Life with Derek

Season 1 Episode 8

House of Games

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Derek always wins.

    This epsiode is one of my favorites of Life With Derek. It is a complete classic, introduces the game closet. Which is a historic set in Life With Derek history. Edwin's triple agent plot was amazing. The whole plot overall was very clever, no doubt about it. Anyways, it was very unfortunate that Casey lost all the marbles in the end, the fact that she pranks Derek was very clever as well. I like how they had a subplot. Nora getting angry over George for saying Abbie. That I did not expect but was a great fill in for this episode. Clever!
  • Derek's Worse DEED!!!!!!!!!!!! (this never really happened)

    (Derek walks into the kitchen one morning wanting to do something bad like always. So he does this.)

    Derek:Casey, I'll leave you alone for a whole month, completely promise, if you beat me in an orange juice drinking competition.

    Casey:Deal, lets go for it.

    (Casey while in her mini skirt with tan legs drinks, wins by drinking 8 glasses of juice to Derek who didn't even finish one0

    Derek:Darn, oh well guess you win, later.

    (Derek walks off leaving Casey to read, when all of the sudden, Casey notices her bladder shaking. He legs begin wobbling in uncomfort.)

    Casey:Well, I guess that's one dismiss to winning.

    (Casey runs upstairs to the only bathroom, with the only toilet in the house. But as she walks to it, a rope on the ground trips her, then a net falls knocking her out.)

    (2 hours later.)

    (Casey is tieds in a chair tight.)

    Casey:Hey let me out. Oh, Derek.

    Derek:Sorry case, gotta do the bad deed and all.

    Casey:Derek, I gotta go to the bathroom so bad right now, let me out. Derek:No can do.

    (Casey has her legs crossed tight and she's squriming.)

    Casey:Derek, please let me out. I've gotta use the toilet, I've gotta pee. (Casey eventually wiggles out of the rope, then runs back upstairs but the bathroom's locked, so she knocks.)

    Casey:Open up, I've gotta get in there now, I can't hold it in any longer, I've gotta go right now!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Casey has her legs crossed and scrunched together, with her hand tucked and she's shaking up and down quickly.)
  • Derek n Casey engage themselves in an intensive game of cards, for the rights to occupy certains spots in the house.

    Wow!!!!!!!!! this was the first ep of the series I watched and it destroyed my belief that this was gonna be a lame show. loved it!!!!!!!! such witty humour and cool tactics by the characters. This could be a lesson for gamblers. You gonna play cards, do it right and do it cool! Bravo to the actors! But i think im a sadist cuz i always support derek even when he's in the wrong. guy thing i guess. still, amazing episode! but it could have involved the parents a little bit more. it would have spiced things up. I think im gonna go on a LWD spree.
  • Venturi vs. McDonalds

    So we finally get the big "Venturi vs McDonalds" battle between the step siblings...only this is suppose to be episode number eight and we're to believe several months have passed.

    Also, apparently Nora and George did not have a bed for episodes 2 through 7.

    This is exactly why production order needs to be followed people, otherwise I get a nasty headache trying to understand what is going on.

    Anyways, it's a cute episode for what it's worth. It's manipulative, funny and everything one would want from the show. Especially a good episode, imo for Edwin as he's a triple agent thing.
  • This episode is mostly about Derek not wanting to make space for Casey and Lizzie. So they have these games to settle everything and Casey thinks she is going to win.

    This episode is about when Casey has had enough of Derek not making enough room for her and Lizze, so she decides to make a speech to them. Derek steps up and says thats not how we do things around here. Derek and Edmin have marbles, each color repesenting each place, like the Coat Hook, The Chair, The hiding place under the window seat, Washer and Dryer Time, and the middle shelf in the bathroom. So then they have games to compete, McDonalds againts the Ventruis. The first game is Rock, Paper, Sissors, Edmin againist Lizzie. Lizzie ends up winning. Derek is furious, and doesn\\\'t know Edmin has \\\'opitions\\\' with the enmey. So that is how Casey and Lizzie listen in on Derek\\\'s cheating. The next game is dice, and they are rigged to land on 6. They choose Marti their weakess link. So Lizzie has these shinny dice, and shows them to Marti and she grabs them and lands on Snake Eyes. Derek finds out that Edmin met with them, and then he could use this to his advantage. He starts talking about High card Low Card and lieing that Low Card Wins, so Marti takes the baby moniter and says \\\"hi casey\\\" so Casey knows that they are going to cheat. So Edmin goes and puts the 2 of diamonds there in the spot and the Lizzie checks if its there and it is. Her and Casey are ready for the challenge. Casey gets a Queen of Diamonds and some how Derek gets an ace. Casey is mad and storms off. And in the end you see that derek has the 2 cards in the back of his shirt.
  • This episode had the family of 5 fighting for rightful spots in the house using skills, brains and of course...cheating (of course in Derek's case). Using marbles the household (not including parents) split into 2 teams. The Venturi's (Derek, Edwin, Marty

    This episode had a very interesting point to it. It follwed the majority rules rule in a different form. Instead of majority rules, it was more people more space. this episode also had a very surprising twist to it. Instead of Casey winning and getting her way, the Venturi's won.
  • You would think there would be a twist but wrong usual.

    It's really sad that every episode ends with Derek outsmarting Casey and Casey pranking Derek in brutaliation. I was looking forward to some sort of crazy twist where Casey would finally outsmart Derek but not this time...predictability at its best. This starts and ends like every other LoD episode. Would it hurt to have a twist on in a while?! I hope this isn't the writers' idea of being "clever".
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