Life Unexpected

Season 2 Episode 13

Affair Remembered

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2011 on The CW

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  • Spoiler Alert

    If you're the type of reader who usually skips to the final chapter of a novel without reading most of the middle chapters, then this finale is all for you. If, like a normal person, you enjoy journeying to the final page then you may be dissatisfied.

    In the final five minutes of the episode, the series jumps forward two years. We see Ryan with Julia and their son, Lux with Jones and (his ex-girlfriend) Tasha, and Cate with Baze, but no satisfactory explanation as to how the couples got together.

    Sure we can assume what happened. Ryan and Cate decide to end thing amicably. He rushes to support Julia, and she finally agrees to marry him. Cate puts on a brave face as she continues to see Ryan at work on a daily basis. At some point (probably too soon, and still not soon enough), she and Baze find themselves once again in the loft above the Open Bar. They are, of course, drinking; confidences are shared, as are kisses, and they, too, finally agree to settle down.

    This may be exactly what the writers had in mind, but why should the audience have to imagine it all? We've watched Ryan and Cate's disastrous marriage for all thirteen episodes of season two, only to have them married to two other characters in the last five minutes. It makes you wonder why you even cared about their relationship, or about Baze's and Emma's.

    In the end, all I really needed was one scene showing Cate and Baze deciding to be together. The jump forward felt cheap and their final kiss unearned.
  • great but the ending was not expected

    For the most part I have really liked this show and series. There are some really messed up parts of the show but I guess that's just part of it, like how messed up some of the characters are, lying, cheating, having affairs, illegal relationships. It's a pretty good drama overall. This episode was really good, but Baze and Cate hooking up after 2 years!?! I mean Come on! What was wrong with Cate and Ryan? I don't think that was suppose to happen. Now for Lux and abercrombie that was alot more likely and feasible. I have no clue why Ryan and Cate couldn't work. Personally neither of two guys could hangle Cate, as she was pretty crazy and insecure about everything. Just a train wreck.
  • Lux bows out with a focus on important relationships, character development and a bittersweet ending.

    Series finales should be for the fans and in that respect, LIFE UNEXPECTED's final episode delivered. Touching upon every subject that could possibly be important for the viewers, the finale didn't shy away from calling the waterworks and upping the toothache. It's often dangerous to play this many dramatic scenes and try to make them work. I'm not a fan of the show so these moments full of character revelations bare way less meaning to me, yet any finale can drown in the sea of self-pity and search for resolution. Affair Remembered however, did not. Mostly thanks to Britt's powerful acting, most scenes felt truthful to the story and loyal to the fans. From Baze moving on from his comparisons to his father to Lux finally expressing her fears and doubts to those who love her, the episode serves as a great final chapter. For me it worked too, because even in its final moments the show left to wonder who Kate would end up with, which, especially for a series finale, is a trick. I have only seen the premieres and finales of the show but even I felt content with how it all ended. This is not a show that ends with the shocking return of a character who turns out to be pregnant, instead it ends gracefully two years later when everything is said and done. Even if we had those season in between it would not have ended differently.
    An episode that was true to the show's hart, honest, emotional and by for not ready to stop beating.
  • Good, but did they have to end it with an annoying flash forward that ruins things? Leave good enough alone!

    I would have given this show a 9.5 if the last 5 minutes didn't exist. The episode started off a bit shaky but developed into some great stuff. To start with, Cate and Lux fought some more, but then made up - great. Cate also came to terms with her no-baby condition and Ryan told her he loved her for her...and they even had their show together again! Awesome!

    Baze got mad at his dad more but then decided to be the bigger man and not make that dumb toast - good. He also decided to not be with Emma - amazing (other than they made out first, which made me nervous that he'd get back with her). After being a *cough* like she usually is, Lux finally shaped up, and the talk she had with Jones was sweet. Then at the end of the episode there was that great scene with everyone having fun in the bar ... but then the whole thing went to crap.

    Seriously, they did not need the stupid storyline with Julia or whatever having Ryan's kid. They already showed us Cate and Ryan making up and being happy together. Then the flasth forward? Oh come on. Ryan with Julia? Who he said he was over? And Cate with Baze, after the whole first season showed them liking each other, then not, then kinda. They were through with that phase ... but then got back together? Completely unnecessary. I did like Jones with Lux though, that was cute. Oh and "two years later" made no sense since it's only a year and four months.

    I know the flash forward showed that even if everything ends up differently people can still be friends/family, but still...I would have much preferred the ending at the bar (minus Julia having Ryan's kid). I almost wish last episode would have been the finale, it had good drama!
  • Quite simply, the best ending to a show i've ever seen.

    So.. i love this show. I love how it's honest and unique and feels real. I was sad to hear that it was coming to an end, but this has to be one of the best ending's to a show i have ever seen. There were sad moments, and there were happy moments, and i don't mind saying that both brought tears to my eyes. But my tears at the end of this show were for all the right reasons. I love happily ever afters. This is definitely the way Life Unexpected should have finished. If they couldn't continue it for us,.. at least they gave us closure.
  • Season Finale!! :)

    After a chaotic first half of episode when everything gets found out, it turned out to be a good ending. At first I wnated to strangle Lux for how she speaks and keeps lying. But the writters made the show about the family and not about all the drama.

    THe show ended the way it should have. IT jumped 2years ahead to finish it off with Lux graduating and being valadictoring. Baze and Cate together. Math got a girl. Ryan and Julie have a little boy together. Lux and Jones are together. I hope the show gets picked up but if it doesnt it ended the way it should have been.
  • The LUX gang bids farewell in a very satisfying end to the series.

    I'm sad. This show has, reportedly, been cancelled. They still haven't announced it's official cancellation yet, but I can't imagine that they expected another year of life (pun intended) with that ending.

    Shiri Appleby is one of my favorite tv actresses, as well as Kerr Smith (Jack I miss you). I've loved them both since Roswell and Dawson's Creek (respectively), and I'm sad that their show got cancelled.

    First of all, Lux is still mad at her parents for running uber-inappropriate boyfriend Eric off. So it starts off shaky and it gets a little shakier from there...

    There's a confrontation between Baze and his dad about the whole Emma thing. And then a big 60th bday bash that nearly causes Baze to tell everyone about the whole thing, but ends with him telling his dad that he doesn't want to be him. He and Emma have a talk after the party and almost have sex but it turns out that he just can't get over her sleeping with his dad. Kelly gets fired (because she sucks) and Ryan gets his own show. Kate and Ryan lose their baby due to some medical condition that Kate got when she had Lux, that makes it impossible for her stay preggers. She shares this information with bff Alice, who comes back to town after a long absence and divorce.

    Lux and Jones go on a trip to juvie to see Tasha, but things go south when he realizes that the guy she's upset about breaking up with was Mr. Daniels. Lux still heads up to see Tasha tho, and then is stranded there for hours and, in the end, unable to talk to Tasha. This leads to a huge fight with Kate because she ditched school to go up there.

    Lux ends up confessing everything to Jones and making up with Kate. Ryan takes her to get her drivers license and then they go to the bar. Lux and Baze make up and they paint the bar because Baze decides to reopen it and actually buy the building.

    Everything seems to have worked itself out until Kate finds out that Julia really is preggers. She enters the bar and tells Ryan that they need to talk.

    I'm sure this is where the show would have ended had this just been a season finale, but since they're not getting picked up for next year they continue on with a 2 years later segment:
    It's Lux's graduation and everyone is there. Julia shows up late with a two year old little boy and everyone, including Kate, seem happy to see them. Lux is valedictorian (which I think would be kind of impossible considering she was failing out at the beginning of her Sophomore year, but it's pretty much a fantasy anyway) and gives a great speech. Then there's the after montage while everyone is hugging. Ryan and Julia are together. So are Lux and Jones. Math seems to be married to Alice, and she's really far along in her pregnancy. Tasha is there, so are Baze's parents (and I'm assuming Kate's mom and sister, even though you don't see them). And Kate and Baze are together. It's a pretty perfect way to end a series that ends way before it's time.

    This show reminded me of the old WB shows, the ones that had more of an emotional base than one based in remakes and fashionistas. It reminded me of Dawson's Creek, and the emotional resonance it had. So goodbye Lux, Kate, Baze, Ryan and everyone else. It was good while it lasted.
  • Lux meets her birth parents when she asks for her emancipation, her arrival changes a lot of people'lives I recommend this show to people int their late 20s or early 30s

    Loved it, perfect ending for a great show, gonna miss this one (:
    It could've ended differently but since the show's cancelled authors were kind enough to give us closure!!!
    At least, everyone's or looks happy in the end & no one is stuck in a burning house or in a crashing car.
    Even though, the show really deserved another reason.
    At the same time, there were bumps in the road during this season, maybe we'd be disappointed by more episodes!Farewell to a great show with a good chemistry & talentful crew you made me share a tear or two in the end ^^
  • Cate loses the baby; Ryan is offered his own show; Lux is found out; Graduation

    I dont like how they tried to wrap everything up. I happen to love this show and want another season. I liked Landon Liboiron's character and I think that the show is very good. I wish the show shouldn't have done the two years later at graduation because that seems like they were trying to end the show instead of keep it going.
    I love Lux and all the stories that are throughout this season finale. There are many stories that they could continue on now with Baze and the bar, Cate and Ryan and even Lux growing up and finishing high school.