Life with Derek

Season 2 Episode 1

Date With Derek

Aired Unknown Jul 01, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Date With Derek
With Sam and Casey's month anniversary around the corner, Sam has no time to hang with Derek. Derek asks Emily out to get even, which infuriates Casey. Meanwhile the school dance is coming up and a boy wants Lizzie who doesn't know how to dance to go with him.moreless

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  • Season 2 Premiere

    Commendable continuity for Life with Derek considering they actually had a decent follow up to the season one finale. Sam & Casey are now dating, and it's a month later after the finale. Sam & Casey have been going out for a month, and Casey wants to celebrate their monthaversary, which results in a fight.

    Honestly, when you come to think about it, Sam was the best boyfriend Casey really ever had, compared to Max & Truman. (Max tried to change her, Truman cheated on her) So I liked their relationship while it lasted but you can definitely tell their relationship was doomed from the start just by watching this episode.

    Sam shows a careless attitude at everything Casey does, and Casey is a control freak. So it really isn't a match made in heaven. For this being a couple-centric episode, I didn't see much interactions between the two couples. (Showing affection). Did the possibility of Emily & Derek dating really interest anyone? Sure it was build up to the end of the series, but I hardly think that any Life With Derek fan liked this pairing to be honest. Lizzie's dance plot was entertaining, but quite cheesy in the end, like most family moments on this show.

    I learned to appreciate this episode considering how muddy the writing gets in the later seasons. Great premiere of Life with Derek.moreless
  • A lot of Sam/Casey and a little Derek/Emily

    I really hate Derek and Emily together. It's just plan gross. I mean they have been leaving next door to each other since forever can't Emily just want to be his friend? As for Casey and Sam, I find it stupid. Casey kepts leaving Emily alone because she wants to spend time with Sam. Same thing with Derek, Sam leaves him for Casey. And they kept fighting. Sooner or later they will break up for good.moreless
  • Couple centric episode

    Although it doesn't live up to the season one finale, season two starts out with a better than average episode. Derek also has a new haircut, which I'm personally a fan of. I like the long hair, shaggy look. Casey also seems to have longer hair and a tad bit more make up than she sported last season.

    Edwin has hit puberty like whoa. I had to do a double take the first time he came on screen. His voice is also squeaky and precious. Lizzie looks older but not nearly as much as Edwin.

    Marti has grown up a little and her character has longer lines and her behavior is becoming similar of her older brothers.

    The episode basically showed that Casey and Sam were still together and hinted that Derek and Emily may have a future.moreless
  • Derek and Casey's friend kiss.

    This was a very exicting episode! After waiting along time for season 2, it helped build up the excitment.

    Lizzie has her first sub-plot.

    She is scared about going to a school dance because she can\'t dance.

    Lizzie & George become a little more close. George teaches Lizzie how to dance.

    Edwin is growing up and his voice has changed, and he is taller.

    Marti only has one line in this episode.

    Casey wears a blonde wig, and in real life Ashley Leggat had blonde hair in \'Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen\'.

    Sam and Casey have been going out for a month, great for fans.

  • Derek and Emily?...Eh No

    One has to wonder how much longer the Casey and Sam relationship will last. I found this episode to be boring as we all knew that Derek did not like Emily...Also why make Emily so pathetic as to find out she is being used and she still goes through with Derek's scheme at the end. My main beef is the continuing sam and casey storyline. With Casey being a main character I think her development would be more interesting if she were single. Also the forum is quite adamit about seeing casey with derek. But back to the episode. The dancing segment was entertaining for nothing else than Nora's face while "warming up" she can not act. But like always Derek saves the episodemoreless

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