Life with Derek

Season 3 Episode 19

Derek Un-Done

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 2008 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Max tells Marti that his favorite color is green. However, in "Two Timing Derek," Emily tells Casey that Max's favorite color is burgundy.

    • The statement that Casey and Max have been going out for three months is a plot inconsistency. Derek, Casey, and Max are all about a month or two into their junior year. Casey and Max started going out around February of their sophomore year. So they have been going out for more than three months.

    • Trivia: Sally is eight months older than Derek.

    • Trivia: "George in the Jungle" consists of George (Rhythm guitar/vocals), Crazy Larry (Lead guitar/vocals), Frank (Bass), and Boris (Drums).

  • Quotes

    • (Edwin and Nora are listening to George play the guitar)
      Nora: See, Edwin? He doesn't sound so bad!
      Edwin: Yeah, Nora. The dogs howling in the alley would disagree.

    • Edwin: So, you're probably wondering why I have cereal on my head.
      Casey: You probably deserved it.
      Edwin: So did Max have fun time last night?
      (Casey pours the rest of the cereal on his head and walks away)
      Edwin: Was it something I said?

    • (Believing it to be Max, an excited Casey answers the door)
      Casey: Hello, handsome.
      Sally: Hey... Cutie?

    • George: We must have something in the fridge. (opens the refrigerator) See... There's lots of... stuff. Leftover Stroganoff. Leftover rice. Bendy vegetables.
      Nora: Oh, George, we can't serve these to guests!
      George: We serve it to us.

    • Paul: Aren't you just jumping to conclusions here?
      Casey: Just because I'm jumping to conclusions doesn't mean those conclusions aren't right! Think about it!
      Paul: I'm thinking about it!
      Casey: And?
      Paul: I think you're jumping to conclusions.

    • Sally: Hey, you know what guys? I'll stay for dinner if you let me cook. Do you like stir fry?
      Nora: Oh, oh, oh, that's very nice of you, Sally, but we couldn't possibly let a guest cook.
      George: Yes, we could. (Nora gives him a look) Oh, I mean no, no, no. That--that wouldn't be right.

    • Casey: Why hasn't he called?
      Lizzie: Call him.
      Casey: I already did call! Twice! And his mother said he was busy. Ah! Do you know what that means?
      Lizzie: That he's busy?

    • Max: Your family is really fun.
      Casey: My family's not fun. They're--
      Max: They're great. Dinner with them was like dinner at the circus. In a good way.

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