Life with Derek

Season 3 Episode 25

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Aired Unknown Jun 29, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Things That Go Bump in the Night
After being grounded by George for their incessant bickering, Casey and Derek hatch a plan to sneak out to a party. However, the plan goes awry and only serves to make things worse for the two partners in crime.

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      • Casey: Derek and I snuck out and we accidentally hit your car. I'm so sorry.
        Edwin: What, 'cause, well, I thought that the raccoons... who live in the rafters snuck down and fought over sandwiches knocking a bike onto the car, but the whole 'you did it' thing does make more sense.
        Lizzie: I told you there was no raccoon conspiracy.

      • Derek: A detective kit?
        Edwin: Oh, yeah! It's got a UV light, spectrometer, and finger printing capabilities! It's cool, huh?
        Derek: Oh yeah. You could use it to solve the mystery of... Your geekdom.

      • Emily: You're sneaking out?
        Casey: Yeah! And I need your help.
        Emily: You got it, but where did you get this whole rebellious streak?
        Casey: Nnh! That's just, ah, how I roll. (the school bell rings) Oh, shoot! I'm going to be late for that optional Algebra class.

      • (After Derek crashes into George's new car)
        Derek: I thought Dad took his car!
        Casey: To drive next door?!

      • Casey: We're not little kids! At least I'm not.
        George: Uh, Casey, weren't you playing tug of war over a bowl?
        Casey: But Derek started it!
        Derek: Okay, look, we can sit around all day and blame Casey for being a big baby, and starting this but... let's move on. What's the sentence?
        George: You're both grounded for the weekend.
        Derek: Oh, no! I have a date!
        Casey: A--and being grounded is for difficult kids. Do you really want people to think I come from a bad home?

      • Casey: I am never talking to you again.
        Derek: Now, is that a threat or a promise?

      • Derek: What took you so long?
        Casey: (whispering) I snuck out my window and climbed down a tree.
        Derek: Why didn't you take the stairs?
        Casey: (whispering) Because if I'm gonna sneak out I want the full experience.
        Derek: 'Kay, you don't need to whisper, 'cuz nobody's home.

      • George: I don't believe it! My car... My car is dented!
        Edwin: Well, did you do it?
        George: No! What makes you say that?
        Lizzie: Because of your prior offences?

      • Casey: Rapunzel's stepfather wanted to lock her in the tower but her kind, wonderful and beautiful fairy Godmother helped her escape. The end.
        Marti: Can I go now? Or do you want Nora to hear you read me another story?

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