Life Unexpected

The CW (ended 2011)





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  • I love life unexpected! After watching it sometimes i want to cry and most tv shows i watch that are suppose to make you cry i sometimes cry at it. I know life unexpected isent suppose to make you cry but it does.

    Life unexpected is my favourite show on tv.
    It is amazing sometimes i even cry while watching it. After i watch it and i am mad at my mom or dad i remember that some people have life's where they don't even know there parent's at all. But i really think that Lux and Jones should be together. I also didnt want tash to leave she was so funny. Right know I'm mad that Ryan is like pushing Baze out of Lux's life. Only cause baze is one of my favourite characters. I was so mad when Ryan punched Baze.
    But over all i love the show and all the characters and i am gonna keep watching because i love everything about it. The show is amazing,it goes slowly and i am so happy by that and i love how every episode has the cliff hanger and then you can't wait for the next episode!