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    Its cute its clean its adorable its comedic its better than anything Disney could offer today regardless of anything anyone says shows like this teach,inspire, and make you feel good when they're over with, you don't feel grossed out by the characters or irritated you feel like you're supposed to feel after you watch tv HAPPY.
  • Life with Derek

    This show was my childhood!!! I LOVED THIS SHOW!!!
  • No ..

    All throughout my childhood, I absolutely hated this show. I thought it was the most boring show on Disney. The best was and still is That's So Raven.
  • I love this!

    This is Disneys 2nd best show made after Thats so Raven.
  • I loved it!

    This so is so awesome I wish that it was still on!
  • Life with Derek is about a modern blended family, with two type-A 15 year-olds, Casey and Derek. Each episode is an alpha-teen comic war between the two teenagers in a take-no-prisoners fight for control of their house, their school, and their world.

    I didn't watch many of the episodes because Disney Channel didn't air many that I could caught on television. But the episodes I was able to watch on television was good. Even though the series ended I glad I watch this wonderful series. To any kids or teenagers who like Disney Channel might like this series, that if it still airing episodes on the channel. Its funny, emotional and what could be real issues for people. Good luck to those who go looking for this series. And, I hope you enjoy this series because it is good for kids and teenagers.
  • I was a bit skeptical of the show at first but i grew to like it.

    At first when I saw this show I found it very boring but as it went on I found it to be more interesting due to me liking Derek funny ways of solving things are creating trouble. I also like the fued between to the two main characters. At times though i find Casey to be very annoying due to the stereotypical role she plays but and times it can be funny how she panics over the weirdest of things. But it annoys me how she blames Derek or someone when something doesn't go perfect. It's ok to stive for perfection but don't always expect it to happen. Anyway i think it's an ok show for it's age group.

    9/10 from me
  • This show is REALLY Disney's worst yet...

    I don't get how people like this show. A blended family plus a six yr old equals BOREDOM! When I watched it, I especially couldn't stand the poorly composed theme song. My least favorite characters are Derek and Marti. Derek is just a jerk, while Marti gets on my nerves, especially when she ate a lot of that artificial purple cake in that wedding episode. Casey is uptight and just....not good! And why do they call their parents by their first names? That's just disrespectful AND annoying. A modernized Brady Bunch is NOT my thing. This kind of thing would have Walt Disney rotting faster in his grave. Point made.
  • Caseying/Derekking

    Words cannot--could not describe how horrible this Canadian import was. So incredibly annoying were the main cast, especially Casey and Derek, that I've come up with something akin to Jump the Shark because of it. Introducing: Caseying/Derekking (v): to make siblings in a show as annoying and selfishly whiny as possible, with the intended (or unintended) effect of driving viewers away from the show because the character has no personality other than that. Named after: Casey and Derek from Life With Derek. The family just grated on my nerves! Casey was a selfish brat, Derek was--a slob and a disgrace to all big brothers everywhere, Marti was so unbelievably irritating I wondered why she didn't hang out with D.W and Caillou, especially in the artificial cake episode! Everything just seemed so fake, and the parents/little brother were flat as cardboard. Casey's friend bugged the heck out of me too...maybe her voice did it for me? I dunno...

    ...but I was glad this Canadian monstrocity was over.
  • I dont understandwhy this show lasted so long.


    Casey and Derek are the most annoying step-siblings on tv. They whine and complain about nonsense 98% of the time and they face no real problems other than falling down, landing on someones butt and being called klutzilla (that was really an episode). Other "problems" include Caseybeing made fun of byher school mates just because she cares about getting high grades and also Derek being teased caused he got held back in the first grade, okay i admit you have to be an idiot to repeat the first grade. But still this show was just weak, annoying, and repetitive. It should've stayed in Canada.

  • I love this show except it could be a little more surprising and exciting!Especially about the Dasey thing!!!!

    Like,I really like the idea of Dasey.I really want that Dasey thing 2 happen,but like that would ever happen.I mean its a kids show on Disney Channel and the family channel,but then again they might air it in Canada on the Family Channel but not the United States on Disney Channel.The idea of 2 step siblings dating probaly wouldn't be allowed on Disney Channel.Do you agree or disagree???? But the show is really good!Most ppl say its boring, but not 2 me.Its my favorite show on disney channel! Totaly NOT boring!!Oh yeah and Michael Seater is soo hot in lwd.
  • One of the better Disney shows.

    This show is one of the better disney shows but not one of my favorites. This show has been done alot of times before. I do think the actors and actressess are really good (mostly one of the reasons I watch this show). This show is funny (at times) and its sometimes stupid to.
  • Life with Derek.

    A really great show with a lot of potential. It was just recently canceled. Do you know why everyone loves this show... really? Yeah, you guessed right: Dasey. Honestly none of the relationships on shows never really make me like a show more. I just focus if the show has good writing or not. Good stories to tell, just an entertaining watch in general would be good for me.

    But I will never judge a show based on a relationship or whether or not "Dasey" will happen, which it was obviously not going to happen from the start. I know this show didn't originate on Disney, but it originated on a Family channel in Canada, and based on the mixed reviews of Derek & Casey's unresolved sexual tension, they would never go as far as to get two step siblings together regardless if it's wrong or right.

    Alright I'm done with my Derek & Casey rant. The show basically is about a mixed family. Think Drake & Josh except with a much bigger family and the main character a girl instead of a guy. This show had a good run, yes it was cheesy at times, but it always managed to deliver a good episode, and other than not getting Derek & Casey together, this show never disappoints its fans.

    A really great family show, and you really have to see past that it airs on Disney before you try it out. Give it a chance, you just might like it.
  • another crappy show that almost looks like a modern day brady bunch

    This show is an example of how abysmal nick and dysney are and what they think people want. Sitcoms that have children as the main star nowadays such as this are nothing but a feeding pool for idiots. The main point of the show is hypocritical. Its sad that most channels think we want this unfunny garbage. Shows like this icarly drake and josh reanimated zoey101 unfabulous survival guide naked brothers band life with derek Zixx ect are examples of bad programming.
    There is no plot or point to these sitcoms and are nothing but a waste of space. I'd rather watch reruns of spongebob than suffer this. The there are the dumb cartoons they have on now such as squirel boy jimmy neutron mr meaty the new american dragon get ed gym partner munky ect. I miss the old good shows. Sadly i avoid watching anything on disney only cause their a racist steriotype. TO them all white jocks are good at anything they try. I also don't watch any shows on nick except for avatar the last airbender and ocasionally spongebob
    On cn i only watch naruto and bleach until onepiece made by funi is done. Sadly all three of the great cartoon channels have spiralled down hill into an abyss
  • It has really grown to be one of the greatest shows currently airing on Disney Channel.

    When this show made it's series premiere a few years ago, I thought this show wasn't going to last long. Through two seasons, this show had less than forty episodes, I believe. Soon ratings picked up and now I try to watch it every opportunity I get.

    So what is it about? Well Nora McDonald (kids: Casey and Lizzie) and George Venturi (kids: Derek, Edwin, Marty) get married and the biggest sibling rivalry is Casey and Derek. That's their thing going on throughout the entire series. Now this family that is almost nothing alike has to survive living with each other.

    Now the characters. The parents first. Nora and George are your ordinary parents. They would be great parents. They didn't really embarass the kids much, except Casey (which is easy, so that doesn't matter) throughout the series. At the end of Season 4, they announce to the family that Nora is pregnant. (I could even notice a baby hump before the announcement)

    Derek and Casey. Derek is just a chill-out kind of guy, which I like. He doesn't have to be organized all the time, unlike Casey. But, he could by nicer to his siblings, but I guess that's one of the ingredients in order to making this into a good show to watch. Casey is way too organized and wants everything her way. She has to vent with the school counciler for some reason, and she is just so freaky at times!

    Lizzie and Edwin are some underlooked characters. The two did have a few storylines out of the seventy episodes so far, but not that many, which I didn't like. I wanted more episodes with Lizzie and Edwin storylines as the major storyline going on.

    Marty, the youngest, really wasn't important in my view, but there were five kids and I guess one had to be a little toddler, which Marty was. She had nearly no storylines, which was good, because they wouldn't of been good ones in my opinion.

    Well those are my opinions of characters. Of the show, this has been an amazing show to watch for the past few years-and it's joined the 70 episode club. Some other good shows on Nickelodeon haven't even reached that mildstone yet.
  • I absolutlely LOVE this show. but I love Dasey the most even though i know it never happens :(

    This show is amaizing and I'm realy sad because it's already ended, at least here it is. What I like the most are the little Dasey moments, even though I know it never really hapens I still love to watch those -I'm going to do so many things to you if I don't get out of here soon- looks, and those -I have to touch you everywhere- fights, and then there are those cute moments when they work together and help each other. I also love sweet- Derek whes he is playng with Marti and helps out Edwin even when he denies it the next second.
  • I really like this show.

    One of my favorite shows on tv. This is the only show I watch on Disney Channel because it is more of a show for older kids and teens. I really like it when this show is on and hope it stays on for many more years. The rivalry is also good, theres always something new that Casey and Derek will fight about. I can't wait to get the first season on dvd. SEasons 3 and 4 are a little better than 1 and 2, probably because they are older, but I like Seasons 1 and 2 also. This truly is a great show.
  • Casey has a lot of new things to cope with after her mom remarries and they move into a new house and a new school in London, Ontario. But the hardest thing is living Life with Derek.

    At first, this show was very entertaining, as Casey dealt with the pressures of adjusting to a new family, a new house, a new stepdad, a new school, a new--everything, basically, but now that Casey has become more settled in to this new life, the plotlines now feature continuous battles between Casey and Derek over boyfriends and girlfriends, with this break-up, make-up, on-and-off, on-and-off, trend that is becoming increasingly boring by the minute. I can't keep up with all the latets boyfriend-girlfriend moves and everything that's going on in LWD anymore. It's as if Cupid is going crazy over these people. I tell you one thing--if this show continues in this pattern, it will have lost my fandom.
  • overrated

    okay i just wanna say before i start this review that i see ppl on this site give this show way to high of scores so i just got to say what i think about it
    storyline:unoriginal the storyline is...some girl married some guy and now there moving to a new house where its not very good..thats it? 2 of 10 for being unoriginal
    characters:one word stereotypical lets see..Kacey is a typical preppy pants Derek is a typical sloppy jerk nora and the dad are typical stressed out parents and everyone else are preps and jocks.. 1 of 10 for the stereotype
    episode plots:boring and unoriginal just like the story like one episode Derek is playing a game that rips off tomb rader with a girl that is unrealistic looking in another one he starts a band that fails in a battle of the bands....1 of 10 for being unoriginal overall:1.7 out of a 10
  • For me, I tend to just watch one episode and either say i hate it or loved it. This, however, got my attention after a couple of episodes. Which is good.

    I'm picky, as most people say. But, to other shows, I try not. But, for me, I take shows after just one episode. But, this, I taked after a few episodes. At first, it was confusing, a bit bad and, well, boring.

    But after it gotten a bit hooked, I actually give a good time for this show.

    The show revolves around Casey... forgot her last name, sorry. She lives with her mom and her younger sister. Happy, tra--la-la. Then, next time, BANG! Her mother marries a man with 3 kids, one named Derek.

    The title, like Haruhi Suzumiya, is misleading. It might be a life with Derek, but it's morely more of Casey's side.

    And, suprisingly that was one of the two only bad things in it.

    This show, I don't know how to describe it. It's funny, witty, intelligent, and... well, life-writtin. Storyline's crisped, character's are charming... the humor.. is a bit... lacking, but there is humor, none the less.

    I strongly recommened this for blended families (since, after all, it's a show about a blended family) but, I also recommened this to anyone, because it's a good show. You might not like it on first sight, but, you'll like it. I'm being honest!

    I watch it every night, even though some episodes are just reruns. I can't get enough of Derek, Casey and all of them! :D I love it when Casey and Derek bicker. The two of them are awesome. I really find this show entertaining and really funny. Sometimes, I can't help laughing out loud. And Derek is really HOT. Michael Seater's brilliant. I love this show to bits. The family gets into a lot of mishaps and fights but in the end, they're there for each other. They always find a way out so that things may be all right again. The show gives us what a family should be, even though George and Nora came from a failed marriage. They support each other and be there no matter what. And that's what family is all about :)
  • Great show!

    This is such a good show. The thing that gets me mad is that Disney Channel doesn't appricate it as much as reatrded shows like Hannah Montana and Cory in the House. This is is relatiable and funny at the same time. Sometimes the theme song and the occasional tune here and there can be very irratating but it's a pretty great show. It has great actors and I like how they have new charcters recurring that sort of tie into a storyline and make the show even better. Like when Cassey was dadting Max and Sam and when Derek was dating Kendra and Sally.
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!

    This is the best show you can ever watch, it has comedy, romance, drama, i mean its the perfect combo! Great for any audience. It attracts teens, and parents, also kids, what more could you ask for. I find out family rooting for casey, or derek, while they battle it out!If you're not watching this show, you missing out big time!! WOW i also like how more episode keep coming, so i don't have to watch re-runs continuiously! I think this should be one of those shows where, it goes on a while, i mean, not too long, but defenitly a few more years!!
  • This is a good show that needs more attention.

    I really like this show. Life with Derek is great and needs more attention. It's been flying under the radar ever since it began. You'd think since it's on a huge channel like Disney it would get discovered. I really like the whole Modern day Brady bunch thing. I think they do a really good job at making a classic show into an exciting half hour comedy. I always watch it when it's on. I think that it's Disney's own fault that this show isn't getting any attention. They don't advertise it nearly as much as they do "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" or "Wizards of Waverly Place". This show is really good. I wish it wasn't so underappreciated.
  • one of those shows where you're channel surfing spot it and just stop!

    It's a cool enough show to watch. The basic teen life. Siblings fighting with the rare moments of getting along, falling in love that sort of stuff. It's more of a reality show than real reality shows lol. Truly though, because they show the real things that go on with teenagers. Casey and Lizzy lived alone in a nice little clean house with their mother Norah. Derek, Edwin and Marty lived in a guy's kind of house with their father George. Everything changed when the parents met, fell in love, got married and moved in together. See it was very hard for anything to work when Casey was Ms. Tidy-widy and Derek was a pig. A pig can't live in a clean house. As time passed though the pig and the clean freak learned to get just kidding. They still fight all the time and that's the beauty of th show right there.
  • Awesomeness

    I love the show!!! Even though i barely get to watch it i get to on youtube and watch all of Ashleys and Mike's podcast. They have such get chemistry on and off stage!! but i also L O V E the other characters as well they are so umm what would you call it ... bold. i mean really it kinda reminds me of my family but also not. well i think that is all i have to say i have like 17 more works i need. no 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.
  • It is becoming a fabulous show.

    At first, I have to admit, I didn't really like this show, but as the second season came around I started to like it and now I love it. This show is very good for teens. I really really like it when Derek and Casey fight. It is always so funny and so life-like. I guess that's why this show is called Life With Derek. I am extremely happy that there is a fourth season, so that is just very great. I am happy with how the third season is going because the episodes are so unique and interesting. I can't wait to see more new episodes.
  • This show is about two kids who are forced to live under one roof because their parents got married on a whim. Talk about selfish!! But, i do love this show!

    I love this show. It is always awkwardly funny. The only reason it didn't get a 10 from me is because Dasey isn't happening. It's making me so mad! But, my DVR (or TiVO whichever you prefer) is always fired up to watch this show. Never miss an episode. Although sometimes it may have its dumb episodes or its wacky ones. But, it never fails to make me laugh. I love this show. Derek and Casey together are just like made to be, perfect, if they don't get together soon i don't know what i'm going to do. DAsey FOREVER! Anyways this show is amazing.
  • An excellent show!

    Life With Derek is a pretty good show. The stories are interesting and pretty funny to watch. I think its hilarious watching Casey's life with all of her new siblings, including the idiotic Derek, who can be very mean to her. Ashley Legget, Micheal Seater, and all of the other actors were the perfect ones for their roles on the show. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest shows that air on Disney Channel today. Overall, it is a great family show to watch. I hope this show will continue to amaze and entertain me in the future.
  • Life with Lizzie, Edwin, George, Nora, Marti, and Casey is nothing compared to Life With Derek!

    LWD is one of my favorite shows. I've been following it from when the first episode aired on Disney Channel. I didn't notice Derek and Casey's UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) until I watched beautifuldisasterxo and benjeeluvr's Dasey "Just So You Know" videos on YouTube. It was after that I realized that Derek and Casey are perfect for each other. Everyone who is anti-Dasey say that's it's "insest" but it's not given the fact that Derek and Casey aren't blood related. But Dasey is only some of the reason why I watch LWD. Another reason is my favorite actor, the sex-god himself Michael Seater. (ILY) I also watch the show because I can sorta relate to it. My parents are divorced and- even though I don't have stepsiblings- I can sort of see why the McDonald/Venturi kids resented each other at first. But eventually they all got over it. In "House of Games" Marti, the youngest in the McDonald-Venturi household, confided in Casey, the oldest McDonald, and the second oldest kid overall, about her being upset over George and Nora fighting. Casey managed to make Marti feel better and the fighting stopped. In "Male Code Blue" Edwin and Lizzie, the middle kids in the household, started becoming more friendly towards each other. Edwin even hugs her in that episode. After that the two seem to escape to each other when they have trouble with their dramatic older siblings. And then there's Derek and Casey. But I'll go to them in a second. Before that I wannna talk about Derek and Marti's relationship. They commonly reffer to each other as Smarti and Smerek. Those two are EXREMLY cute and I love their relationship. Derek is shown to totally have a soft side for Marti. In "Driving Lessons" Marti told Derek that his driving isn't safe so he took lessons from Casey, something he swore he would never to. "Adios Derek" showed what their brother-sister realationship really is like. Marti was upset that Derek was leaving for Spain and he was the only one who was going to miss him...except for Casey. (thankfully, Derek doesn't go). Derek and Casey have their ups and downs in their sibling relationship. Whenever they're not fighting(which is in like every episode) they've shown to really care about each other. And even though Casey hasn't gotten her 'feel good family moment' out of Derek yet, in "Things That Go Bump In The Night" he wraps his arms around her shoulders, which is close enough to a real hug for me. So 'Life With Derek' is an awesome show and if you don't watch it, you're a nerd. (LOL JUST KIDDING!!!)
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