Life Unexpected

Season 1 Episode 3

Rent Uncollected

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on The CW

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  • Just keeps getting better and better

    In this episode of Life Unexpected, the following happens. Baze and Cate's family learn about Lux and insist on meeting her. This of course doesn't go well. It ends with both Cate and Baze being told that they are not fit to be parents, and with Lux leaving. Baze and Cate move Lux to a new high school, their old high school. This does not go down well with Lux.
    As the episode draws to a close we see Lux introducing her "old" family/friends, to her parents, her "new" family. Yet another good episode and this show just keeps getting better and better.
  • Ryan blurts out on the radio to Abby, Kate's sister, that Kate had the baby with Baze in high school. Baze's parents plan a dinner to meet Lux and Baze's parents, Kate's Mom, and her sister Abby are there. Everyone is trying to rule Lux's life now.

    Nice third episode to this story. Well balanced and thoughtful with some nice twists. Just a little bit to much angst for me and I think a lot of over reaction and assumptions on the relatives parts.

    Lessons seem to be learned here that are out of the ordinary. Kate and Baze to a lesser extent are treating Lux like she is a child. Fortunately for them she understands a lot more about the world than they do it seems and maybe just maybe they got the message that at sixteen they need to let her have some say in how things are done.

    The part about the two boys and Natasha being her family was so true. It was an excellent observation on their part in the end. I would give real parents a lot of credit in a case like this. You can't rip something that is good away from a young woman who has had so little good in her life.

    I especially loved the scene with Lux and Baze's father and then a little later between Baze and his father. I think she made her point to him and we'll see where things go from there. Finally what an unbelievable thing for Lux to do for Baze. I hope he doesn't let her down. Let's face it, the grandparents really would have to be thrilled when all is said and done that they have such a beautiful and obviously intelligent grand daughter. I think I see a little of Baze's dad in Lux!

    It will be a lot of fun to see where things go from here. There are still a great many things to deal with and problems to face. If they do it together things will work out all right. They just need to remember to communicate. I have enjoyed the direction the shows gone in so far. Thanks for reading...
  • And the tug of war continues......

    And so the tug of war continues with GRANDparents added to the mix. Ryan inadvertently spills the beans about baby daddy, Baze, via an on air chat with 'Dr. Abby' - a regular caller who also happens to be Cate's sister. So, Baze's dad stops by the bar where Lux tells him Baze is doing his laundry. He goes home and encounters Baze, forcing his son to tell his mother the news his secretary heard on the radio. Meanwhile, because school was cancelled due to a gang fight, Cate enrolls Lux at Westmonte, her alma mater. A horrified Lux fears for her friend Natasha, who 'only goes to school because I'm there.' In an attempt to impress his parents, Baze drags Cate and Lux to a 'family dinner' that begins on a dysfunctional high which includes Cate's sister and her 'boozehound' mother. The dinner quickly dissolves into an intervention of sorts with both sets of parents hinting that they would be better to raise Lux. Baze steps up and confronts his father on his parenting skills and lack of support as he was growing up. No one notices that Lux has gone...until they hear the roar of a motorcycle outside. Back home in her attic room, Lux is going through a box of treasures to find the envelope with her life savings and slips it into a backpack. She tells Bug, the web tattooed boyfriend of last week, that she is 'sure' and to pick her up in the morning. Now here is the genius of this series. It takes the turn that you never expect. Instead of running off to the beaches of Mexico with Bug, Tash and her boyfriend as was suggested, and further hinted when she sells the bong lamp from Baze for another $200, Lux approaches her Grandfather as he is getting in his car and gives him the envelope containing the exact amount that he was demanding from Baze for rent on the bar. She hands him 'what's important.' Then cooly slaps him down with a character interpretation that can only be verbalized by a bright, unfettered teenager. 'You're mad because he didn't want to be you,' she says. Alls well that ends well. Baze thanks Lux for the money and promises to get it back to her. Cate realizes that she needs to include Lux in decisions that are made in her best interest and Lux acknowleges that she is used to people always telling her what to do but not in listening to what they have to say. And she introduces them to her 'family'....the three teenagers that have been there for her when no one else was.
    Gads but I love this series. Its wonderful to see people stumbling all over themselves trying to do the right thing and say the right thing and then acknowledging that they know its all wrong....and they'll change. Can't wait for another episode.
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