Life with Derek

Season 3 Episode 26

Derek's School of Dating

Aired Unknown Jul 05, 2008 on Disney Channel



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    • Lizzie: Just, be normal. And if you can't do that, just be yourself.
      Edwin: Hey, I'm all about normal. Who's more normal than me? Joe Normal, right here.

    • Edwin: Is everything okay?
      Lizzie: We heard Casey gasp.

    • Nora: What was that about?
      Casey: Ah, Derek's seminar on how to lose a girl in 10 minutes.

    • George: Tomorrow evening Nora and I will conveniently be out of the house wink-wink, nudge nudge.
      Derek: My what-now nudge wink?

    • Amanda: And props to you too, Ralphie! I can't believe you let me do... whatever it is I did.
      Ralph: Well, I don't know what you did! I don't know anything! You know that!

    • Edwin: Derek! Your foolproof plan isn't so foolproof. Michelle dumped me!
      Derek: Well, you must have messed something up 'cuz the plan always works.
      Edwin: So, Sally called like you said she would?
      Derek: Oh, well, technically, not yet. But that's just, you know uh... uh technicality.

    • Marti: Are you gonna do something bad to Derek?
      Casey: Oh! No, no Marti. We're gonna help Derek do something he's afraid to do himself 'cuz he's so immature.
      Marti: What's that mean?
      Casey: Derek's being a baby.

    • Nora: So how was everyone's night?
      Marti: Super-good. Amanda's super-nice.
      Nora: Who's Amanda?
      Marti: Derek's date and Ralphie's girlfriend.

    • Sally: You know, I fell a little awkward being here, Casey. Are you sure about this?
      Marti: No she isn't.
      Casey: Sally, guys are emotionally confused and sometimes they just need a little... guidance.
      Marti: Yes they do.
      Sally: Well, it is sweet of you to try.
      Marti: No it wasn't.
      Sally: Just as long as Derek doesn't feel like he's walking into some kind of trap.
      Marti: Yes, he will.

    • Derek: I think I'm gonna 'Ralphie'.

    • Edwin: So, what if I got a new relationship coach?
      Lizzie: For Michelle? You don't need a coach. You need an Ambulance.

    • Michelle: What's wrong with Edwin?
      Lizzie: So many things.

    • Michelle: The guy that plays the Mutant Robot is gonna be at the Horror Expo this Saturday.
      Edwin: Really?
      Michelle: And I have two tickets if you wanna go.
      Edwin: Yeah! You know, I mean I've gotta check a few things and you probably should call me. Maybe not. Okay, it's all good.

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    • Casey: Ah, Derek's seminar on how to lose a girl in 10 minutes.

      This is a pun on the 1998 book How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long. It would spawn a 2003 film of the same name starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.