Life Unexpected

Season 2 Episode 13

Affair Remembered

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2011 on The CW

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  • Good, but did they have to end it with an annoying flash forward that ruins things? Leave good enough alone!

    I would have given this show a 9.5 if the last 5 minutes didn't exist. The episode started off a bit shaky but developed into some great stuff. To start with, Cate and Lux fought some more, but then made up - great. Cate also came to terms with her no-baby condition and Ryan told her he loved her for her...and they even had their show together again! Awesome!

    Baze got mad at his dad more but then decided to be the bigger man and not make that dumb toast - good. He also decided to not be with Emma - amazing (other than they made out first, which made me nervous that he'd get back with her). After being a *cough* like she usually is, Lux finally shaped up, and the talk she had with Jones was sweet. Then at the end of the episode there was that great scene with everyone having fun in the bar ... but then the whole thing went to crap.

    Seriously, they did not need the stupid storyline with Julia or whatever having Ryan's kid. They already showed us Cate and Ryan making up and being happy together. Then the flasth forward? Oh come on. Ryan with Julia? Who he said he was over? And Cate with Baze, after the whole first season showed them liking each other, then not, then kinda. They were through with that phase ... but then got back together? Completely unnecessary. I did like Jones with Lux though, that was cute. Oh and "two years later" made no sense since it's only a year and four months.

    I know the flash forward showed that even if everything ends up differently people can still be friends/family, but still...I would have much preferred the ending at the bar (minus Julia having Ryan's kid). I almost wish last episode would have been the finale, it had good drama!