version, manages to find its own hilarity - speedo guy, Nixon administration, Matrix illusions, lasagnes with herbs, mistaken cop identities - all of which made the episode very enjoyable to watch.

    New ways for Sam to keep in contact with 2008 - robot, naked hippies, broken glass, door reflections.... All good.

    Also, big plus on the fantastic sets and backdrops of old New York.

    I look forward to the next episode.