Life with Derek - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Male Code Blue
    Episode 13
    When Derek realizes Casey has a crush on his best friend Sam – and that Sam is interested in Casey—he tries to put a stop to things. He does this by explaining to Sam about the male code, an unwritten set of rules which state that friends cannot date their best friend’s siblings. Sam seems to take this code seriously as evident when he sleeps over at Casey/Derek’s house and tries his best to ignore Casey. Casey confronts Sam and asks him point blank if he likes her. Sam says he doesn’t and Casey’s crush is crushed. Derek seems pleased – his male code plan worked. That is until tensions are raised between him and Sam eventually ending up in a wrestling-match in the living room. Casey breaks it up and Sam explains the reason he didn’t ask her out was because of the male code. Casey freaks on Derek for planting this male code thing in Sam’s head, and freaks on Sam for listening to Derek. As Casey storms off, Sam and Derek patch things up, and Derek gives his friend the go-ahead to go for Casey. But will Casey forgive Sam? As Derek and Casey battle it out, George and Nora become concerned that they don’t know their kids as well as they should, and put their lack of knowledge to the test by taking a ‘how well do you know your children’ quiz.moreless
  • All Systems No Go
    All Systems No Go
    Episode 12
    Realizing that she can be overly controlling and systematic, Casey heeds Paul's advice and tries to be more laid back. With Nora away on a retreat, George seeks the rest of the family's help in organizing the monthly book club.
  • Babe Raider
    Babe Raider
    Episode 11
    Offended by the video game Babe Raider, Casey decides to counter the sexist male attitudes in the house by coming up with a set of feminist house rules. Casey is forced to reconsider rule number one of the manifesto when Derek informs her that the object of her affection, Sam, is a major Babe Raider player. Having never played the game, Casey decides to see what all her fuss was about. After some training from Edwin, Casey soon realizes, she loves the game! When Casey appears at school dressed as Babe Raider for her Media Studies presentation on ‘Sexist Video Games and Why They Should Be Banned’, Derek accuses her of being a hypocrite. Casey is now forced to decide whether her feelings for the game are being clouded by her feelings for Sam. When Casey’s manifesto forces Derek to change his sexist ways, he finds some unexpected benefits.moreless
  • Sweet Misery
    Sweet Misery
    Episode 10
    When Derek flips the remote at Casey causing her to hurt her ankle, Casey decides to return the favor and make Derek suffer. She promises not to get Derek in trouble, but in return she will get to choose something of Derek’s to take. After Derek seems too eager to offer up his things, Casey theorizes that he must have some hidden treasure he doesn’t want to give up. After sending Lizzie to investigate, Casey’s theory is proven correct, and she shocks Derek by demanding his White Stripe tickets. A fuming Derek accuses Casey of sending Lizzie to do her dirty work. When he threatens to tell the whole school and their parents how she used her little sister, Casey, after having been inundated with sympathy gifts from her classmates, jumps up and ends up injuring Derek. The tables now turned, Derek exploits Casey who is forced to serve Derek. Unfortunately for them both, they’re exposed for faking it, as they miraculously recover and chase after Marti when they discover she has cut up their White Stripes tickets. Tired of being ordered around by their sibs, Lizzie and Edwin turn the tables on their bossy brother and sister.moreless
  • Marti the Monster
    Marti the Monster
    Episode 9
    With a scheduled Saturday trip to the theater coming up, George and Nora need someone to watch Marti. They turn to Casey who says no because she feels the only reason that they're asking her is because she's a girl. After Derek strikes out with the new girl at school, he uses Marti to impress her.moreless
  • House of Games
    House of Games
    Episode 8
    The McDonald and Venturi kids compete against each other in a series of games for dominance of five valued areas in the house. Meanwhile, George and Nora are having a difficult time getting accustomed to their new basement bedroom.
  • The Poxfather
    The Poxfather
    Episode 7
    Despite having a history of looking for excuses to not attend school, Casey finds it odd that a sick Derek is now so adamant about going. Various clues lead Casey to the conclusion that her stepbrother might be involved in something illegal.
  • The Wedding
    The Wedding
    Episode 6
    While organizing her Aunt's wedding reception, Casey struggles to keep cool under pressure when Vicki, the cousin who made her life miserable at her old school comes for a visit. Meanwhile, Derek is placed in charge of directing the wedding video.
  • Grade-Point: Average
    Hoping to get rid of her negative reputation as someone who fights for every grade point even when she does well, Casey decides to slack off by working with Derek on an English project. Meanwhile, George become concerned when he notices Marti getting both animal sounds and the alphabet wrong.
  • Puppy Dog Tails
    Puppy Dog Tails
    Episode 4
    Disgusted by the male Venturis' gross lifestyle and lack of personal hygiene, the McDonalds decide to make some major changes to the household. They are met with resistance from the guys, which leads to conflict for George and Nora.
  • The Party
    The Party
    Episode 3
    With George and Nora planning to go away for the weekend, Casey reluctantly teams up with Derek in an attempt to convince their parents that they are responsible enough to take care of their younger siblings. However, what Casey doesn't know is that Derek has other plans for the house while Nora and George are gone.moreless
  • The Fall
    The Fall
    Episode 2
    After tripping and falling down the stairs with a bunch of students at school, Casey gets stuck with the stigma of being clumsy and a hurtful nickname that Derek came up with for her becomes popular among the student body.
  • The Room
    Episode 1
    Unhappy with having to leave her old life behind to move into the home of her new stepfather and his family, 15 yr. old Casey McDonald believes that she has gotten the short end of the stick. Feeling that she has lost everything, Casey decides that she needs something that will help carve out a niche in her new life. Much to everyone's surprise, she wants the room of her stepbrother, Derek.moreless