Life Unexpected

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on The CW

Episode Recap

On WPSG-TV Philadelphia, radio personality Cate Cassidy is on her morning show with her co-host, Ryan Thomas. They are playing a game of "Sex, Marry, Kill." Ryan says he would have sex with Jessica Biel, marry Jessica Alba, and kill Jessica Simpson. Cate says he forgot Baby Jessica and Jessica Rabbit. Ryan tells their listeners Cate doesn't want to play because she doesn't believe in marriage. He adds somewhere in Portland, Cate's boyfriend is breathing a huge sigh of belief. Cate tells him there is no boyfriend. We see a young blonde girl is listening to their show in her bathroom. Ryan asks Cate what the latest guy did to set her off, and she said her called her "The One." Ryan says he hoped she hurled a remote at his forehead, and Cate retorts she's never telling him anything. In the girl's bathroom, she has just taken off her towel when a young boy named Stewie opens the door. She yells at him and throws a bottle of shampoo at the door and it splatters. She walks down the hall and tells a woman her son walked in on her again. We learn the blonde girl, Lux is a foster girl in this woman's house. The woman doesn't care that her son bothers Lux. Lux tells her in two days she'll be sixteen and she's getting emancipated and getting out.

Lux walks out of the house and down a busy street in Portland, Oregon.

In an apartment, a man is sleeping when a woman rummaging on the floor wakes him up. She tells him to help her look for her other shoe. She tells him that he drunk-dialed her from work and he retorts that's the benefit of living above the bar he operates. She tells him it probably wasn't what his dad had in mind when he gave him the building and the man says his dad told him to do what he loves, and he loves to drink for free. As he pulls her close, she asks if he ever wants to grow up. He dodges around answering by finding her shoe and pulling her back on the bed.

On Cate's radio show, a caller says she wants to meet someone and have babies but it seems impossible. We see Lux is a on a bus. On the bus there's a couple with a little baby. Lux smiles as they play with the baby. Ryan asks Cate if she ever wondered why she's thirty-two and doesn't have a maternal bone in her body. Lux crosses another street and starts walking down an alley. On the radio, Cate says she learned a long time ago you can only depend on yourself. Lux unfolds a map and starts to read it as Cate says if you depend on anyone else you're setting yourself up for heartbreak. Ryan says on that uplifting note, that concludes their show for the day. Once they're off the air, Cate harps on Ryan for calling her "politically insane, but moderately lovable." Lux is coming up on a building as Cate asks why on every show the man is always the calm, stable one while the woman is bitter, unlucky in love and crazy. Ryan reminds her he threw a remote at his head last night. She retorts she tossed it as they kiss.

In the apartment, the man, Nate Bazile or "Baze" comes out and finds his roommate blending something in their living room. Another roommate comes out a room with a girl.

Downstairs in the bar, a buzzer is going off. Baze opens the door and finds Lux. Lux tells him she needs a signature from somebody but doesn't think it's him. Baze tels his roomates that she's a girl scout. Lux says she's looking for a Nathaniel Bazile, which Baze says is him. Lux doesn't believe him and processes that he lives in a bar. He says he lives above a bar and asks if she's going to take his cookie order. Lux tells him she's his daughter.

Inside, Lux tells Baze and his roomates that Baze and someone had kid, gave it up, and that would be Lux. She's applying for emancipation and found no one ever signed a permanent release of rights. She tells him until he signs a form he's still legally her dad. The woman from the morning, Tracy runs in and tells Baze they're having dinner at her parents and they have to bring something. She runs into another room without noticing Lux. Baze tries to push Lux out, but she shakes him off and tells him her emancipation hearing is in two days and if she doesn't get both signatures she'll spend two more years getting bounced around crappy foster homes with mean moms and dads who hit on her. Baze signs it on her back and tells her her mom is Cate Cassidy. Lux recognizes her from the radio and his roommate can't believe Baze was with Cate Cassidy. He tells his roommate, Math, his type was anyone he didn't eat. Tracy asks who Cate Cassidy is and why he's hiding a teenager behind his back.

Ryan tells Cate she's not giving her yearbook to Goodwill. He wants to play "Sex, Marry, Kill" with the people in her yearbook and picks Baze, who's been defaced in her yearbook. She tries to take the yearbook from him and puts in a box. When she turns around, Ryan gets down on one knee. He proposes to her and she hits him and he tells her tried to do it the nigh before when the remote was hurled at him.

Baze tells Tracy (after Lux retells him her name) that he didn't know if Cate had her and thought she "took care of it". Lux is offended as Tracy figures out who she is. Lux says she'll go if she can get Cate's number. Tracy tells Baze he needs to call Cate.

Ryan argues they've been together two years and Cate retorts they haven't lived together yet. She says he doesn't really know her and he launches into a bunch of little quirks he knows and loves about her. He says the only thing he doesn't know is what happened to make her so screwed up, then backpedals this isn't the speech he prepared. Cate tells him that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever yelled at her and puts down the ski. She begs him to do it again and after some back and forth, he asks her again and she says yes. He puts the ring on her finger and they kiss as the phone rings. The machine picks up and Baze starts leaving a message. Cate picks up and when he brings up their time together, she hangs up. Ryan asks who it was and Cate says it was a wrong number.

Lux steps in front of the TV Baze and his roommates are watching and wants to know what he's going to do. Baze says he's going to chill out. Lux says she will too and takes his beer. Baze takes it back and tells her to do what normal teenagers do. Lux says this is why she wants to be emancipated, so she never has to rely on incompetent grown-ups ever again. Math starts telling Lux about a Youtube clip where a couple raise a lion and it recognizes them later in life. Lux and Baze are moved when they watch it and then talk about other Youtube videos. Baze asks Lux if she thinks they look alike. He tells her if the Australian couple can find their lion, they can find Cate.

Ryan and Cate are on their radio show when Lux is on the line. Lux doesn't say anything and passes the phone off to Baze. Ryan gets excited when Baze says they went to high school together and asks what she was like. Cate tells him to stop and that she hated high school. Ryan asks why and asks if she had a love affair with a teacher or got knocked up on prom night. She doesn't answer and he asks if that last one is true. Baze chimes in and says it was the winter formal. He tells Cate he really needs to talk to her and he's in the parking lot outside. Cate runs outside and starts yelling at Baze. She asks what was so important it couldn't wait, and Baze introduces her to Lux.

Cate is shocked Lux found her and says the last time she saw her she was so tiny and now she's "proportional big." She asks if she's okay and Lux tells her she needs her signature. Cate asks if she wants emancipation from her parents, and Baze tells her from the foster care system, as she's never been adopted. Cate is surprised that's it and says she can take her to Social Services. Baze points out she has a radio show to finish. Cate says Ryan can handle it and Baze says he could take her too. Lux asks Baze if he minds and he says no. She thanks him and he says she can stop by sometime as they never got around to watching the panda sneeze video on Youtube. Lux and Cate walk away.

Lux asks Cate if she'll get in trouble for leaving the show, but Cate assures her it's actually perfect. Lux is surprised but happy to hear she's marrying Ryan and points out a red light. Cate narrowly dodges a truck as Cate processes Lux listens to the show. Lux says she does every morning except for when she lived in Salem and couldn't get it, but the show is why she asked for a new placement. That and the foster parents were dealing prescription drugs. Cate says the social worker told her she'd have no problem placing Lux, and Lux tells her she was born with a hole in her heart. She had to have a lot of surgeries which wasn't a big seller to parents. After everything she was almost three years old and most people want babies. She looks at Cate and amends not every does. Outside the building, Lux gets out. Cate gets out and tells her it's not that she didn't want her, but she was Lux's age. Lux says she should give the signatures to her case worker before school. Cate follows her and asks if she'd want to wait and see if anyone would adopt her. Lux tells her no one would adopt her without a government check attached and if people don't want three year olds, they won't want teenagers. Cate admits she doesn't know what she's talking about but asks Lux where she'll go to school or how she'll live. Lux tells her she hasn't had a mom in fifteen years and doesn't need one now. She walks into the building, leaving Cate outside.

Cate and Ryan are hosting a party, but Cate is late. Ryan asks where she was and why she didn't call him back. He tells her in the past thirty six hours, she's thrown a remote at him, mocked his marriage proposal, and had a kid she never told him about just show up. He still wants to marry her but wants her to be honest. She tells him this is who she is, and anyone would tell her she's his bitter, unlucky-in-love sidekick who got knocked up at sixteen. She doesn't trust people and doesn't want to commit. She takes the ring off and puts it in Ryan's hand. Ryan tells her she pushes people away, like him and her daughter. He tells her it's her choice if she wants to end it, but if she'd rather yell a guy from high school for being unaccountable, but Cate interrupts him by telling him she can't make it right with Lux, who walked away from her. Cate doesn't know what Ryan wants her to do, and he doesn't know either. He tells her she should've done more than what she just did and walked away.

In a courthouse, Lux is telling a judge she is turning sixteen tomorrow and get emancipated, get her GED, and get a job. Her case worker tells the judge she's only been with Lux a few months, as she changes hands often. Cate enters the room silently and sits down. Baze comes up behind her and asks what she's doing there. The judge asks whose fault it was she's been in seven different foster homes, and Lux tells the judge she wanted a good home, but she hasn't been provided with one. The judge asks she has no permanent place of residence. and Lux says when the petition is granted there's a studio not far from her school. The judge asks how she'll pay for it and Lux tells her she had $3000 in the bank and that that whole point of getting emancipated is that she won't need someone to cosign her lease. The judge tells her no landlord will rent to a minor, and both Cate and Baze stand up and say they'll cosign. The judge asks who they are and Luz identifies them as her birth parents. Baze says he and Lux go way back, and Cate points out to yesterday. Baze tells her they bonded as the judge looks at Lux's file. Baze and Cate argue until the judge asks Baze if he owns his own business and that Cate is a radio jockey. She sees neither has a criminal record and both own vehicles. Lux asks what's going on and the judge says she's going to be straight with her. She's not granting Lux emancipation, as she has no income, no permanent residence, and she filed a fee waiver to cover her court cost. The judge tells her Cate and Baze as still legally her parents as the signatures weren't witnessed or notorized. She releases Lux into Baze and Cate's temporary joint custody and dismisses the case.

Lux storms out of the courthouse with Cate and Baze behind her. Baze tells Cate it's her fault for jumping in and Cate says it's his fault for getting her pregnant. Cate says they need to figure out what they're going to do. Baze says it took him two months to convince his roommates to get a new futon, they might object to a teenager. Cate and Baze walk away from Lux and continue to argue about Baze denying sleeping together and Cate not telling him about Lux. Lux walks to them when they're arguing about high school and tells them to get over it. She is while she's still in it. Lux says while Baze let Cate down, she's let people down too. She asks if Cate ever considered keeping her, and Cate admits she didn't. Lux tells them she's going back to foster care. She tells them they can't be parents, as they both need parents. She starts to walk away as Cate calls after her. Lux tells her to let her go, as she did it once and can do it again.

Lux goes back to her foster home and finds all her stuff packed up at the bottom of the stairs. She picks up her teddy bear and starts to cry.

In Baze's bar, Cate contemplates what they're going to do. Baze says he doesn't know but she should stop blaming herself as it was a joint effort. Cate says she told Lux she never even thought about keeping her and she should've lied. Baze says it wasn't just that, and Cate says it was the blaming and finding out her mother got deflowered in the back of a minivan. Baze is surprised as he didn't know that was her first time and wonders how they ended up in the back of his mom's minivan. Cate says he lured her in with Zima and the Spin Doctors. Baze ponders he thought it was his skills, and Cate retorts they didn't make it through "Two Princes". Baze says he's sorry because back then he was in over his head and afraid he'd mess up his life. They can't all be as successful, talented and beautiful as she is. Cate tells Baze Lux has his eyes. She always really liked her eyes. They look at each other and kiss. They kiss all the way upstairs and undress and onto bed.

Cate wakes up and hopes it didn't happen. Baze assures her it happened twice and Cate says it was a fluke as she starts to get dressed. Baze asks if she has a boyfriend, and she says she had a fiance. Baze says he has a girlfriend, or he did, but she won't return his calls so he's in the same boat. Cate says their boats couldn't be any further apart and she's not him. She storms out and is walkng hurriedly down the street when she trips over something. It turns out to be Lux sleeping on the sidewalk. Cate asks if she's been out there all night and she says she's waiting for Baze to wake up. She ponders she should've waited for the hearing before telling her foster mom to suck it. Cate asks if it's really that bad, and Lux tells her it's worse. Lux thanks her for coming to the hearing, that it was nice till it all went horrifically wrong. Cate apologizes for not being there for her especially since no one else was but Lux tells her it's okay. She was there on the radio. When everything else in her life was changing, she could count on Cate everyday. Most people are so scared to tell the truth, but Cate is honest. Cate tells her she'll have a family someday, but Lux tells her she doesn't know that. Cate says she does and puts her arm around Lux.

Cate comes into the radio station and tells Ryan he's right, she's a mess. She doesn't know what she needs, if it's professional help or a tranquilizer, but she doesn't want to push people away anymore. She doesn't want to screw it up, but to act like an adult. She's going to take care of Lux, and she really hopes Ryan will help her. Ryan asks what she's proposing, and she tells him to marry her. Their show starts and Ryan calls her Juno and Jamie Lynn before saying yes. They push their microphones aside and kiss.

Cate is showing Lux her house when Baze and his roommates pop out wearing party hats and balloons. Lux says no one's ever remembered her birthday as Baze puts a party hat on her head. He hands her a present and tells her there's cake. Ryan comes in and Cate introduces him to everybody. He gives Lux a present and she thanks him and says congratulations. Baze is surprised but says that's cool and congratulations. Everyone goes over to the table where the lion from the video is on her cake. They tell her to make a wish and she blows out her candles. There's one that still lit and Math tells her to blow it out or her wish won't come true. She says it already has and blows out the candle.