Life with Derek

Season 3 Episode 19

Derek Un-Done

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Derek Un-Done
Mixed signals makes Derek think he has a shot with a Sally, while Casey believes that Max is planning to break up with her.

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  • max comes over for dinner and casey fears that he'll break up with her; derek thinks he has a chance with sally when she breaks up with her boyfriend

    i just got finished watching this ep and one important word comes to mind for like both everything was awkward..spoiler..i know how awkward it is when a boyfriend or just a guy friend that you like comes over and the parents are themselves as if there is no guest at all..its very awkward and embarrassing is another big word..the thing is that max wanted to be more social there but he was just scared and both of them were scared that the other one would break up with cute..great max and casey moment..i got some pleasure about derek being rejected and then he was his normal self as he snuck a kissmoreless
  • Sally got a whole lot more than she bargained for.

    This is my favorite episode of Season 3 because Derek is usually a player but when it comes to Sally, he becomes nicer & holier. I also like the plot because we see Sally over at the Venturi/Macdonald & we see that Sally is just like Derek. Poor Derek got the wrong signal & asks her out & gets shut down again. I also like the episode because Max goes over Casey's house to meet the family & feels like Max is going to break up with her. I love when Casey gets paranoid! My favorite scene is when Derek kisses Sally & says "yeah, just friends" that made me laugh. I recommend this is the best episode of season 3.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Max tells Marti that his favorite color is green. However, in "Two Timing Derek," Emily tells Casey that Max's favorite color is burgundy.

    • The statement that Casey and Max have been going out for three months is a plot inconsistency. Derek, Casey, and Max are all about a month or two into their junior year. Casey and Max started going out around February of their sophomore year. So they have been going out for more than three months.

    • Trivia: Sally is eight months older than Derek.

    • Trivia: "George in the Jungle" consists of George (Rhythm guitar/vocals), Crazy Larry (Lead guitar/vocals), Frank (Bass), and Boris (Drums).

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Edwin and Nora are listening to George play the guitar)
      Nora: See, Edwin? He doesn't sound so bad!
      Edwin: Yeah, Nora. The dogs howling in the alley would disagree.

    • Edwin: So, you're probably wondering why I have cereal on my head.
      Casey: You probably deserved it.
      Edwin: So did Max have fun time last night?
      (Casey pours the rest of the cereal on his head and walks away)
      Edwin: Was it something I said?

    • (Believing it to be Max, an excited Casey answers the door)
      Casey: Hello, handsome.
      Sally: Hey... Cutie?

    • George: We must have something in the fridge. (opens the refrigerator) See... There's lots of... stuff. Leftover Stroganoff. Leftover rice. Bendy vegetables.
      Nora: Oh, George, we can't serve these to guests!
      George: We serve it to us.

    • Paul: Aren't you just jumping to conclusions here?
      Casey: Just because I'm jumping to conclusions doesn't mean those conclusions aren't right! Think about it!
      Paul: I'm thinking about it!
      Casey: And?
      Paul: I think you're jumping to conclusions.

    • Sally: Hey, you know what guys? I'll stay for dinner if you let me cook. Do you like stir fry?
      Nora: Oh, oh, oh, that's very nice of you, Sally, but we couldn't possibly let a guest cook.
      George: Yes, we could. (Nora gives him a look) Oh, I mean no, no, no. That--that wouldn't be right.

    • Casey: Why hasn't he called?
      Lizzie: Call him.
      Casey: I already did call! Twice! And his mother said he was busy. Ah! Do you know what that means?
      Lizzie: That he's busy?

    • Max: Your family is really fun.
      Casey: My family's not fun. They're--
      Max: They're great. Dinner with them was like dinner at the circus. In a good way.

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