Life with Derek

Season 1 Episode 1

The Room

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • A great pilot episode that introduces us to the family and creates the feel for the rest of the season.

    In The Room, the pilot episode of the series, we are introduced to the Venturi and McDonald family who have recently become one unit after Nora McDonald and George Venturi married.

    In the process Nora's two daughters, Casey and Lizzie, become step siblings with George's three children, Derek, Edwin and Marti.

    Although the entire family is featured in the episode, it is clear that the show revolves around fifteen year old Casey and how her mother's marriage has effected her life. Casey loves school, is an overachiever and was perfectly content with her old life.

    The second main character of the show is Derek, who is the same age and grade as his step-sister. He is her polar opposite, often ignoring schoolwork to pay more attention to hockey and girls. Derek is also resistant to any change his father's marriage has brought about.

    The main conflict in this episode is the room situation. The McDonalds have just moved into the Venturi household (it's implied, in my opinion, to have only been a few days after the marriage). While Edwin was forced to move to the attack room and Casey is stuck in a small bedroom with her sister Lizzie, Derek continues to live on in his room.

    Casey, seeing this as being unfair due to the fact that his room is larger, demands that her mother give her the room. Ulimately, it's decided that a room will be fixed up in the basement for Casey. Although she's not thrilled with the idea, she pretends to be simply to upset Derek (who she knows will want the room if he thinks its what she wants).

    Her plans work, Derek deciding that he wants the room. She quickly agrees to take his. A matter of seconds later, he figures out what she did and changes his mind. A small fight occurs between the two and eventually the rest of the family (who spent a long time putting the room together) is obviously upset.

    Derek and Casey are not allowed to leave the basement until they work out their issues. Casey caves first, feeling guilty and agrees to have the basement room (which neither teen wanted anymore). But Nora had decided that Casey made enough sacrifices for the family (new home, new school, etc) and won't allow it.

    The episode ends with Casey getting the parents bedroom with Nora and George moving downstairs to the room they had prepared for Casey.

    Overal, it wasn't the best episode of season one but it was enjoyable none the less.