Life with Derek

Season 3 Episode 26

Derek's School of Dating

Aired Unknown Jul 05, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Derek's School of Dating
Derek and Edwin learn the hard way that Derek's dating techniques don't really work when it backfires on them, and threatens to destroy any chance that they have with the girls they like.

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  • Derek plays a prank on a girl he likes, OUCH!

    I love this episode because it featured an actress I specifically like, Kate Todd. She is awesome in his episode. It totally sucked when Derek brought the other girl. That really hurts. Just to get back at Casey. That's just shallow. Well that's Derek for ya. I loved the ending when he went to go apologize & she forgave him easily just with some sweet talk. This episode also showed a theory in my head. Lizzie & Edwin should go out. They would be so cute together. The B plot for them was a typical plot. Edwin getting coached on girls. This episode is an awesome way to end a season.moreless
  • Derek and Edwin are both in love with some smoking hot oyoung ladies! Derek, who has been turned down by Sally still wants her, and unknowing to him, she finally is interested in him as well. Edwin tried to follow Derek's dating tips, but they backfire.moreless

    This is maybe the best life with Derek episode I've seen. It expands on Edwin's life and shows a nicer side of Derek in the end... And if I may say so, Sally is hot!!! The only thing is I wish Casey was still with Max. That was a fun part of the plot.


    I really like that Edwin and Derek finally both found the evasive "true"-love. It seemed right that Derek might actually be falling in love with a girl instead of just playing around with them, although that is some what amusing. I also like that Casey helped Derek and Sally get together.moreless
Hannah Lochner

Hannah Lochner


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Jessica Levy (II)

Jessica Levy (II)


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Raul Tome

Raul Tome


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Kate Todd

Kate Todd


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Shane Kippel

Shane Kippel


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    • Lizzie: Just, be normal. And if you can't do that, just be yourself.
      Edwin: Hey, I'm all about normal. Who's more normal than me? Joe Normal, right here.

    • Edwin: Is everything okay?
      Lizzie: We heard Casey gasp.

    • Nora: What was that about?
      Casey: Ah, Derek's seminar on how to lose a girl in 10 minutes.

    • George: Tomorrow evening Nora and I will conveniently be out of the house wink-wink, nudge nudge.
      Derek: My what-now nudge wink?

    • Amanda: And props to you too, Ralphie! I can't believe you let me do... whatever it is I did.
      Ralph: Well, I don't know what you did! I don't know anything! You know that!

    • Edwin: Derek! Your foolproof plan isn't so foolproof. Michelle dumped me!
      Derek: Well, you must have messed something up 'cuz the plan always works.
      Edwin: So, Sally called like you said she would?
      Derek: Oh, well, technically, not yet. But that's just, you know uh... uh technicality.

    • Marti: Are you gonna do something bad to Derek?
      Casey: Oh! No, no Marti. We're gonna help Derek do something he's afraid to do himself 'cuz he's so immature.
      Marti: What's that mean?
      Casey: Derek's being a baby.

    • Nora: So how was everyone's night?
      Marti: Super-good. Amanda's super-nice.
      Nora: Who's Amanda?
      Marti: Derek's date and Ralphie's girlfriend.

    • Sally: You know, I fell a little awkward being here, Casey. Are you sure about this?
      Marti: No she isn't.
      Casey: Sally, guys are emotionally confused and sometimes they just need a little... guidance.
      Marti: Yes they do.
      Sally: Well, it is sweet of you to try.
      Marti: No it wasn't.
      Sally: Just as long as Derek doesn't feel like he's walking into some kind of trap.
      Marti: Yes, he will.

    • Derek: I think I'm gonna 'Ralphie'.

    • Edwin: So, what if I got a new relationship coach?
      Lizzie: For Michelle? You don't need a coach. You need an Ambulance.

    • Michelle: What's wrong with Edwin?
      Lizzie: So many things.

    • Michelle: The guy that plays the Mutant Robot is gonna be at the Horror Expo this Saturday.
      Edwin: Really?
      Michelle: And I have two tickets if you wanna go.
      Edwin: Yeah! You know, I mean I've gotta check a few things and you probably should call me. Maybe not. Okay, it's all good.

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    • Casey: Ah, Derek's seminar on how to lose a girl in 10 minutes.

      This is a pun on the 1998 book How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long. It would spawn a 2003 film of the same name starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.