Life with Bonnie

ABC (ended 2004)


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Life with Bonnie

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The series focuses on Bonnie Molloy (Bonnie Hunt), a woman who juggles the roles of wife, mother and host of the local morning talk show Morning Chicago. In the series, Hunt's improvisational skills shine during unscripted interviews with real life guests (non-actors) of "Morning Chicago."

The cast includes a gifted David Alan Grier as David Bellows, the producer who struggles with the daily challenge of Bonnie; the makeup artist Holly (Holly Wortell); the cue card guy Marv (Chris Barnes); Anthony Russell portrays Tony Russo, Bonnie's sidekick piano player who comes straight to her show from his Vegas lounge act.

At home, Gloria (Marianne Muellerleile) is a houseguest more than a housekeeper; Bonnie's husband, Mark (Mark Derwin), is a hard-working family practice doctor who does his best to survive life with Bonnie.

Together they are raising two young children Charlie (Charlie Stewart) and infant Connor, as Bonnie creatively balances family commitment and career obligations using sincerity and humor.

ABC Broadcast History Sept 2002 - Oct 2002......Tues 8:30 Oct 2002 - Mar 2003........Tues 9:00 Jul 2003 - Sept 2003.......Tues 8:30 Sept 2003 - Jul 2004.......Fri 9:30 (Simulcast in HDTV)moreless

    Dennis Miller and Joe Mantegna join Hunt's ABC sitcom

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    • why did you go?!

      When I first watched this show, I was surprised that it was actually funny. I expected it to be like one of those lame family comedy shows that say pointless jokes. I was wrong. This show is entertaining and delightful. Bonnie Hunt's role framed with the rest of the cast working on her shows set,including son and hub is fixed and simply..perfect. Don't say you hate the show before watching it, don't judge it as fast as I did. Defiantly a 'bring it back', I want to see this show running on the screen again. Living life with Bonnie? Lovely show.moreless
    • Bonnie Hunt é simplesmente a Melhor!

      Essa série também e excelentemente ótima!, Só pra vocês terem uma idéia eu gosto até dos mínimos detalhes, gosto até de quando entra no comercial... e a abertura então! Nooosaaa!!! aquilo é esplendido! é tudo muito maravilhosamente maravilhoso nesta série! A Bonnie tem uma atuação perfeita, sem contar que usualmente ela participa do Celebrity Poker Showdown..., que é muito bom também!... Pena que aqui no Brasil ainda não chegou o último capítulo, aquela emissora de bosta... o SBT nunca compra merda nenhuma... mas não tem problema..., dá pra gente se virar com o que tem! LOL

      Mesmo assim a série ainda é muito boa, eu só não vou dar 10.0 pois eu não assisto com tanta frequencia igual eu assito ao Will & Grace..., mas está valendo.

      Bjos Cauê

      OBS.: Mesmo assim a nota ainda está boa hein!! LOL ... é pq eu vejo muita gente dando 1.0 3.5 (???) não sei pq!!! LOL 2xmoreless
    • I really wonder how this show lasted until two seasons

      Okay Life with Bonnie bored me to sleep. I like to give shows a chance before I completely ignore them, but Life with Bonnie just made it really hard to do so. My focus always went on to some other place. The jokes in the show were okay but they dont exactly catch your attention, and the plot wasn't something original either. When this happens the only thing the show can rely on are it's actors, and to be fair, they were actually good, but it just wasn't enough to make the show something worth watching. It disappoints me how shows like this get two seasons and other shows with great potential get cut before they even finish the first season!moreless
    • It ended so soon!

      If you watch this show over and over again, you really get caught up with the characters, especially tony. It is a great family show for anyone to watch. Right now you can't find the show anywhere on TV other than on Family channel, but you shouldn't be sad, because if no body liked it then theres no question why it went of the air.
    • Good stuff

      It was a funny show that had a great cast and it's a ton better than the crap they replaced it with. Any show that has Bonnie Hunt and David Alan Grier should last at least 10 seasons. DAG is funny in anything he does, even that terrible Pauly Shore movie he was in. The show was about a mother that also did a morning coffee talk show in Chicago. The story line wasn't that challenging and most of the dialogue was improvised much like "Curb Your Enthusiam". It was a B+ sitcom at it's worst and should not have been moved around constantly and then cancelled while they kept dreadful shows on the air like that terrible Kelly Ripa show.moreless

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