Life with Derek - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Dating Game
    Episode 13
    Kendra, Derek's new girlfriend sets out find a guy for Casey. Meanwhile, Derek throws a party, but Nora and George crash it.
  • Dinner Guest
    Episode 12
    Casey tries to get rid of Derek for the evening dinner party she has planned with her biological father. But to Casey's surprise, Derek and Casey's father bond well.
  • Mice and Men
    Episode 11
    Lizzie is in control of getting rid of their mice problem in their house. Meanwhile, a popular girl at school starts to like Derek when Casey encourages them to work on a project together!
  • The Bet
    Episode 10
    Casey decides to get rid of her goody-goody image in an attempt to get Trevor to go out with her, and win a bet with Derek.
  • Freaked Out Friday
    Episode 9
    Casey and Derek are both freaking out about upcoming recitals and hockey games. Edwin and Lizzie decide to rebel when they get tired of always having to forsake their favorite activities because they're younger to accommodate Derek and Casey.
  • Prank Wars
    Episode 8
    Derek has played too many pranks, and this time Casey will pull one of her own on him. She steals the new uptight vice-principal's furniture from his office. But the problem is everyone thinks it's Derek's fault... except for Derek and Casey.
  • Crushing the Coach
    Episode 7
    Lizzie's soccer coach asks Casey out. Derek discovers the coach is dating someone other than Casey, and not telling Casey was making him quite insane and he begins to lose it. It therefore shows that even just a little bit, he cares for his step-sister.
  • 10/13/06
    Forsaking her principles, Casey listens to Derek and lies to get an extension on an assignment. She tells so many lies to get herself out that she ends up digging a deeper hole than she was already in.
  • 10/6/06
    Derek's band 'D Rock' is competing in their school's clash of the bands, there is only one problem, his band stinks. Nora suggests that the band adopt a female singer, but the only one they can find is Casey. Will Derek and Casey's bickering ruin Derek's vision of winning the clash of the bands, or will it be the awkwardness between Casey and Sam that does it?moreless
  • 9/29/06
    Fellow students' apathy about the upcoming school election upsets Casey.
  • Middle Manic
    Episode 3
    Derek enlists Emily's help to get Sam and Casey back together when they break up for good. According to Edwin's research, which Lizzie has helped him with, Sam plays hockey better when he and Casey are together. An unsuspecting Emily thinks Derek's intentions are pure, but all Derek cares about is his hockey team going to Sweden so he can meet hot Swedish girls.moreless
  • 7/29/06
    Casey and Derek compete to see who can help their younger sibling faster. Casey tries to get Edwin a date, while Derek tries to help Lizzie become better at hockey.
  • Date With Derek
    Episode 1
    With Sam and Casey's month anniversary around the corner, Sam has no time to hang with Derek. Derek asks Emily out to get even, which infuriates Casey. Meanwhile the school dance is coming up and a boy wants Lizzie who doesn't know how to dance to go with him.