Life with Derek

Season 4 Episode 2

Open Mic Plight

Aired Unknown Jul 27, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Open Mic Plight
After Derek has trouble expressing his feelings for Sally, she recommends that he write a love song for her. Meanwhile, Edwin tries out his talent show comedy routine on George and Lizzie.

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  • Derek writes a song for Sally.

    This episode was really great even though it was reused 7 recycled. Reminded me of "Battle Of The Bands" except this time Casey is convincing Derek, not the other way around. Sally & Derek are getting in a lot of fights lately. I'm getting worried! Just kidding. But I like how Sally reacts on how Derek stole Casey's song. She throws a pie in Derek's face. I did not see that coming. it was so sweet, the song that he ended up writing. And they make up in the end, obviously. Edwin's joke plot, not that great, but it was funny seeing Marti wanting to go on stage.moreless
Max Vendrig

Max Vendrig

Poetry Girl

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Kate Todd

Kate Todd


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Shane Kippel

Shane Kippel

Ralph Papadopolous

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Kit Weyman

Kit Weyman

Sam Richards

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    • Derek: We have been at this for an hour and all we've got is uh "Baby, baby... baby."
      Ralph: I thought it was gold.

    • (After Derek gets hit in the face with a pie)
      Casey: I think they call that, um... "just desserts"?

    • Edwin: You don't like my jokes!
      George: Ah, well, your jokes are just a little old-fashioned.
      Edwin: You know, this whole time, alright. I... I'm going around thinking that I'm this... I'm this smart, good looking, hilarious dude and... and now I find out I'm only two of three?

    • Sally: In case you can't tell, I want you to know how crazy I am about you. You're a pretty wonderful guy, Derek Venturi.
      Derek: Right back at ya, Sal. (Goes for a high-five)
      Sally: "Right back at ya"? That's it?! Nothing more that you'd like to add?
      Derek: Uh, no thanks. I'm good.

    • Casey: Well go ahead and play your "manly" music 'cause I'd rather sing with my new girl group anyway.
      Lizzie: What new girl group?
      Casey: It's a trio! Featuring me, myself and I.

    • Derek: And you said it couldn't be done.
      Sally: Derek, you ate that green fuzzy thing at the back of the fridge?
      Derek: No.
      Sally: I didn't say it couldn't be done, I said it shouldn't be done.

    • Derek: And what does our biggest fan think?
      Sally: Oh, so, you do care how I feel?
      Ralph: What's wrong? You didn't like my tribute to pizza?
      Sally: "On my knees with double cheese, pepperoni if you please"?

    • Derek: I'm the D in D-Rock and D says we stay and keep working.
      Sam: Dude, you can't tell us what to do.
      Ralph: Yeah, who do you think you are? My girlfriend?
      Derek: No! But, hey, think of all the presents you can buy your girlfriend if we write a ballad and become the house band.
      Ralph: No, Amanda already has the best present: dating me! Oh, and that bagel slicer I got her for her birthday. That was sweet.

    • Casey: For too cool for school types like Derek, expressing feeling can be difficult. Unless those feelings are feelings of hostility towards me. Then they flow just fine.

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