Life Unexpected

Season 1 Episode 2

Home Inspected

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2010 on The CW
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Cate and Baze are visited by a social worker to evaluate both of them as fit parents. Meanwhile, Lux is torn when her boyfriend, Bug, and her best friend, Natasha, suggest that Cate and Baze may not be in it for the long haul and that Lux should return to her old life and the people who love her most of all. While, Cate is pressured by the radio executives to deny that she has a daughter in order to save her job.moreless

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  • Perfect second episode.

    What I've usually found in TV shows is that second episodes are usually not so great. But this second episode was pretty darn good. 10-perfect. Definitely. But what is not perfect is how people are targeting CW shows are giving them terrible scores before the episodes even air. That's just pathetic, and TV.Com should really do something about that. Anyway.



    I really liked this week's storyline. I love how this show can make you laugh, make you sad, and make you feel all of these different emotions at once. It's a pretty great show, and I can't wait until next week when we get to meet Cate and Nate's families. Looks good. It's nice that the CW has become less soapy with this one.moreless
  • A good strong 2nd episode

    In this episode of Life Unexpected, the following happens. A social worker visit both Baze and Cate to make sure that they are able to look after Lux. We meet some of Lux's friends, and we learn that her best friend is also in the foster care system. As Baze and Cate work together to try and get everything in order for the social worker, we learn that they have been approved. Although Lux can only stay at Cate's home, that is likely to change in the future, if Baze can improve his home enough. Overall yet another good episode, which showed us some of what Lux has been through and also how she got her unusual name.moreless
  • Cate and Baze start to deal with a life having a sixteen year old daughter. A case worker is coming for home inspections and Baze pretty much unconsciously sabotages the visits. We meet Lux's friends. The ones she was going to live with if emancipated.moreless

    A little slow in developing, but eventually this episode has some of the same warmth and style the Pilot episode did.

    ***** Spoilers *****

    There were a number of key spots in the episode that really defined the story. Kate being forced to denounce her child by the station, the meeting of Lux's friends, the two home inspections, Baze's attitude through everything, Math's speech to Baze, and finally the realization on the part of Cate that they are going to lose Lux if they don't try harder. It has to be hard to be 32 and have a 16 year old daughter. I know I got an instant family at the age of 26. A 14 year old daughter and 13 year old son. You have to want them though and mentally make that commitment to be there for them no matter what. It's not the easiest thing to do and things have just started for this family.

    I think this show does give you the feel of what it is like in this instance and some of the problems associated. Baze certainly needs to get his act together, but that is the characterization and he seems to be trying now. You could see the two planters in front of the house at the end when they drove away.

    I like the show just for the dynamics of the different relationships and how special this situation is for everyone involved. A little over the top with the negatives at first, but you have to know they are building obstacles that need to be broken down. A nice overall start to the series. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Very nice second episode expanding on Lux and introducing friends

    I found this episode to be a nice solid follow up to the pilot. There was a strong emotional angle where Cate Cassidy denies she was pregnant in high school at the request of her supervisors at the station. Lux responded by looking to leave.

    The episode also developed Baze a little more and he initially seemed to have little interest the custody of his daughter but by the end of the episode he seemed to be wanting to make more of an effort and I hope personally this is developed further. Cate and Ryan are progressing in their relationship although I dont know if Ryan likes the fact that the engagement is secret(another radio station decision it seems).

    The major development in this episode was the concept of Lux having friends and a plan to get emancipated and planning to move in together.moreless
Rhys Williams (II)

Rhys Williams (II)


Guest Star

Keegan Connor Tracy

Keegan Connor Tracy

Cate's Coworker

Guest Star

Reggie Austin

Reggie Austin


Recurring Role

Rafi Gavron

Rafi Gavron

Bobby "Bug" Guthrie

Recurring Role

Ksenia Solo

Ksenia Solo

Natasha Siviac

Recurring Role

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    • Fern: Look, an ambush is not the way to win your child back.
      Baze: I know. Before you say anything else, you have got to hear me out, okay? (pauses, turns to Cate) Go ahead.
      Cate: Okay, so I'm not a soccer mom, and he, he can barely spell PTA.
      Baze: Don't even know what it is.
      Cate: Yeah. But we're here, and...okay, we're just not gonna go anywhere until you approve us.
      Fern: Cate, listen--
      Cate: No, you listen. I gave her up 16 years ago because someone in your department promised me that there would be someone great to adopt her, and no one did, and if you would have left her with us 16 years ago, how can you not leave her with us now? She has been in seven foster homes, and she has hated every single one of them. Are they really that much better than our homes? Are we that much worse? Because we can make room for her.
      Baze: Get batteries. Not fight on the lawn. Look, we don't have it all worked out yet, you know?
      Cate: We can give her the one thing that no one else ever has: love.

    • Cate: (about Lux) Okay, um...well, then, when she gets back, have her call me.
      Natasha: Sorry. I've got a one-way ticket back to a girls' home. We don't all have a celebrity mom who's gonna appear out of nowhere and save us, you know?
      Cate: Can I ask you something? Do you think she's better off, you know, holding out for someone else?
      Natasha: You mean, someone who doesn't deny her existence on the radio? Lux and I, we've been friends since we were little, since we were seven. We met at Sunnyville before I was placed. We used to get in trouble. Well, I used to get in trouble for everything. Getting sick, crying. They'd punish me by making me drink spoonfuls of tobasco sauce. And Lux, she, uh, she collected change from under the couch in the lobby, and after like a month, she collected enough to replace the tobasco with V-8. It was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me, to this day. We were gonna get emancipated and move in together here. That was the plan. (a car honks outside) That's my social worker, so...uh, your engagement ring....Lux has it. I'm the one that took it. I'm really sorry.
      Cate: What I took... it was worse.
      Natasha: For the record, the answer is no, okay? Lux, she's been with a lot of crappy people, people way worse than you, and...even if there was some great person out there that really wanted her, you still have one thing they don't. You're her mom. To people like us, that's everything.

    • Ryan: (referring to Baze) You know, I still cannot believe you had sex with him. Not that I'm judging. I mean you, you should have seen the first girl I had sex with. Man...Jersey shore, underneath the pier. She had bangs up to here and she had these huge--
      Cate: Ryan!

    • Cate: Look at this place!
      Baze: Oh, you know what? It didn't seem to bother you the other night.
      Cate: Don't!
      Baze: I'm guessing you didn't mention to your fiancée what happened between us.
      Cate: The only thing between us is the lingering smell of your Axe Body Spray.

    • Natasha: Did you tell the judge about our plan?
      Lux: For us to get emancipated and move in with our boyfriends? No, I didn't mention that.
      Bug: Living with two high-school dropouts probably wouldn't have helped your case much.
      Gavin: Hey, speak for yourself. I'm gainfully employed, okay?
      Lux: Oh yeah? What's the 401(k) plan at Voodoo Doughnuts?
      Gavin: You know what? If your fancy new parents pay for you to go to college, you should major in 'bitch.'

    • Cate: (to Baze) Do you have any idea how important this inspection is? Take the lotion off the nightstand, fix the smoke alarm, find a place for Lux to sleep. You know, just do whatever you need to do. We can't lose her because the social worker sees that you have the parental skills of a banana.

    • Ryan: (referring to Baze, as Cate talks to him on the phone) Hey, you're gonna have to rely on him sooner or later.
      Cate: I mean, he has the mental capacity of a nine year-old. The judge should put him in Lux's care.
      Baze: You know, I can hear you.

    • Ryan: You know, I still can't get over that hair.
      Cate: I know, it's like my hairdresser is psychic. She knew that I got a kid, she made me a soccer mom.
      Ryan: A hot soccer mom.
      Cate: Hot, but dumb.

    • Math: (referring to Lux) So, what now? She's just gonna go back to foster care? That's it?
      Baze: Dude, I feel bad enough without you making it worse.
      Math: You have no clue how freakin' lucky you are. You have this amazing daughter. You're now forever linked to the most amazing woman on the planet.
      Baze: Ah, timeout here. Are we talking about the same Cate?
      Math: Everything isn't a joke, okay? It's one thing to make Cate deal with it when you were sixteen. But it's freakin' pathetic that at thirty-two, you'd make her do it alone all over again. Look around, Baze. No one's laughing but you.

    • Lux: My room is amazing. (pointing at the poster on the wall) But who are the Spin Doctors?
      Cate: Um...they, uh, they provided the soundtrack of your conception.
      Lux: Hmm.
      Cate: Sorry for putting that image in your head.

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    • Featured Music:
      "Close I've Come" by Ben Lee
      "The Calculation" by Regina Spektor
      "Ok, It's Alright With Me" by Eric Hutchinson
      "Ain't Gonna Lose You" by Brett Dennen
      "Crazy Ride" by Michelle Branch
      "Early November" by Miranda Lee Richards
      "Your Move" by Ashbury
      "Ride To The Top" by Western Aerial

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      Czech Republic: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 on AXN
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