Life with Derek

Season 3 Episode 22

Make No Prom-ises

Aired Unknown May 19, 2008 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Edwin has a stuffed bear named "Mr. Fuzzy," and Lizzie has a stuffed baby duck named "Duck quack."

  • Quotes

    • Nora: (to Lizzie and Edwin) Okay, now remember: stick with the group and lots of sunscreen.
      George: And no dropping water balloons from the balcony.
      Edwin: Dad, please, I'm strictly there to learn about Canada's government system.
      George: As long as it's not Canada's penal system.

    • Casey: Oh, now I look like Franken-Poodle!

    • George: What did you eat Edwin?
      Edwin: My Halloween stash and a room service sundae.
      Nora: Oh Edwin.
      Edwin: You guys said: "No candy from the mini-bar." So I had to provide for myself.
      Lizzie: And then he 'provided' all over the floor.

    • Casey: Marti, I need an honest opinion. Do I look like a poodle?
      Marti: Yes. (Casey gives a discouraged look) But poodles are very nice dogs.
      Casey: I can't believe I paid 60 bucks to look like a poodle!

    • Nora: But Edwin, five pairs of underpants for a two day trip?
      Edwin: I like to feel fresh.

    • (Edwin plans to secretly bring eight month old Halloween candy on the school trip)
      Lizzie: Edwin, you know you're supposed to go easy on the sugar. Makes you go all buggy!
      Edwin: No, it doesn't! Who says it does? I act the same with or without sugar.
      Lizzie: Dipped in already?
      Edwin: Yeah, just a little.

    • Casey: Ow, ow. Not so hard.
      George: Sorry. The only long hair I ever brushed was on a horse. I got kicked then too.

    • Casey: Guess my fairy godmother came after all.
      Derek: Eh, uh... Emily just found it in the theatre department and I'm nobody's fairy godmother. Coachman, maybe.

    • Casey: Hey Sheldon. Hey Em! Do you wanna come over before the prom? We can give each other mannies, peddies...
      Sheldon: Yeah, I'm not that, ah... not that good with a nail file.
      Emily: She means me, Sheldon.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Derek: Didn't know tonight's theme was Return of the Living Bed-Head.

      This is a reference to Dan O'Bannon's 1985 zombie horror comedy, The Return of the Living Dead.