Life on Top - Season 1

Cinemax (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Happy Endings
    Happy Endings
    Episode 13

    In the Season One finale, Cassia realizes her dream of opening a restaurant, but wants Andre's blessing; Maya gets her shot at redemption in the ring; Bella considers going back to college; and Sophie's decision not to go to Las Vegas takes a turn when Tai begs her to reconsider.

  • All In
    All In
    Episode 12

    Sophie's recreational gambling takes a serious turn when Tai ups the ante; Cassia finally tells Andre she's leaving Les Delices; Bella and Tom's relationship seems to be deepening while Maya convinces D she's ready for her match. Meanwhile, everything changes for Sophie when a psychic predicts what the future will hold for everyone...except her.

  • Growing Pains
    Growing Pains
    Episode 11

    Bella continues to struggle with getting older; Sophie makes her decision on returning to Vertex; Cassia's restaurant plans hit a snag; and Maya decides to get back in the ring with the girl who beat her.

  • Birthday Suit
    Birthday Suit
    Episode 10

    Bella has an age crisis as her birthday approaches; Sophia plots a surprise party to cheer her up, but fails to get all of the details. Meanwhile, Maya and D discuss training together again; Cassia and Bella rekindle their friendship; and Avi makes Sophie an offer she can't refuse.

  • Blame it on Brazil
    Blame it on Brazil
    Episode 9
    Sophie explores her newfound sexual confidence. Bella accompanies Vincent on a shoot, but spends time behind the camera instead of in front of it. Maya continues to try to forget about D with mixed results. Cassia wants to branch out on her own.
  • First Date
    First Date
    Episode 8
    Sophie's date with Tai ends with a surprising twist. After breaking up with D, Maya goes on the rebound. Bella develops a new interest.
  • Down For The Count
    Down For The Count
    Episode 7
    Bella and Andre's relationship takes an unexpected turn. Maya has her first kick boxing match. Sophie finally says yes to college bad boy, Tai. Bella and Cassia make up after a rough patch.
  • Girls Night Out
    Girls Night Out
    Episode 6
    Bella and Andre have a sexy afternoon rendezvous. Sophie sees the wild side of her temperamental office mate, Regina, when they go out for drinks. Someone at Les Delices reveals their secret crush on Cassia. D is falling for Maya.
  • Tied Up, But Not Tied Down

    Sophie can't stop thinking about her night with Avi; Maya and D's relationship grows stronger as they continue to train; Andre continues to see Bella despite Cassia's obvious disapproval of their relationship.

  • Menage a Top
    Menage a Top
    Episode 4
    'Menage a Top.' Sophie and Avi team up to reassure Giancarlo that Vertex's purchase of his company is the right choice. Meanwhile, Maya gets upset when her kickboxing instructor D rejects her, but hooks up with a girl from the gym; and a tryst between Bella, Cassia and Andre leads to unexpected consequences for one.moreless
  • Shoegasm
    Episode 3

    Sophie receives an unusual proposition from Avi--but isn't sure how to respond. Meanwhile, Maya wrangles a favor from Cassia as her search for the right job continues; Bella surprises Sophie with a pair of expensive shoes she wanted; and Sophie receives interesting advice for handling affairs in the office.

  • Working Girls
    Working Girls
    Episode 2

    As Sophie comes to terms with Bella's secret lifestyle, she must also deal with her growing interest in her handsome boss. Meanwhile, Maya struggles in her new job as a barrista, but gets help from an attractive stranger.

  • Sister Act
    Sister Act
    Episode 1

    Naive, but beautiful business school grad Sophie Beale arrives in New York City to make her mark, but discovers a shocking secret about her sister Bella who has been living there for eight years: she's an erotic model. Meanwhile, Sophie's college roommate Maya also comes to NYC to hunt for a job...and maybe the hunky trainer at her gym.