Life with Derek

Season 1 Episode 8

House of Games

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • This episode is mostly about Derek not wanting to make space for Casey and Lizzie. So they have these games to settle everything and Casey thinks she is going to win.

    This episode is about when Casey has had enough of Derek not making enough room for her and Lizze, so she decides to make a speech to them. Derek steps up and says thats not how we do things around here. Derek and Edmin have marbles, each color repesenting each place, like the Coat Hook, The Chair, The hiding place under the window seat, Washer and Dryer Time, and the middle shelf in the bathroom. So then they have games to compete, McDonalds againts the Ventruis. The first game is Rock, Paper, Sissors, Edmin againist Lizzie. Lizzie ends up winning. Derek is furious, and doesn\\\'t know Edmin has \\\'opitions\\\' with the enmey. So that is how Casey and Lizzie listen in on Derek\\\'s cheating. The next game is dice, and they are rigged to land on 6. They choose Marti their weakess link. So Lizzie has these shinny dice, and shows them to Marti and she grabs them and lands on Snake Eyes. Derek finds out that Edmin met with them, and then he could use this to his advantage. He starts talking about High card Low Card and lieing that Low Card Wins, so Marti takes the baby moniter and says \\\"hi casey\\\" so Casey knows that they are going to cheat. So Edmin goes and puts the 2 of diamonds there in the spot and the Lizzie checks if its there and it is. Her and Casey are ready for the challenge. Casey gets a Queen of Diamonds and some how Derek gets an ace. Casey is mad and storms off. And in the end you see that derek has the 2 cards in the back of his shirt.
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