Life with Derek

Season 1 Episode 8

House of Games

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Derek's Worse DEED!!!!!!!!!!!! (this never really happened)

    (Derek walks into the kitchen one morning wanting to do something bad like always. So he does this.)

    Derek:Casey, I'll leave you alone for a whole month, completely promise, if you beat me in an orange juice drinking competition.

    Casey:Deal, lets go for it.

    (Casey while in her mini skirt with tan legs drinks, wins by drinking 8 glasses of juice to Derek who didn't even finish one0

    Derek:Darn, oh well guess you win, later.

    (Derek walks off leaving Casey to read, when all of the sudden, Casey notices her bladder shaking. He legs begin wobbling in uncomfort.)

    Casey:Well, I guess that's one dismiss to winning.

    (Casey runs upstairs to the only bathroom, with the only toilet in the house. But as she walks to it, a rope on the ground trips her, then a net falls knocking her out.)

    (2 hours later.)

    (Casey is tieds in a chair tight.)

    Casey:Hey let me out. Oh, Derek.

    Derek:Sorry case, gotta do the bad deed and all.

    Casey:Derek, I gotta go to the bathroom so bad right now, let me out. Derek:No can do.

    (Casey has her legs crossed tight and she's squriming.)

    Casey:Derek, please let me out. I've gotta use the toilet, I've gotta pee. (Casey eventually wiggles out of the rope, then runs back upstairs but the bathroom's locked, so she knocks.)

    Casey:Open up, I've gotta get in there now, I can't hold it in any longer, I've gotta go right now!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Casey has her legs crossed and scrunched together, with her hand tucked and she's shaking up and down quickly.)