Life with Derek

Season 3 Episode 6

Don't Take a Tip From Me

Aired Unknown Jul 21, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Don't Take a Tip From Me
Casey and Derek both end up getting a job at the same place working as waiters. Derek impresses the manager with his skills, but Casey doesn't do so well. Meanwhile, Edwin and Lizzie are enjoying their time when Casey and Derek are at work.

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  • Derek better then Casey?

    The first job is always a tough one and being that Carey is this super organized obsessive compulsive girl I thought she would have been better at this waitress ordeal then Derek. Boy was I fooled and I laughed at how lame she was at the job. Come on now! It wasn't that hard to remember peoples orders now. I thought it was funny how Edwin and Lizzie teamed up and enjoyed their older siblings rooms while they were at work and Marty was adorable as usual. I thought it was cute how Derek stood up for Casey in the end.moreless
  • Casey and Derek unknowingly apply for the same job and are both hired. However, much to everyone's suprise, Derek turns out to be the better waiter and is eventually premoted to Assistant Manager, much to Casey's dislike.moreless

    Not my favorite episode by any means, but I really did enjoy this episode. I couldn't help but know EXACTLY how Casey felt during this episode, what with being a huge klutz at work and all. However, my favorite scene in the entire episode was right after their boss fired her for the second time and Derek not only QUIT afterwards, but stuck up for her by saying "Nobody talks to my step-sister like that except me". It was an incredibly sweet thing for him to do and I found that it demonstrated how much their "sibling" bond has developed since the beginning. At least, that's how I saw it.moreless
  • Derek gets moved up on their job at the restaurant and then ends up having to fire Casey and help her afterwards.

    Both Derek and Casey get jobs at the same restaurant and are again in the same line of business. History repeats itself because they were just like that in the Poxfather. Here, again Casey ended up beneath Derek on the working ladder and again she had to suffer Derek firing her. That really has to be a big blow to her ego and as Derek puts it 'she can't stand it.' But Derek also helps her overcome her nervous problem to make up for it after George and Nora talk sense into him in almost the same way that he made up for firing her before by getting her a locker and cell phone.moreless

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