Life with Derek

Season 3 Episode 11

Grade A Cheater

Aired Unknown Sep 11, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Grade A Cheater
After Derek switches his and Casey's math test in order to save his skin in the class, he cooks up a scheme with Casey to prevent her from spilling the beans to the teacher.

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  • Typical mid-terms episode.

    Okay I like this episode because Casey & Derek work together, to cheat, what I don't get is why Casey doesn't dump Max, he cheated off his girlfriend, that's so pathetic. I also like how Sam is in this episode, I like how he is throughout Season 3 without really interacting with Casey, just as Derek's friend. But Derek seems to hang out with Ralph more, I also like how Ralph tries to study. The teacher was completely unreasonable & should of cut Casey some slack but Derek got what he deserved, I am surprised Derek studied at the end. Great episode.moreless
  • Wow, Derek's lucky.. you need a 70 to pass at my school.

    Even if 68 is a passing grade, I wouldn't "take it" like Derek did. I make at least 90's, on math tests!

    The Derek/Casey thing was funny at first but after you watch a few times, it gets boring. The smaller kids' plots were better. It was funny seeing them on strike. Go peeps! Whooooo!!

    And the parents mentioned they were supposed to be at school. They are ditching school to protest doing Casey and Derek's chores!? Freakin' sweet! I wish I could do that, or get away with it. I mean, I expected them to be angrier than that since they were skipping school.

    I loved the younger children's plot. Casey & Derek's, not so much after watching it a third time.moreless
  • A funny episode from Mike Seater himself.

    The comedy in this episode was very strong. I kept laughing every other minute. There were three funny gags running through this episode. The first one and in my opinion the funniest was the one with Derek scheming to help himself to play hockey with Casey's mark. First he switches the test, then convinces her to get a make up and then goes on to try to cheat to help her on the makeup test. He went in all directions to try to get out of it but still failed.

    The second in funny rank was the issue of Casey and Max arguing about cheating morals and test scores. Max tries to be supportive in his own way and only makes Casey mad.

    The last one was Edwin, Lizzie and Marti striking because they feel they get too low allowances for chores. The little board meeting that they had: hilarious.

    Micheal Seater made this one with his brother and I have to say that I liked it and hope he'll do it again.moreless
  • Deserves more than an eight.

    This episode that was directed by Michael Seater was amazing. It had so much humor and everything was specially touched by him. He had a special talent to make the episode better than the rest. It had more humor and looks like he took a few Dasey cues. This episode was about Casey taking a test where Derek switched their papers. Lots of commotion occured and it seemed like he didn't want Casey to go insane because of the hockey team but...never mind. So anyway, overall it was just realll really really really good. Anybody should watch it because it put a smile on my face!moreless
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