Life with Derek

Season 4 Episode 7

Happy New Schoolyear

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Happy New Schoolyear
Derek plans to drop of out of school to be with Sally in Vancouver.

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  • Sally leaves for college.

    This episode was so sad, it reminds me of "Derek Denies Denial" when Derek says "I love you" to Sally. they were really meat to be. Why do the writers have to send her off, it's so annoying how they do that. Anyways I like how Derek wanted to drop out of school for Sally, that meant he really cared for her. Sally's last words in the end before she left were so sad! Sally was my favorite recurring character. Casey decides to redesign her room. Lizzie gets more girly. And Marti hides in a fort for most of the episode. Possibly one of the best episodes of season four.moreless

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    • Casey: Well, then we'll just have to go in there together and tell him that he's making a terrible mistake.
      Lizzie: Let's do it!
      Edwin: No! That would be the worst thing you could possibly do. Whenever you tell Derek not do something he always does it! Like when he was 6 and Dad told him not to eat worms.
      Casey: Gross!
      Lizzie: Ew.

    • Derek: (to Marti) Sally left for Vancouver and I'm really sad. I could really use, uh... Special Smarti Smug.

    • Edwin: Forget it, Derek! I refuse to help you wreck your life.
      Derek: Then what good are you?

    • Casey: Derek, you can't drop out of school! Even you're not stupid enough to do that!
      Derek: Ha! That's what you think.

    • Casey: I am a year away from university, Mom! My room should define me. And how can I define myself if my room isn't who I am now?
      Nora: And who are you now?
      Casey: I don't know! Am I a colorful hippy or an avant-garde anti-trendoid or a whimsical poet? I mean, it is amazing that I can even get dressed in the morning without knowing the answer to that question!

    • George: Derek. Nora wants to know if you need any school supplies.
      Derek: I don't study. Why would I need school supplies?

    • Lizzie: Pull yourself together, man. Girls like a guy with confidence.
      Edwin: But Lizzie, all my confidence was stolen by the gletcher-archer!

    • Lizzie: I'm sorry to hear about Michelle.
      Edwin: Yeah, I got dumped. For an archer!
      Lizzie: An archer?
      Edwin: Yeah, and apparently he's also quite the gletcher.
      Lizzie: Wait, what's a gletcher?
      Edwin: Glass etcher.

    • Edwin: Dad, I need the couch.
      George: Hnh? Forget it!
      Edwin: Please! It's an emergency.
      George: Is something wrong, Ed?
      Edwin: Yeah, 'kay, Brent is wrong.
      George: Brent who?
      Edwin: Michelle's new boyfriend she met doing archery at camp that's who. He shot an arrow through her heart and now my heart's broken.

    • Derek: Hey, you want a lift to school?
      Casey: I pay for gas?
      Derek: Yeah.
      Casey: We'll be on time?
      Derek: Ah, I'll see.
      Casey: Down in a sec.

    • Nora: It's just that last night, out of the blue, Derek told us that he was dropping out of high school to follow Sally to Vancouver.
      Casey: What? Where did he come up with a crazy idea like that?
      Nora: I don't know.
      Casey: Oh! Unless he got it from me.
      Nora: Casey.
      Casey: It was joke!
      Nora: Ah! Good one!
      Casey: Figures the only time Derek would take anything I say seriously is when I'm kidding around.

    • Emily: Are you excited about Vancouver?
      Sally: Ah! If by excited you mean, terrified, then yeah. My flight leaves Sunday afternoon.
      Casey: Oh, c'mon! It'll be an adventure. And what a perfect way to get rid of your annoying boyfriend.

    • George: Hey there! Did you have fun biking with Ella?
      Marti: Nope.
      Nora: Do you want to talk about it?
      Marti: Nope.
      Nora: Well, you want to go upstairs with me to see if you need any new school clothes for Tuesday?
      Marti: Nope.
      George: Because you don't need any clothes?
      Marti: Because I'm not going to school! Ever again!

    • Nora: Now it's 3 out of 5 having back-to-school issues. Casey's having an identity crisis, Lizzie's having a wardrobe crisis and Marti's eaten her second meal in her tent and she won't tell me why.
      George: Interesting how it's only the girls of the house who are in crisis mode.
      Nora: You think?
      George: Now that I think about it, not interesting in the slightest.

    • Casey: My room should reflect who I am, right? But am I fun, serious, sardonic, bold, subtle?
      Nora: How about self-absorbed?

    • (Lizzie tries to talk Derek out of leaving)
      Lizzie: Derek...
      Derek: Lizzie...
      Lizzie: Maybe...
      Derek: No.
      Lizzie: But...
      Derek: Sorry.
      Lizzie: Okay.
      Derek: Bye.

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