Life Unexpected

Season 1 Episode 5

Turtle Undefeated

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2010 on The CW
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Lux throws a party at Baze's loft to impress her new friends, particularly the high school quarterback, Jones. Meanwhile, Cate worries that her relationship with Lux will never be as strong as the bond between Lux and Baze.

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  • Cate and Baze get arrested

    In this episode of Life Unexpected, the following happens. Lux throws a party at Baze's loft in an attempt to impress the kids in her new school. Although it doesn't end well, with her boyfriend Bug stealing a car and he, Lux, Cate and Baze all getting arrested.

    We also see Baze trying to mend his relationship with his father. We finally got to see Baze as more of a father in this episode, as he gave Lux a row for having more friends over than she said and for having alcohol at the party. Overall yet another good episode and it was nice to see Baze and his father getting along.moreless
  • I hope this series doesn't turn into another mean girl drama themed series.

    The reason I signed unto 'Life Unexpected' was because I appreciated the fresh topic of 'Single Parenthood' years after the fact. It carried an even more interesting theme with Lux and her difficult times in foster care. I don't want the focus to be on pointless girls out to make Lux's life miserable, that has been done several time on television and always blows over the wrong way.

    I actually felt sorry for Cate here, they made her out to be the pathetic parent that sits around and mopes around while everyone else has fun. She didn't really play fun mom very well either and the only possible storyline her fiancee gets is in the radio station, other than that, he can be easily left out on the sidelines as well.

    I want a scene between Lux and Ryan (some possible step-father, step-daughter bonding). Ryan doesn't seem to be part of the family, they always leave him out of the picture. If he's marrying Cate he has to establish some sort of relationship with Lux. In the pilot they had Lux be a fan of Cate's show, and now it's like she doesn't listen to them anymore, as though they lost her interest. It is as though she got to know them so well that they aren't fan worthy anymore.

    Cate is still a touchy topic for me, I still don't know whether to like her. She sends Bazile mixed signals at the same time leading her fiancee on. It leaves me wondering where she stands, because I feel more of a connection between her and Bazile than I would with her and Ryan.

    I am happy that Bazile was able to bond with his father. My draw dropped when he shouted at Lux the way his father shouted at him. That was psychologically expressive and an additional fact that happens in real life. Bazile's father continues to slam him with bad incentives and blew it when he pulled the parenting card. Let's face it, who would like their father constantly telling them 'they suck' even when a good deed is stuck somewhere in there. It was a refresher having the softer side to his father present and an understanding into why he's such the bad cop all the time.

    That is where Lux gave perspective. It amazes me how intuitive she is to giving advice and giving prospect to other people's lives, but when it comes to her life, she can really mess up. I still don't understand her reasoning behind fitting in with the meanbies. Her boyfriend is actually hard core and understanding with Lux and going to a completely different school. I hope she doesn't go for the jock, Bug is way more attractive and level headed. I don't believe Lux felt ashamed of them to lie (she's truly a horrible liar), but I believe she didn't want them to face the same embarrassment she would have. Lux doesn't need to fit in, she actually has everything in her life; a boyfriend, an actual best friend, a cool dad and a by the book mom, and a roof over her head. Some may even consider her fortunate compared to the life she used to live.

    Again, I don't want to watch just another high-school mean girls drama series. I want insight into Cate's and Bazile's past before they had Lux, because I am still uncertain as to how the entire adoption thing came about and an understanding into what made them come together in the past. I actually want more insight into Cate's mom and sister.

    I thought the turtle racing would have been lame when the actually turtles arrived, but everything turned out to be a blast in the end. What I don't understand is why the writers chose to give Cate's best friend a husband and step-children, when they are obviously hinting to us a connection between her and Bazile's friend (Jamie).

    Lexa Reviews


    Four Stars

    Grade B-

  • After Lux's disaster last week she tires getting in with the kids at school by throwing a party in her Dad's loft over the bar. Unfortunately she doesn't invite her friends and the people from school expect her to provide beer. Disaster ensues.moreless

    A few hiccups with the story as you could see the problems arising almost to the point of turning off the program. Can you say predictable? As it turns out it was predictable but the cast pulls it off.

    I have really enjoyed the whole cast of this show since it started. What a likable cast from Baze and his friends, to Cate and Ryan and their friends, to finally Lux her buddies and the kids at school. It will be interesting to see how the relationship long term goes at the high school for Lux. Kids are fickle, but they sometimes have long memories. We'll see which way they take it.

    Baze and Cate are really cutting their teeth with a new sixteen year old daughter. They are doing pretty well so far. Baze is a little bit trusting and Cate is just the opposite, but they had to show some contrast. Also what's with the new spark between Cate and Baze. Does he feel it? I know she does and Ryan sees it. It should be fun to see how they pursue that story.

    A little grating at times because of the predictable nature of the story, the episode ends up being entertaining and well done. Thanks for reading...moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Several times in the episode, Lux's friends refer to a "drive-in theater in Newberg." This is referencing the Ninety-Nine West Twin Cinemas & Drive-In Theatre, located on Hwy 99W in Newberg, Oregon. The theater contains both indoor and drive-in movies, the only one within 30 miles of Portland.

    • During the turtle races, Baze is outside with flyers advertising two-for-one specials. In the state of Oregon, it's illegal to advertise drink specials outside of a bar. Currently, the only legal places to do so are inside the bar, or in print or internet advertising.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Baze: I try to be her friend, I get punked, and then I yell at her like a jack-hole.
      Cate: Lux deserved it...except maybe that part where you called her stupid.
      Baze: Ugh, stupid...that's my dad's nickname for me for the last seventeen years. You know, it's one thing not being as good a businessman as my dad, but I thought that if I ever had a kid, I...maybe that's why I just like being Lux's friend. Because I'm afraid that if I'm a dad, I'll be him.
      Cate: You don't have to be your dad. You just have to be a dad.

    • Baze: I shouldn't have yelled. I don't wanna be that guy.
      Lux: You're not, Baze. You're not your dad. He's not all bad, though. Maybe he's just one of those old-school dads who can only show love by hitting you on the head or something.
      Baze: Yeah, or he just likes hitting me on the head.

    • (Baze's dad posts bail for Baze and Cate)
      Baze: Dad, I just...I wanna say I'm sorry.
      Baze's Dad: For what? For me having to bail you out of jail in the middle of the night? For endangering my granddaughter? For letting me pay for your college education, only to have you squander your potential?
      Baze: Yeah...that.

    • Cate: I don't get it. I mean, people, they love you. You have this weird magnetism thing...ever since high school. It's no wonder that Lux likes you better.
      Baze: Come on, she thinks of me like I'm her screw-up older brother. At least she respects you.

    • Jones: Hey, you up for another game?
      Lux: Not right now.
      Tasha: Beer pong...let's do it! Uninvited street urchins versus Abercrombie and Bitch.

    • (Baze tells Lux she can have her friends over to his loft)
      Baze's Dad: That's it? As her father, you don't ask one leading question?
      Baze: Its' a parenting choice. Unlike you, with me, I actually trust my kid.
      Baze's Dad: Ah, well, your parental instincts are about as strong as your business model. What grown man relies on reptiles to bail himself out of a financial mess? You gotta think before you do things. You got a brain up there, use it!

    • Casey: Bong girl! If your homeless boyfriend talks to me again, I'm telling school security. I felt sexually objectified.
      Lux: You're wearing pants that say 'juicy' on the ass!

    • Cate: (during her radio show) To my kid, I'm a bad, boring cop because I believe in school nights and purse shopping. But her dad, a barely upright orangutan with chronic bedhead, he gets to be the fun one and fill her with junk food like he's bought stock in diabetes. Explain that to me!

    • (Baze, Jamie, and Math have an eating contest)
      Jamie: Eight churros in a minute! Stick that in your loser pipes and smoke it!
      Baze: You're a freak of nature.
      Lux: It's like he doesn't even chew. You guys have had fried Twinkies, fried Snickers, and something that looks like fried butter.
      Math: Uh, sorry, what's the point of this besides suicide by carnie food?

    • Cate: And tonight playing the part of the overbearing, worried parent.
      Lux: Worried about what?
      Cate: You. It's after midnight.
      Lux: Okay.
      Cate: On a school night. You should have called.
      Lux: Cate, relax.
      Cate: What's the point of giving you a cellphone if you don't use it? I mean, I had no idea where you were.
      Lux: I told you, I was with Baze.
      Cate: Yeah, well, Baze is an overgrown man-child.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "Blackeye Liner" by The Upsidedown
      "Caught in the Storm" by The Shaky Hands
      "Cool Green" by The High Violets
      "Family Name" by Peter Bradley Adams
      "Floating Vibes" by Surfer Blood
      "I Want You To Keep Everything" by These United States
      "Number Twenty Nine" by The Upsidedown
      "Occam's Razor" by Ocha la Rocha
      "So What" by Corey Tuf
      "To The Beat of Our Noisy Hearts" by Matt Nathanson
      "We Got It All" by Right the Stars
      "Your Move" by Ashbury

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 on AXN
      United Kingdom: Sunday, October 17, 2010 on E4/E4 HD
      Malaysia: Thursday, July 15, 2010 on Hallmark
      Slovakia: Sunday, May 22, 2011 on JOJ


    • Tasha: (to Lux) I got us tickets to a drive-in movie theater in Newberg, they're showing Shaun of the Dead.

      Shaun of the Dead is a 2004 British horror/comedy film that was directed by Edgar Wright. The main character in the movie is forced to deal with an uprising of zombies.

    • Tasha: (to Lux, finding her at the party in Baze's loft) Hey Goldilocks, feeling better?

      Goldilocks is the main character in the children's story "The Story of the Three Bears", written by Robert Southey. The story was first published in a volume of Southey's writings in 1837.

    • Baze: (to Cate, referring to Lux) You are a natural mom. Me, I mean, I try to be her friend, I get punked, and then I yell at her like a jack-hole.

      This is a reference to the hidden camera/practical joke MTV series Punk'd that ran from 2003 to 2007. The show was produced and hosted by Ashton Kutcher.

    • Jamie: (to Baze and Math, as they brainstorm ideas for events at Open Bar) I got it: Freedom Thursday. Thursday night, half the guys in town get held hostage by their girlfriends and wives cause they're watching So You Think Me and My Plus Eight Kids Can Dance or whatever girl crap's on.

      This is a reference to two reality shows. So You Think You Can Dance is a Fox dance competition series that debuted in 2005. Jon & Kate Plus 8 was a series on TLC that ran from 2007 to 2009 about the Gosselins, a family with eight children.

    • Cate: At least you weren't playing beer pong with people half your age.
      Lux: Better than playing the real life version of Grand Theft Auto.

      Grand Theft Auto is a series of video games that first debuted in 1997. The games are a mixture of action/adventure and have drawn controversy for their violence and adult content. Grand Theft Auto III, released in 2001, is considered the breakout hit for the series.