Life with Derek

Season 1 Episode 8

House of Games

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Derek n Casey engage themselves in an intensive game of cards, for the rights to occupy certains spots in the house.

    Wow!!!!!!!!! this was the first ep of the series I watched and it destroyed my belief that this was gonna be a lame show. loved it!!!!!!!! such witty humour and cool tactics by the characters. This could be a lesson for gamblers. You gonna play cards, do it right and do it cool! Bravo to the actors! But i think im a sadist cuz i always support derek even when he's in the wrong. guy thing i guess. still, amazing episode! but it could have involved the parents a little bit more. it would have spiced things up. I think im gonna go on a LWD spree.