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    I like this Show I think it should Stay on the air. Shows need to stay on longer cause not everyone knowsthat those shows are on,d

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    I liked that we saw Lux and Tasha straightening out and how Lux called Cate & Baze "Mom" and "Dad". I liked that the friends and family were all there...ALL of them even though that would never happen in real life. I really liked that Cate and Lux finally started talking.

    Aside from that, I hated the end.

    Cate & Ryan loved each other and fought for each other. Like real relationships they had ups and downs and stuck it out. Then in the last couple episodes we see their moments together are really happy except what happened with the baby. It showed us they still loved each other. Then at the end Ryan's with Julia and Cate's with Baze? WTF. Even if the show had only a few weeks to write/shoot a final episode, I could have done better than that.

    Firstly, I'd have Ryan & Cate together with a kid. He/she could be adopted or maybe Julia didn't want to be a mom and handed the kid over to Ryan...
    Secondly, I'd have Baze with someone new & happy. It didn't matter if we knew her or not as long as they looked happy.
    Thirdly, I'd show Lux & Jones as FRIENDS and have her with a new guy 'cause ya know she CAN meet more than 1 teenage boy in the ENTIRE school...
    Fourthly, I wouldn't have the social worker pop up at the graduation. That's just weird and you have to reserve seats for family/friends. It was hard enough me getting seats for my brother and sister at my graduation, let alone having a million people come per kid.

    I'd also like to see a glimmer of a better relationship for Baze and his dad and maybe see the grandparents have a relationship with Lux. Ya know, it only takes a quick second to show the grandma(s) taking Lux shopping or something. Montages are great for that stuff.

    Valedictorian.... *sigh* Why oh why does every TV graduation have to have the main character as valedictorian? Please, it would be nice to have an original thought here. Seeing Lux graduate would be enough. Or if the show wanted to go a different route, they could have had Lux get pregnant but Cate and Ryan help her raise the kid as a sort of do-over for how Cate couldn't raise Lux. I think, something else we could have been shown was Cate straightening herself out. It would have been nice to see some sort of evolution. Like, she can cook something edible for once and doesn't need to be 'fixed' anymore. Overall, there were some good things but mostly I was disappointed in this ending.
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